Wednesday th 7th of May 2008

Engineers 'bone' up on biological materials - 13:21

Global climate models both agree and disagree with actual Antarctic data - 12:56

Does the brain control muscles or movements? - 12:56

Grand Theft Auto IV video game tops $500M in 1st-week sales - 12:56

Too much, too little sleep tied to ill health in CDC study - 12:56

Vitamin D linked to reduced mortality rate in CKD - 12:56

MicroRNAs appear essential for retinal health - 12:35

Large mammal species live harder, die out faster - 12:35

Amazon under threat from cleaner air - 12:35

Molecular espionage shows a single HIV enzyme's many tasks - 12:35

Over the back fence: gardeners get advice from neighbors, friends - 12:35

Alternatives to ozone-depleting pesticide studied - 12:35

Platypus genome explains animal's peculiar features; holds clues to evolution of mammals - 12:35

Rainfall and river networks prove accurate predictors of fish biodiversity - 12:35

Genetic 'tag team' keeps cells on cycle - 12:35

GIOVE-B transmitting its first signals - 12:14

First-of-its-kind 14-country study ranks consumers according to environmental behavior - 12:14

Chile's Chaiten volcano one of scores of active volcanoes in region - 10:21

Researchers target tumors with tiny 'nanoworms' - 10:21

UMG confirms deal with Qtrax to allow free music downloads - 09:56

System uses sound to find whales, avoid ship strikes - 09:56

Survey shows US honey bee deaths increased over last year - 09:56

Clearwire, Sprint Nextel to form $14.55B wireless company - 09:56

Koalas at risk from climate change - 09:56

AP sources give inside look at Microsoft's raised Yahoo bid - 09:56

China urges precautions against deadly virus - 09:56

X-rays power discoveries at Chicago's Field Museum - 09:56

Mathematics simplifies sleep monitoring - 09:56

Prions show their good side - 09:56

New target for Alzheimer's disease identified - 09:56

Prisoner HIV program leads to continuum of medical care after release - 09:56

Cyclone Nargis and Myanmar floods seen from space - 09:56

Study in mice suggests molecules in plants have beneficial effect on Alzheimer's disease - 09:56

Seagulls: Are males the weaker sex? - 09:56

Obesity can increase dementia risk by up to 80 percent - 09:56

Space is 'current frontier' for engineer working on next-gen wireless technologies - 09:56

Bill Gates says Microsoft going 'independent' way - 09:35

Cell's 'power plant' genes raise vision disorder risk - 06:56

Don't ask, don't tell: Financial disclosure lacking in literature on stents - 06:35

Seed dispersal in mauritius -- dead as a dodo? - 06:35

Power from Formic Acid - 04:21

Tuesday th 6th of May 2008

Contact Through Silver Particles in Ink - 17:28

Stressed seaweed contributes to cloudy coastal skies, study suggests - 17:28

Immune exhaustion in HIV infection - 17:28

Specific gene increases susceptibility to breast cancer - 17:28

Researchers demonstrate safety of gene therapy using adult stem cells - 17:07

Incidence of group B strep has decreased among newborns, but has increased among adults - 17:07

Estimated 750,000 problem gamblers among America's youth - 17:07

Fishermen suspected after 6 sea lions are killed in Oregon - 17:07

Researchers find way to make tumor cells easier to destroy - 17:07