Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 9th of October 2008

Wildfires Cause Ozone Pollution to Violate Health Standards - 12:35

Researchers Turning Freshwater Farm Ponds into Crab Farms - 11:28

Researcher Available to Discuss Finding Published in Cell That May Lead to Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases - 11:28

Wednesday th 8th of October 2008

Alternative Energy, Virtual Reality, Innovative Approaches to Medicine: Highlights of Frontiers in Optics Meeting in Rochester, Oct. 19-23 - 16:28

'Fingerprinting' Method Tracks Mercury Emissions from Coal - 16:28

The Science Debate: Obama Leads in On-line Poll - 15:21

Research Decodes Genome For Species Of Malaria - 15:21

Beavers: Dam Good for Songbirds - 13:28

New Research Center Will Free Chemistry from Earth's Bonds - 13:28

Preserved by Ice: Glacial Dams Helped Prevent Erosion of Tibetan Plateau - 12:42

Keck Telescope and "Cosmic Lens" Team-up to Demonstrate Eventual Power of Thirty Meter Telescope - 12:42

A Fine Balance - 11:28

Invasive Papaya Pest Discovered in Asia - 11:28

Pickleweed Tolerates Irrigation with Seawater and High Levels of Boron - 10:21

Fish Diversity May Be Key to Recovery of Coral Reefs - 08:28

NCAR Launches Intensive Study into Future Hurricane Risk - 08:28

Global Temperature Report - Sept. 2008 - 07:21

Tuesday th 7th of October 2008

Fill 'Er Up -- with Water? DOE Official Cites Need for Major Breakthroughs to Cope with Climate Change - 13:21

Inventors Work to Advance Cancer Treatment Discovery Through New Start-Up Company - 08:28

"Deadly Dozen": Diseases Worsened by Climate Change - 05:28

Monday th 6th of October 2008

Cassini Flyby of Saturn Moon Offers Insight Into Solar System History - 19:21

NSF Grant Helps Buy Equipment for Solar Cell & Electronic Research - 19:21

Surface Tension Drives Segregation within Cell Mixtures - 13:21

Outshining Edison: New NSF Engineering Research Center To Advance "Smart Lighting" - 13:21

Bioengineers Fill Holes in Cellular Self-Organization - 13:21

ICSI Celebrates 20 Years of Computer Science Innovation - 11:28

Nanoscopic Screening Process to Speed Drug Discovery - 11:28

Fuzziness on the Road to Physics' Grand Unification Theory - 11:28

Portable Imaging System Will Help Disaster Response - 10:21

New Book Rethinks the Relationship Between Sulfur and Crops - 10:21

Researchers Use Chemometric Method to Determine Age of Skeletal Remains - 10:21

NSF Grant to Support Decision-making Project - 08:28

Microwaves Can Extract Water from Moon, Mars - 07:21

Sunday th 5th of October 2008

Visualizing Election Polls: An Animated, Interactive Way - 22:21

Food for Thought--Regulating Energy Supply to the Brain During Fasting - 12:35

Earliests Animal Footprints Ever Found -- Discovered in Nevada - 08:28

Saturday th 4th of October 2008

How Much Security Do You Expect From Your Pacemaker? - 06:35

Friday th 3rd of October 2008

Newly Identified Cells Make Fat - 17:28

New Sensor Could Help Avert Pipeline Failures - 08:28

Baked Slug: New Method to Test Fireproofing Material - 08:28

Safer Buildings Are Goal of New Code Changes Based on Recommendations from NIST World Trade Center Investigation - 08:28

Models of Eel Cells Suggest Electrifying Possibilities - 08:28

Moths with a Nose for Learning - 08:28

UT Southwestern Selected as Study Center for National Children's Study - 08:28

Thursday th 2nd of October 2008

Decline in Alaskan Sea Otters Affects Bald Eagles' Diet - 23:28

"From Harm to Charm": UNC Wilmington Biotechnology Program, MARBIONC, Receives Second Patent - 20:28

NSF Award $12 M to UCSD 'Science of Learning Center' - 19:21

Scientists Identify a Molecule That Coordinates the Movement of Cells - 17:28

Musicians Use Both Sides of Their Brains More Frequently than Average People - 15:35

Topsoil's Limited Turnover: a Crisis in Time - 14:28