Newswise - Scinews

Wednesday th 27th of August 2008

Genetic Link to Dry Macular Degeneration Found - 16:35

National Library of Medicine Accepts First Online Video Journal for Indexing in MEDLINE and PubMed - 13:35

Age Research: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go - 12:28

Whether Brown Or Red, Algae Can Produce Plenty of Green Fuel - 12:28

A Clash of Clusters Provides Another Clue to Dark Matter - 10:35

Brian Greene to Launch Perimeter Institute's Public Lecture Series - 10:35

A Clash of Clusters Provides New Clue to Dark Matter - 09:28

Coastal County Gets Fine-tuned for Hurricane Weather - 08:21

Tuesday th 26th of August 2008

Bone Parts Don't Add Up to Conclusion of Palauan Dwarfs - 19:35

Overfishing Pushes Baltic Cod to Brink of Economic Extinction - 18:28

Rare Earth Elements Excite Protein Probes - 16:35

Ecological Society of America Criticizes Overhaul of Endangered Species Act - 14:21

NASA Names Telescope After Chicago Scientist - 14:21

'SciVee' Science Site Launches the Research Community's First 'Postercast' Capability - 12:28

Monday th 25th of August 2008

DNA Barcoding in Danger of 'Ringing Up' Wrong Species - 16:35

Grant Goes to Study Supermassive Black Holes - 11:21

How 'Secondary' Sex Characters Can Drive the Origin of Species - 10:35

Black Hole Research Lands NASA EPSCoR Grant - 09:28

Sunday th 24th of August 2008

Keeping Cells Youthful: How Telomere-building Proteins Get Drawn Into the Fold - 12:28

Friday th 22nd of August 2008

Experts Can Discuss New FDA Produce Irradiation Rule - 17:21

International Beach Preservation Trust Locates at Western Carolina U. - 15:28

Gingko Extract Has Multiple Actions on Alzheimer Symptoms - 14:21

Engineers Part of Nationwide Effort to Make Buildings Earthquake Safe - 12:28

New Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at SBU to Tackle Pressing Threats to Marine Ecosystem - 11:21

August: Dog Days of Summer and Earth Catastrophes - 08:21

Thursday th 21st of August 2008

'Can You See Me Now?' Sign Language Over Cell Phones Comes to United States - 16:35

Beyond Silicon's Elemental Logic - 16:35

Countering IEDs - 16:35

Engineering Spore - 16:35

FBI Unveils Science of Anthrax Investigation - 15:28

Radioactive Waste Recycling No Longer a Pain in the Ash - 15:28

Researchers Uncover Molecule Keeps Pathogens Like Salmonella in Check - 13:35

Exploding Chromosomes Fuel Research About Evolution - 11:21

Researchers Look for Ways to Bring Hydrogen Technology Home - 11:21

Manes, Trains and Antlers Explained - 11:21

Satellite Images Show Breakup of Two of Greeland's Largest Glaciers - 10:35

Forecaster: Dry Weather Should Mean Good Fall Color - 10:35

Coatings to Help Medical Implants Connect with Neurons - 08:21

Wednesday th 20th of August 2008

Scientists Work to Convert Sunlight to Cheaper Energy - 20:21

Biochemists Manipulate Fruit Flavor Enzymes - 20:21

Compounds Have Potential for Diagnosis, Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease - 16:35

New Book Further Supports Controversial Theory of 'Man the Hunted' - 14:21

Today: a Butter Sculpture; Tomorrow: Sustainable Fuel - 14:21

Hubble Sees Magnetic Monster in Erupting Galaxy - 13:35

Fast Quantum Computer Building Block Created - 13:35

Capture and Handling May Have Long-term Effects on Bears - 13:35

Weather and Climate Leaders Call on Washington to Better Protect the Nation from Climate Change and Severe Weather - 13:35

Biologists Find Diatom to Reduce Red Tide's Toxicity - 11:21

Researcher Closes in On Ethanol Breakthrough that Reduces Need to Use Corn to Make Ethanol - 10:35

Turning Up the Heat on Tomatoes Boosts Absorption of Lycopene - 08:21