Friday th 16th of May 2008

New SKorean law tightens rules on cloning - 08:14

Giant pythons invade southeastern Florida: study - 08:14

Infineon CEO to quit: report - 08:14

More cancer patients having whole breast removed - 08:14

NY Times, USA Today multiple online EPpy winners - 07:49

Gemstar-TV Guide ex-CEO now wanted for obstruction - 07:49

Da Vinci to be honored by small helicopter flight - 06:42

Huge project to restore Everglades to be suspended - 06:42

'$100 laptop' nonprofit now teamed with Microsoft - 06:42

Video game, accessory sales jump 47 pct in April - 06:42

Canada eyes OTC sale of Plan B 'morning-after' pill - 06:42

Tips on getting vitamin D for cancer prevention - 06:21

Thursday th 15th of May 2008

MIT crafts bacteria-resistant films - 16:49

Researcher finds El Nino may have been factor in Magellan's Pacific voyage - 16:49

Long lost sisters - 16:49

New study casts further doubt on risk of death from higher salt intake - 16:28

Simple Model Cell is Key to Understanding Cell Complexity - 16:28

UCSD researchers show link between vitamin D status, breast cancer - 16:28

Most teen girls still experience sexual haMost teen girls still experience sexual harassment and sexism, according to ne - 16:07

Sharp Achieves the World`s Highest Power Density for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - 15:42

Eccentric pulsar system challenges theories of binary formation - 15:21

Fuel cells: distant dream, but burning with promise - 15:21

IBM Research Unveils Breakthrough In Solar Farm Technology - 15:21

NASA Satellite Finds Interior of Mars Is Colder - 15:21

Woman indicted in Missouri MySpace suicide case - 14:56

EU warns Google over photos on Street View - 14:56

PurchasePro founder convicted in stock fraud scheme - 14:56

TV drug ads may have to zoom in on side effects - 14:56

People over 60 urged to get one-time shingles shot - 14:56

First evidence of native dendritic cells in brain - 14:56

Study takes a step toward better defining fatigue - 14:56

Astronomers use new model of dust in galaxies to remeasure the total energy output of stars in the universe - 14:35

Women want bargains but men prefer brand names - 14:14

Jaguar upgrade brings ORNL closer to petascale computing - 13:49

New study reveals hidden neotropical diversity - 13:49

Addressing the 'nitrogen cascade' - 13:49

First measurement of entangled states in nitrogen - 13:49

An ancient protein balances gene activity and silences foreign DNA in bacteria - 13:28

Small primate ancestors had a leg up - 13:28

Research puts new wrinkle in study of materials folding under pressure - 13:28

Scientists solve gravity-defying bird beak mystery - 13:28

Microsoft in deal on European environment data - 13:07

Robotic suit could usher in super soldier era - 13:07

MIT Creates New Material For Fuel Cells, Increases Power Output By 50 Percent - 13:07

Researcher finds an SOS response to cancer-causing agents - 12:42

Russian scientists announce 'spaceroach' grandchildren: report - 11:56

LIDAR imaging detector could build 'super road maps' of planets and moons - 11:35

Researchers identify gene linked to vertebral defects in patient populations - 11:35

Immune cells kill foes by disrupting mitochondria 2 ways - 11:35

Crystal (eye) ball: Study says visual system equipped with 'future seeing powers' - 11:35