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Monday th 22nd of September 2008

Scientists Create World's Thinnest Balloon -- Just One Atom Thick - 11:28

Researchers Raise Uncomfortable Questions by Showing How GPS Navigation Devices Can be Duped - 11:28

Meeting the Challenges of Teaching Agriculture - 11:28

Remembrance of Tussles Past: Paper Wasps Show Surprisingly Strong Memory for Previous Encounters - 11:28

Controlling Light With Sound: New Liquid Camera Lens as Simple as Water and Vibration - 10:21

Gene Linked to Strange Labrador Retriever Ailment - 08:28

Sunday th 21st of September 2008

New Bluetooth System Orients Blind and Sighted Pedestrians - 15:35

Climate Change, Human Activity and Wildfires - 12:35

Friday th 19th of September 2008

Lab Micro-Sizes Genetics Testing - 14:35

Using Novel Tool, Researchers Dig Through Cell 'Trash' and Find Treasure - 13:28

Intensity of Human Environmental Impact May Lessen as Incomes Rise - 12:21

Recent Environment Stories Previously Posted on Newswise - 12:21

Study Merges Decade of Arctic Data as Ice Collapses Into the Sea - 12:21

Biochar: Grow Bigger, Better Veggies While Slowing Global Warming - 12:21

Squeezing Juice from the Sun: Tapping Solar Energy Could Provide Limitless Power - 12:21

Researcher Available to Discuss Climate Change, Projections - 12:21

Global Challenges - 12:21

Thursday th 18th of September 2008

Left, Right; Obama, Mccain: It May Not be What You Think - 20:35

Longevity, Cancer and Diet Connected: Worm Research Could Apply to Humans - 20:35

Iowa State Researchers Part of $208 Million Supercomputer Project - 15:35

Comet Dust Reveals Unexpected Mixing of Solar System - 13:21

Scientists Create First Dense Gas of Ultracold 'Polar' Molecules - 13:21

'Baby' Fat Cells May be Key to Treating Obesity - 13:21

Stony Brook University Hosts Founding Meeting of the New York Marine Sciences Consortium - 12:35

New Chemical Reaction Aids Drug Manufacture - 11:28

Physicists Take Part in Discovery of New Subatomic Particle - 10:21

NSF Awards $15 Million to North Dakota EPSCoR Program - 10:21

Impacts of Climate Change on Chicago Expected to Increase in Coming Decades - 10:21

AAOS/ORS Research Symposium - Media Alert - 10:21

Plants in Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical to Deal with Stress; Discovery May Help Agriculture - 10:21

Wednesday th 17th of September 2008

Study Finds Lead in Synthetic Turf Can Be Absorbed into Gastric Fluids - 20:28

Engineer Works to Clean and Improve Engine Performance - 15:35

Award Will Lay Groundwork for Next Generation Computers - 10:21

Nitrate Concentrations of Ground Water Increasing in Many Areas of the United States - 10:21

Research Leads to Revisions in California Building Code - 10:21

Tuesday th 16th of September 2008

Looking Versus Seeing - 16:21

From Xbox to T-Cells: Researchers Borrow Video Game Technology to Model Human Biology - 15:35

Tampa Bay Rays Sent Six Local Teachers on International Earthwatch Expeditions - 15:35

Hurricane Ike and Increasing Vulnerability to Hurricanes: Global Warming's Wake-Up Call for the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts - 13:42

Whale Songs Are Heard for the First Time Around New York City Waters - 10:22

Cornell Announces Its First Greenhouse Gas Inventory - 10:22

NIEHS Invests $21.25 Million to Find Environmental Causes of Parkinson's Disease - 09:35

Galaxy Silhouettes - 09:14

Burnham Researcher Awarded $8 Million Grant - 09:14

Podcast Looks At Role of Chlamydia in Serious Diseases - 04:21

Monday th 15th of September 2008

Researchers Develop Coating to Improve Electrical Stimulation Therapy Used for Parkinson's, Depression, Chronic Pain - 23:28

Photosynthesizing Bacteria with a Day-night Cycle Contain Rare Chromosome - 16:35

Immigrant Sun: Our Star Could be Far from Where It Started in Milky Way - 15:28

Small Glaciers Account for Most of Greenland's Recent Ice Loss - 13:35

Giant Grass Offers Clues to Growing Corn in Cooler Climes, Researchers Report - 12:21