Monday th 10th of August 2020

Scientists can’t agree on how clumpy the universe is - 09:10

New guidance on brain death could ease debate over when life ends - 07:10

Species may swim thousands of kilometers to escape ocean heat waves - 05:10

Sunday th 9th of August 2020

Better playground design could help kids get more exercise - 05:10

Friday th 7th of August 2020

Predictions for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season just got worse - 14:30

A new experiment hints at how hot water can freeze faster than cold - 12:10

Emissions dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic. The climate impact won’t last - 04:10

Thursday th 6th of August 2020

Rogue immune system reactions hint at an early treatment for COVID-19 - 10:50

Jupiter’s moons could keep each other warm by raising tidal waves - 08:10

How understanding nature made the atomic bomb inevitable - 05:10

Wednesday th 5th of August 2020

‘Exotic’ lightning crackles across Jupiter’s cloud tops - 10:11

How tuataras live so long and can withstand cool weather - 10:11

50 years ago, Mauna Kea opened for astronomy. Controversy continues - 07:20

Tuesday th 4th of August 2020

Penguin poop spotted from space ups the tally of emperor penguin colonies - 18:20

Five big questions about when and how to open schools amid COVID-19 - 14:40

‘The End of Everything’ explores the ways the universe could perish - 09:01

Wild bees add about $1.5 billion to yields for just six U.S. crops - 05:00

Monday th 3rd of August 2020

A submerged Inca offering hints at Lake Titicaca’s sacred role - 18:20

Water beetles can live on after being eaten and excreted by a frog - 10:01

Some spiders may spin poisonous webs laced with neurotoxins - 07:00

Heavy drinking drove hundreds of thousands of Americans to early graves - 05:00

Sunday th 2nd of August 2020

Hydroxychloroquine can’t stop COVID-19. It’s time to move on, scientists say - 05:00

Friday th 31st of July 2020

Readers ask about antibody tests, chimeras and public health and privacy - 18:40

What it takes to save species, locally and globally - 18:20

Coronavirus outbreak at a Georgia overnight camp infected over 200 kids and staff - 17:00

Human sperm don’t swim the way that anyone had thought - 13:00

To save Appalachia’s endangered mussels, scientists hatched a bold plan - 10:01

This parasitic plant consists of just flashy flowers and creepy suckers - 05:01

Thursday th 30th of July 2020

An immune system quirk may help anglerfish fuse with mates during sex - 18:00

The physics of solar flares could help scientists predict imminent outbursts - 13:21

Many U.S. neighborhoods with the worst air 40 years ago remain the most polluted - 13:01

An immune system quirk may help anglerfish fuse with mates during sex - 13:01

The Perseverance rover caps off a month of Mars launches - 07:00

Wednesday th 29th of July 2020

An Antarctic ice dome may offer the world’s clearest views of the night sky - 10:00

A South American mouse is the world’s highest-dwelling mammal - 07:00

To rehearse Perseverance’s mission, scientists pretended to be a Mars rover - 05:00

Tuesday th 28th of July 2020

Close relatives of the coronavirus may have been in bats for decades - 16:40

These ancient seafloor microbes woke up after over 100 million years - 10:21

NASA’s Perseverance rover will seek signs of past life on Mars - 05:00

Monday th 27th of July 2020

A black hole circling a wormhole would emit weird gravitational waves - 11:00

A wasp was caught on camera attacking and killing a baby bird - 07:01

A popular heartburn medicine doesn’t work as a COVID-19 antiviral - 05:01

Friday th 24th of July 2020

The star cluster closest to Earth is in its death throes - 07:02

Ancient DNA suggests Vikings may have been plagued by smallpox - 05:20

Thursday th 23rd of July 2020

Masks help new moms with COVID-19 safely breastfeed their babies - 18:00

COVID-19 lockdowns dramatically reduced seismic noise from humans - 13:51

To prevent the next pandemic, we might need to cut down fewer trees - 13:11

An ancient skull hints crocodiles swam from Africa to the Americas - 10:01

Wednesday th 22nd of July 2020

Stone artifacts hint that humans reached the Americas surprisingly early - 10:23

This is the first picture of a sunlike star with multiple exoplanets - 08:02