Monday th 12th of May 2008

'Super yeasts' produce 300 times more protein than previously possible - 12:14

Gates Foundation to announce new CEO at 10 a.m. PT - 12:14

5 more children die of virus in China - 12:14

Model shows how mutation tips biochemistry to cause Alzheimer's - 08:28

Human aging gene found in flies - 08:07

Space scientist says texting is four times more expensive than receiving scientific data from space - 05:49

New top-of-the-line BlackBerry doubles screen resolution - 05:07

All poultry in Seoul killed after bird flu outbreak - 05:07

Tesla's electric sports car aiming at Europe market - 05:07

Hacker splashes data from six million Chileans on Internet: report - 05:07

Next generation of business software could get more fun - 04:21

Sunday th 11th of May 2008

Families will make case for vaccine link to autism - 13:42

Oil powered Norway gradually turns into the wind - 13:42

Eruptions subside at Sicily's Mount Etna - 13:42

Scientists dig deeper into the genetics of schizophrenia by evaluating microRNAs - 13:21

Female concave-eared frogs draw mates with ultrasonic calls - 13:21

Fruit fly avoidance mechanism could lead to new ways to control pain in humans - 13:21

A new gene trigger for pregnancy disorder identified - 13:21

Japan aims to cut emissions by 60-80 pct by 2050: reports - 12:14

Humanity and technology fuse in global Pangea Day film event - 12:14

Is divorce bad for the parents? - 11:49

Volkswagen, Sanyo to develop lithium-ion battery: report - 11:49

UV lotion lights the way to cleaner facilities - 11:28

Once shunned by academics, Wikipedia now a teaching tool - 04:21

Saturday th 10th of May 2008

US co-inventor of nicotine patch dies - 14:28

Artificial reef near Miami is cemetery, diving attraction - 14:07

70 people sickened during San Francisco conference - 05:07

Microsoft appeals $1.4B EU antitrust fine - 05:07

Apple agrees to settle iPod lawsuit - 05:07

Sahara made slow transition from green to desert: study - 05:07

New outbreak of bird flu hits India: minister - 05:07

Nissan to make lithium-ion batteries with NEC: report - 05:07

Peer pressure, the new weapon against teen smoking - 05:07

Weddings boost Shark's fin consumption in Singapore: report - 05:07

Facebook to let users carry profiles with them - 04:42

A crash course in true political science - 04:42

Friday th 9th of May 2008

UCI scientists study people who can't forget - 13:42

Elusive protein protects malaria parasite from heme - 13:42

Study supports reason for concern in childhood and adolescent obesity - 13:42

Captive breeding to save Kashmir's rare red deer - 13:42

Phoenix Flying True Enough to Skip One Scheduled Adjustment - 13:21

Retailers can use DNA tracing to track meat - 13:21

Flu vaccine makers to set new doses record for next season - 13:21

Researchers uncover mechanism of action of antibiotic able to reduce neuronal cell death in brain - 13:21

77 more hepatitis cases may trace to clinic, officials say - 12:56

Train quarantined in Canada after passenger dies - 12:56

Data from Columbia disk drives survived the shuttle accident - 12:35

Make Ethanol in Your Own Backyard - 12:35

Quantum computers take step toward practicality with demonstration of new device - 12:35

Sweeping analysis of research reinforces media influence on women`s body image - 12:35