Thursday th 15th of May 2008

Plant biologists discover unexpected proteins affecting small RNAs - 11:35

Having less power impairs the mind and ability to get ahead, study shows - 11:35

Embryonic pathway delivers stem cell traits - 11:35

Connecting cancer genes - 11:35

Researchers document rapid, dramatic 'reverse evolution' in the threespine stickleback fish - 11:35

Larger horns a gamble for young Soay sheep - 11:35

Geneticists trace the evolution of St. Louis encephalitis - 10:28

Does fishing on drifting fish aggregation devices endanger the survival of tropical tuna? - 10:28

Study finds parents use cough medicines on under-2s despite the warnings - 10:28

New driver of brand extension success found by UM professor - 10:28

Reversing trend, cable modems win over DSL - 10:28

Want to lose weight? Study suggests a liquid lunch - 10:28

Indianapolis trees provide $5.7M in benefits - 10:07

Automatic eyeglasses prescriptions? New formula connects optical quality with visual acuity - 10:07

Hidden heart condition increases the risk of death in patients waiting for kidney transplants - 10:07

Electric shocks can cause neurologic and neuropsychological symptoms - 10:07

Land tenure conflict in Kenya turning into strong inter-ethnic territorial claims - 10:07

Young children with OCD benefit from family-based treatment - 10:07

UCSD nanostructures will raise thin-film solar cell efficiency - 09:42

Adding up business and energy - 09:42

Monkey studies important for brain science - 09:42

Green tea compounds beat OSA-related brain deficits - 09:42

Nanotechnology in reverse uses cell to calibrate tools - 09:42

9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach - 09:21

Study: Cox, Comcast Internet subscribers blocked - 09:21

CBS in $1.8B deal for online news, info site CNet - 09:21

Icahn sends letter to Yahoo, plans proxy battle - 09:21

Key molecule discovered in Venus's atmosphere - 09:21

Mixed results for late-talking toddlers - 09:21

Pre-K students benefit when teachers are supportive - 07:28

Research shows HPV testing offers women protection for twice as long as smear testing - 07:28

Electronics maker NEC's profit more than doubles - 07:28

Russian cargo ship lifts off for International Space Station - 07:07

Disgraced expert seeks funding for pet cloning firm: scientist - 07:07

Earthquake in China struck in 2 stages - 07:07

Comcast to acquire contact manager Plaxo - 07:07

Swiss man soars above Alps with jet-powered wing - 07:07

VeriSign wins patent for Internet typo redirection - 07:07

Targeted therapy plus chemotherapy may pack 1-2 punch against melanoma - 07:07

Reducing intake of dietary fat prevents prostate cancer in mice - 07:07

Most ethnic minority teens don't hang out with ethnic school crowds - 07:07

Active surveillance a viable option for low-risk prostate cancer - 06:42

Culture affects how teen girls see harassment - 06:42

Colonel suggests using hackers' tool against them - 05:14 acquires, other references - 05:14

Sea lions likely died from the heat - 05:14

Nintendo hit with $21 million patent infringement - 05:14

Report: Investor to lead fight against Yahoo board - 05:14

Effect of mutant p53 stability on tumorigenesis and drug design - 04:49

Wednesday th 14th of May 2008

Fat chance: Brown vs. white fat cell specification - 17:35