Tuesday th 6th of May 2008

Waterpipe smoking on college campuses may contribute to growing public health problem - 17:07

The cooperative view: New evidence suggests a symbiogenetic origin for the centrosome - 17:07

Ponds found to take up carbon like world's oceans - 16:42

Naturally-occuring protein may be effective in limiting heart attack injury and restoring function - 16:42

Much of the increased risk of death from smoking reduced within several years after quitting - 16:42

Super-sizing great for your wallet but not your waist - 16:42

Balloons 'bombard' North Alabama landfill to collect data, improve tornado warnings - 16:42

Prof finds anesthetics affect nerve regeneration - 16:42

Steroids provide no survival benefit for children with bacterial meningitis - 16:42

Folic acid, B vitamins not linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular events in high-risk women - 16:42

Neil Young to release archive on Blu-ray discs - 16:21

Cisco 3Q profit beats subdued expectations - 16:21

Microsoft's Bill Gates talks tech, Web in South Korea - 16:21

China accuses US of shoddy probe into tainted heparin - 16:21

Telecom Qwest 1Q profit falls 35 percent on higher taxes - 16:21

Agencies issue plan to run Columbia dams, preserve salmon - 16:21

Reservoir larger than Manhattan planned to help Everglades - 16:21

European athletes in asthma study at Beijing Olympics - 16:21

Collapse Yahoo talks leaves advertisers with less leverage - 16:21

Killer competition: Neurons duke it out for survival - 16:21

'Invisible' blockages hide women's heart attacks: study - 15:56

Study shows mercury levels from products decreasing, though still at dangerous levels - 15:35

Corticosteroids not linked with reduced risk of death for children with bacterial meningitis - 15:35

New cell-based sensors sniff out danger like bloodhounds - 15:14

Fat transplantation can have metabolic benefits - 14:28

OHSU psychiatrist to highlight warning signs for school shootings - 14:28

Hunger hormone: Makes food more attractive - 14:28

'Crispy noodle' chemistry could reduce carbon emissions - 14:07

Berkeley Lab researchers propose a new breed of supercomputers - 14:07

Physicist confines plasma components in a trap within a trap - 14:07

Mouse can do without man's most treasured genes - 14:07

Antidepressants do work in depression while evidence for CBT is poorer say experts - 14:07

Finding the real potential of no-till farming for sequestering carbon - 14:07

Test of maturity for stem cells - 14:07

Gut hormone makes food look even yummier - 14:07

Life without TORC is 1 big struggle - 13:43

Not all fat created equal - 13:42

Unraveling the Genomic Code for Development - 13:42

Blocked brain enzyme decreases appetite and promotes weight loss - 13:42

Intel, Samsung, TSMC Reach Agreement for 450mm Wafer Manufacturing Transition - 13:42

XMM-Newton discovers part of missing matter in the universe - 13:21

First steps toward autonomous robot surgeries - 13:21

Sounding out Congo Red - 13:21

Scientists identify interacting proteins key to melanoma development, treatment - 13:21

Researchers find novel way to repair airway injuries - 13:21

Pregnant women face hostile behavior when applying for jobs, new study shows - 13:21

New disease outbreaks in China; 12K children infected - 12:56

Gates: 'Key decisions' up to Ballmer - 12:56

Climate link with killer cyclones spurs fierce scientific debate - 12:56

Vodafone to distribute iPhones in 10 new countries - 12:56