Monday th 19th of May 2008

Study: Doctors not always sure when to treat BP in people with diabetes - 16:28

Dell CFO Carty resigns, GE veteran to replace him - 16:07

Dermatologists link family history to shingles susceptibility - 16:07

Study outlines tools to assess facial plastic surgery outcomes - 16:07

Study examines long-term results of laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery - 16:07

Study finds technique for nasal obstruction helps patients breathe easier - 16:07

Robot digger set to land Sunday at Martian pole - 15:42

Do we know enough about presidential health? - 15:42

68 pct. of young drivers killed at night unbuckled - 15:42

Abnormal 'editing' of gene messages may be a cause of lupus - 15:42

Fujitsu Releases New 2.5" Hard Disk Drive Designed for 24-hour Continuous Operation - 15:42

British lawmakers back animal-human embryos for research - 15:42

Climate change raising extinction risk among birds: study - 15:42

Antennae Galaxies - 15:21

University of Chicago launches first archaeological dig at site of 1893 World's Fair - 15:21

Global Earthquake Fatalities Expected To Rise This Century, Says CU-Boulder Geologist - 15:21

Google makes health service publicly available - 15:21

IU Physicists to get their 'glue-on' - 14:56

Old antibiotic may find new life as a stroke treatment - 14:56

Superconductors get a boost from pressure - 14:35

Silver-coated endotracheal tube dramatically reduces resistant infections - 14:14

Widespread airbag use could result in dramatic cost savings for US trauma centers - 14:14

Radiofrequency ablation is effective treatment for dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus - 14:14

Idemitsu, Sony Achieve World's Highest Level Of Luminous Efficiency For Blue Fluorescent - 14:14

Scientists characterize protein structure of environmentally friendly bacteria - 14:14

Researchers Reveal the Neuronal Computations Governing Strategic Social Interactions in the Human Brain - 14:14

Greener offices make happier employees - 13:49

A simple, low-cost carbon filter removes 90% of carbon dioxide from smokestack gases - 13:28

Turning conventional video coding wisdom on its head - 13:28

DNA clues to reproductive behaviour - 13:28

Antibodies in the brain - 13:28

Discovery Launch Date to be Finalized Today - 13:28

Cancer drug may help patients with heart-lung disease - 13:07

Broadband access opens doors to networking, economic development for rural areas - 13:07

Software designers strut their talent at cost of profit, says new study - 13:07

Bypass not to blame for heart patients' mental decline - 13:07

Stroke victims experiencing seizures more likely to die - 13:07

Children's gardens mushrooming - 13:07

Surgeon operates to rescue chimp with rare deformity - 12:42

Genetic loci assigned for musical aptitude in Finnish families - 12:42

Comcast invests in P2P video-delivery startup - 12:42

38 charged in international phishing scheme - 12:42

Computer helps jailers understand dogs - 12:42

Study concludes no racial disparities in long-term outcomes in recipients of liver transplants - 12:21

Rice grown in United States contains less-dangerous form of arsenic - 12:21

With age comes a sense of peace and calm, study shows - 12:21

Food for thought - 12:21

Will lung cancer recur? A genetic test may provide the answer - 12:21

Vaccine triggers immune response, prevents Alzheimer's - 12:21

The mouse that roared: pipsqueak star unleashes monster flare - 11:56