Monday th 29th of June 2020

Here’s how flying snakes stay aloft - 10:11

Fish eggs can hatch after being eaten and pooped out by ducks - 05:10

Friday th 26th of June 2020

Monkeys may share a key grammar-related skill with humans - 13:10

Why scientists say wearing masks shouldn’t be controversial - 10:40

50 years ago, scientists first investigated antibiotic resistance in livestock - 05:20

Thursday th 25th of June 2020

Strokes and mental state changes hint at how COVID-19 harms the brain - 17:40

The second-worst Ebola outbreak ever is officially over - 16:20

Millions of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. may have gone undiagnosed in March - 14:40

Dolphins can learn from peers how to use shells as tools - 13:00

Two lightning megaflashes shattered distance and duration records - 12:21

Colliding black holes may have created a surprising flare of light - 09:20

Wednesday th 24th of June 2020

Fossil discoveries suggest the earliest dinosaurs laid soft-shelled eggs - 15:20

Physicists spot a new class of neutrinos from the sun - 05:00

Tuesday th 23rd of June 2020

LIGO and Virgo detected a collision between a black hole and a mystery object - 18:20

A Siberian town hit 100 degrees, setting a new record for the Arctic Circle - 13:20

Preventing dangerous blood clots from COVID-19 is proving tricky - 05:20

Monday th 22nd of June 2020

Bubble-blowing drones may one day aid artificial pollination - 09:20

To live up to the hype, quantum computers must repair their error problems - 05:00

Friday th 19th of June 2020

History reveals how societies survive plagues - 12:40

Readers ask about the size of the Milky Way, ancient rainforests and COVID-19 - 12:20

Thursday th 18th of June 2020

How to make a mouse smell a smell that doesn’t actually exist - 13:11

Machine learning helped demystify a California earthquake swarm - 13:11

COVID-19 case clusters offer lessons and warnings for reopening - 08:07

Black hole plasma jets are shaped like bell-bottoms - 05:10

Wednesday th 17th of June 2020

An unexpected result from a dark matter experiment may signal new particles - 10:50

DNA from a 5,200-year-old Irish tomb hints at ancient royal incest - 10:10

Measuring the neutron’s lifetime from space could solve an enduring mystery - 05:10

Tuesday th 16th of June 2020

The steroid dexamethasone is the first drug shown to reduce COVID-19 deaths - 18:10

Flat spots on Saturn’s moon Titan may be the floors of ancient lake beds - 10:40

COVID-19 lockdowns helped people get more, but not necessarily better, sleep - 09:20

Barn owlets share food with their younger siblings in exchange for grooming - 05:20

Monday th 15th of June 2020

The FDA has canceled emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 - 16:40

Smoke from Australian fires rose higher into the ozone layer than ever before - 07:10

Larvaceans’ underwater ‘snot palaces’ boast elaborate plumbing - 05:10

Sunday th 14th of June 2020

Real-life scientists inspire these comic book superheroes - 07:10

Friday th 12th of June 2020

How giving cash to poor families may also save trees in Indonesia - 13:30

Clues to the earliest known bow-and-arrow hunting outside Africa have been found - 13:10

Fossil footprints show some crocodile ancestors walked on two legs - 07:10

The way the coronavirus messes with smell hints at how it affects the brain - 05:10

Thursday th 11th of June 2020

A critically ill COVID-19 patient just got a double lung transplant - 18:11

Bringing sea otters back to the Pacific coast pays off, but not for everyone - 15:50

Scientists want to build a Noah’s Ark for the human microbiome - 14:30

50 years ago, scientists were getting a better glimpse inside storms - 06:10

This weird quantum state of matter was made in orbit for the first time - 04:10

Tuesday th 9th of June 2020

Science News will observe #ShutDownSTEM on June 10 - 19:50

No, you can’t hear the difference between sick and healthy coughs - 18:10

How often do asymptomatic people spread the coronavirus? It’s unclear - 17:50

Lockdowns may have averted 531 million coronavirus infections - 10:30

A nose-horned dragon lizard lost to science for over 100 years has been found - 05:10

Biomedical studies are including more female subjects (finally) - 02:10