Wednesday th 14th of May 2008

Researchers find first conclusive evidence of Alzheimer's-like brain tangles in nonhuman primates - 17:35

Accounting practices ultimately affect global economy - 17:35

Restoring fish populations leads to tough choice for Great Lakes Gulls - 17:35

SK Telecom in 'strategic' talks with Virgin Mobile - 17:14

Google starts to blur faces in Street View photos - 16:49

Camera memory card tags location info using Wi-Fi - 16:07

Review: Foneshow makes podcasts available by cell phone - 15:42

Study likely spells end for anti-bleeding drug - 15:42

ComScore puts Google sites at No. 1 for first time - 15:42

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics - 15:42

Study looks at Arizona`s 'Megapolitan' future - 15:21

Physicists Demonstrate How Information Can Escape From Black Holes - 15:21

New efficiency record for solar cells - 15:21

Samsung Develops World`s First 'Blue Phase' Technology to Achieve 240 Hz Driving Speed for High-Speed Video - 14:56

Study confirms link between mothers' depression, young children's injuries - 14:56

Compound has potential for new class of AIDS drugs - 14:56

Broadcom co-founders charged in stock options probe - 14:56

Chemistry of Airborne Particulate -- Lung Interactions Revealed - 14:29

LG and Samsung Join Forces to Develop Mobile Digital TV Standard - 14:29

Spin Control: New Technique Sorts Nanotubes by Length - 14:29

Improved Ion Mobility Is Key to New Hydrogen Storage Compound - 14:29

Disorder Enables Extreme Sensitivity in Piezoelectric Materials - 14:29

Public Invited to See Nanosoccer Robots in Action in Pittsburgh - 14:29

Finding the right soliton for future networks - 14:07

Software piracy increases in Asia-Pacific: industry group - 14:07

Robot conducts Detroit orchestra - 14:07

Electronic voting system tested by Newcastle University - 14:07

Vancouver researchers discover missing link between TB bacteria and humans - 13:42

Slowing light to speed data: USC Viterbi School wins $4.3M photonics IT contract - 13:42

Common bacteria activating natural killer T cells may cause autoimmune liver disease - 13:42

NASA study links Earth impacts to human-caused climate change - 13:42

Research examines factors in delaying or declining total knee replacement surgery - 13:42

US lists polar bear as threatened species - 13:42

Car navigator remotely manages Web-enabled home - 13:42

Scientists are building database of bite marks - 13:42

New role found for a cardiac progenitor population - 12:56

Switzerland's top telecom to carry iPhone - 12:56

Game Web site gets users to help make computers smarter - 12:56

New treatment for hepatitis C - 12:35

Aiming to sway voters, candidates emphasize hot-button issues across party lines - 12:35

Undergraduates develop 'dirt-powered' microbial fuel cells to light Africa - 12:35

Warming climate is changing life on global scale, says new study - 12:35

Aprotinin associated with increased risk of death - 12:35

Astrophysicists discover youngest known supernova in Milky Way - 12:35

Wandering poles left scars on Europa - 12:35

Studies confirm greenhouse mechanisms even further into past - 12:35

Window of opportunity for restoring oaks small, new study finds - 12:35

Embarq CFO: May drop wireless customers after 2009 - 12:14

Can you trust a robot to work safely with you in the kitchen? - 12:14

Pianos, pasta and lollies: the maths of the good life - 12:14