Monday th 5th of May 2008

People with Mentally Demanding Jobs Reap Cognitive Benefits into Retirement - 15:14

Preference for Alcohol in Adolescence May Lead to Heavy Drinking - 15:14

China says hand, foot and mouth disease spreading among children - 14:49

Yahoo shares fall 14 percent after Microsoft withdraws bid - 14:49

WTO gives Japan until September to change chip import rules - 14:49

T-Mobile brings 3G wireless to NYC; other markets to follow - 14:49

US, EU asked to reconsider biofuel goals as food prices rise - 14:49

EU urged to reject 3 new biotech crops - 14:49

AP launches news service geared for iPhone - 14:49

Piecing together the next generation of cognitive robots - 14:49

Working makes for a happier retirement - 14:49

Innovative technology provides insight into what`s below the Earth`s surface - 14:49

Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives at Launch Pad, Countdown Test Set - 14:49

Is it your waistline or your genes that predispose you to heart disease? - 14:49

Global warming: French scientists tweak carbon-storing powder - 14:49

Record-setting Laser May Aid Searches for Earthlike Planets - 14:49

Researchers use cyberinfrastructure to standardize water data collections - 14:49

Do you really remember the sixites? - 14:49

Double duty: Loss of protective heart failure protein causes high blood pressure - 14:49

Fighting global warming — at the dinner table - 14:49

New insights on link between early consumption of cows` milk and Type-1 diabetes - 14:49

Boosting 'mussel' power: New technique for making key marine mussel protein - 14:49

Scientists identify 'gatekeepers' of breast cancer transition to invasive disease - 13:07

New agent strikes at respiratory syncytial virus replication - 13:07

65-million-year-old asteroid impact triggered a global hail of carbon beads - 13:07

Cells lining milk ducts hold key to spread of common form of breast cancer - 13:07

EGFR protects cancer cells from starvation via a kinase-independent mechanism - 13:07

Discovery of a novel mechanism for the development of colon cancer - 13:07

Wal-Mart expands low-price drug program - 13:07

Combined physical and genetic map finds cancer's 'ignition key' - 12:42

The secret to long life may not be in the genes - 11:14

Secondhand smoke exposure can cause cell damage in 30 minutes - 11:14

Talking up a new role for cell phones in telemedicine - 11:14

Kidney disease worsens in a fourth of African-Americans despite therapy for hypertension - 11:14

'Deaf by God' tried in Old Bailey records - 09:21

Flip flops, mulch and no coat - 09:21

Mental disorders in parents linked to autism in children - 05:56

Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers - 04:28

Yahoo CEO facing possible rebellion after spurning Microsoft - 04:28

The Particle Whisperers - 04:28

Iron supplements might harm infants who have enough - 04:28

Second breast cancer may be greater than thought for high-risk women without BRCA mutations - 04:28

Alcoholism is not just a 'man's disease' anymore - 04:28

Fungi have a hand in depleted uranium's environmental fate - 04:28

Anti-psychotic drug use soars in UK children, too - 04:07

Beetle-ravaged forests prompt campground closures in Rockies - 04:07

Idaho team readies artificial beak for wounded bald eagle - 04:07

Sea lions shot dead on Columbia River as salmon battle rages - 04:07

Quantum Mechanical Con Game - 03:42

Bacterial slime helps cause serious disease - 03:42