Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 30th of October 2008

Searching for Primordial Antimatter - 09:21

Historian's Arctic Research Has Him Sitting on Top of the World - 08:14

Nanoscale Dimensioning Is Fast, Cheap with New Optical Technique - 08:14

Fire Videos Dramatize Christmas Tree Safety Measures - 08:14

Green Buildings: A 'Net-Zero' Energy Research Agenda - 08:14

Hubble Scores a Perfect Ten - 08:14

Science Dad and Son Identify Ice-Nesting Finch in Andes - 04:28

Wednesday th 29th of October 2008

Sniffing Out a Better Chemical Sensor - 15:21

Scientists Find Evidence of Tsunamis on Indian Ocean Shores Long Before 2004 - 13:28

Predatory Bacterial Swarm Uses Rippling Motion to Reach Prey - 13:28

Ultrasound Shown to Exert Remote Control of Brain Circuits - 08:14

IBM and University of Saskatchewan Accelerate Research to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - 08:14

New Tool Can Measure 'Reality' of Virtual Worlds - 06:42

Tuesday th 28th of October 2008

Alarming New Study: World's Fish Catches are Being Wasted as Animal Feed - 23:35

MIT Neuroscience Bolstered by New Faculty, Viral Core Facility - 19:28

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Study Shows Brain Functions Same Way Awake Or Asleep - 16:28

Study Confirms Amphibians' Ability to Predict Changes in Biodiversity - 15:42

Key to Sonic Hedgehog Control of Brain Development - 14:35

Silicon Optical Fiber Made Practical - 12:42

In Mice, Anxiety Is Linked to Immune System - 12:42

Physics Lab Becoming A Frontrunner in Ultrafast Laser Research - 11:35

Interactive Session at International Thermal Spray Conference to Provide Surface Engineering Solutions - 08:35

MIT Funds Collaborative Neuroscience Projects - 08:35

Monday th 27th of October 2008

Roads Bring Death and Fear to Forest Elephants - 21:42

King Solomon's (Copper) Mines? - 16:28

Sea Urchin Yields a Key Secret of Biomineralization - 16:28

Biosolids Microbes Pose Manageable Risk to Workers - 12:35

How We See Objects in Depth: the Brain's Code for 3-D Structure - 12:35

Soil Science Society of America Presents Awards in Houston - 11:28

Soil Science Society of America Presents 2008 Fellows - 11:28

Healing Process Found to Backfire in Lung Patients - 11:28

ASA, CSSA, SSSA Present Scholarships in Houston - 10:42

American Society of Agronomy Presents 2008 Fellows - 10:42

American Society of Agronomy Presents Awards - 10:42

Crop Science Society of America Presents the 2008 Fellows - 10:42

Crop Science Society of America Presents Awards in Houston - 10:42

Bringing Science to "Life" in the Classroom - 07:42

Sunday th 26th of October 2008

61st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society - 13:42

Friday th 24th of October 2008

Scientists Develop High-performance Steel for Possible Use in ITER Fusion Project - 10:21

UC San Diego to Lead Neuroscience Information Framework - 10:21

156th Annual Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Meeting, November 10-14, 2008 in Miami - 09:35

Thursday th 23rd of October 2008

Nature Matters: Free Public Lectures Tell How Modern Ecology Can Guide Conservation - 20:28

"Ice People" Screened at Film Society of Lincoln Center - 20:28

TIny Juvenile Dinosaur Fossil Sheds Light on Evolution of Plant Eaters - 19:42

Robotic Technology Takes Inspiration From Service Dogs - 19:42

China's Three Gorges Dam Provides New Opportunities for Farmers, Merchants - 15:35

Deprived of a Sense of Smell, Worms Live Longer - 15:35

9,000 High Schoolers to Test Water Quality in Hudson and St. Lawrence - 14:28

DOE, ORNL Helping Industry Use Less Energy - 13:21

If Your Systolic Stinks, "Rotten Egg" Gas May be Why - 13:21