Tuesday th 13th of May 2008

Apple now sells HBO shows on iTunes store - 17:07

Israel Museum puts Dead Sea scroll on rare display - 17:07

China's panda preserves reported safe - 17:07

Craigslist countersues eBay, saying it's competing illegally - 17:07

Sale to HP will end EDS independence - 17:07

Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens - 17:07

We're watching the 'oppressors': world telecoms boss - 17:07

France's Larousse sets up Wikipedia rival - 17:07

National study examines health risks of coarse particle pollution - 17:07

Adding ultrasound to mammography may improve breast cancer detection in high-risk women - 17:07

CU-Boulder team to build $34 million instrument package for environmental satellite - 16:42

Drug therapy for PKU reverses heart damage - 16:42

Reports: Carl Icahn considering attempt to oust Yahoo board - 16:42

Disclosing drug makers payments to docs gets boost - 16:42

Adding ultrasound screening to mammography brings benefits, risks - 16:21

New Analysis Shows Important Slowdown in Lake Tahoe Clarity Loss - 15:35

Firearms Microstamping Feasible but Variable, Study Finds - 15:35

Study: Only select group of property fund managers outperform market - 15:14

Scientists discover small RNAs that regulate gene expression and protect the genome - 14:49

Sugar linkage could lead to better treatment for autoimmune diseases - 14:49

Chemical compound prevents cancer in lab - 14:49

DNA fingerprinting simplified - 14:49

NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing - 14:49

Solar Lily Pads Gently Floating And Gathering Energy on the River Clyde - 14:28

Establishing faster-growing, durable football fields - 14:07

Britain complains to EU about Microsoft file system - 14:07

Sprint Nextel CEO asks shareholders' patience in turnaround - 14:07

EarthLink to pull the plug on Wi-Fi in Philadelphia - 14:07

Racism not an issue in firing of NBA coaches, study - 13:42

Leveling the gaming field - 13:21

What to do on the Web When the Economy Goes South? Web of Misery Holds the Answer - 13:21

Small bioelectricity plants dirtier than large ones, says study - 13:21

Satellite communications by laser - 12:56

Children more likely to use fruit tuck shops when schools ban unhealthy snacks - 12:56

Researchers pinpoint how smoking causes cancer - 12:56

Introducing 'Orange Bulldog' - 12:56

Depression and anger can plague recent university graduates: Study - 12:35

Vitamin D protects cells from stress that can lead to cancer - 12:35

Rensselaer student invents alternative to silicon chip - 12:35

Study says Chinese air quality standards not yet met - 12:35

Mayo Clinic study shows acupuncture and myofascial trigger therapy treat same pain areas - 12:35

Surviving breast cancer 'is not enough,' warns Breast Cancer Campaign - 12:35

Genetic links to impaired social behavior in autism - 12:35

NASA's GLAST gets shades, blankets for the beach - 12:14

Archaeologist uses satellite imagery to explore ancient Mexico - 12:14

Researchers find link between psychological stress and overeating - 12:14

Argonne scientists use lasers to align molecules - 12:14

Research shines spotlight on a key player in the dance of chromosomes - 12:14

Using music to explore the neural bases of emotional 'processing' in the autistic brain - 11:07

Gene therapy slows progression of fatal neurodegenerative disease in children - 11:07