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Wednesday th 29th of January 2020

Drug Lord's Hippos Make Their Mark on Foreign Ecosystem - 14:50

Marivi Fernandez-Serra: Then and Now - 14:50

The Big Questions: Sally Dawson on the Higgs Boson - 14:50

The Big Questions: Ian Foster on High-Performance Computing - 14:50

NSF's Newest Solar Telescope Produces First Images - 14:50

Meet the Director: Guy Savard - 13:50

The Medical Minute: Is 'impossible' meat too good to be true? - 13:50

Genetics Society of America honors outstanding contributions to genetics with 2020 GSA Awards - 13:50

Scientists Find Record Warm Water in Antarctica, Pointing to Cause Behind Troubling Glacier Melt - 13:50

New Centers Lead the Way towards a Quantum Future - 13:50

Particle Physics Turns to Quantum Computing for Solutions to Tomorrow's Big-Data Problems - 12:50

Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss RNA Discovery - 12:00

Cycling to work? You may live longer - 12:00

UB chemist awarded $2 million NIH grant for enzyme research - 11:00

Finer particulate matter (PM1) could increase cardiovascular disease risk - 10:00

Color-changing bandages sense and treat bacterial infections - 10:00

Traditional Chinese medicinal plant yields new insecticide compounds - 10:00

Microplastics from ocean fishing can 'hide' in deep sediments - 10:00

Fungal decisions can affect climate - 08:40

Scientists Find Far Higher than Expected Rate of Underwater Glacial Melting - 06:30

Tuesday th 28th of January 2020

'Curious and curiouser!' Meteorite chunk contains unexpected evidence of presolar grains - 17:00

The Wuhan #coronavirus has been tracked to eating wild animals. Global veterinarian, Dr. Christian Walzer, based in New York at the Wildlife Conservation Society, is available for interview. Email for more info - 16:00

Tiny salamander's huge genome may harbor the secrets of regeneration - 16:00

Study analyses potential global spread of new coronavirus - 16:00

What's in Your Water? - 16:00

Senior Chemist Mark Beno Receives Posthumous AAAS Fellow Distinction for Lifetime Achievements - 15:00

Virtual assistants provide disappointing advice when asked for first aid, emergency info - 15:00

Crab-shell and seaweed compounds spin into yarns for sustainable and functional materials - 15:00

Too Much of a Good Thing? Satiation and Satisfaction - 14:00

Fifteen organizations join Los Alamos' Efficient Mission Centric Computing Consortium in first year - 14:00

Tiny Magnetic Structures Enhance Medical Science - 12:40

New Mathematical Model for Amyloid Formation - 12:40

Instant Hydrogen Production for Powering Fuel Cells - 12:40

Rethinking land conservation to protect species that will need to move with climate change - 12:40

Expert available to discuss cybersecurity on Data Privacy Day - 12:40

Theoretical Study Points to Jade-Like Materials as Quantum Spin Liquids - 10:40

Robotic Submarine Snaps First Images at Foundation of Notorious Antarctic Glacier - 09:41

Cactus Communications announces acquisition of UNSILO, a Denmark-based technology solutions company - 07:40

Beating the Heat in the Living Wings of Butterflies - 05:40

Monday th 27th of January 2020

Keeping up with the Curies: Husband-and-wife team wins prestigious physics award - 19:50

Top Doctors Limit Number of Tests They Order to Signal Diagnostic Prowess to Peers - 17:20

Earth's most biodiverse ecosystems face a perfect storm - 16:50

Getting to the root of plant survival - 16:50

AI can jump-start radiation therapy for cancer patients - 16:50

The great e-scooter hack - 16:00

Contradicting prevalent view, UCI oceanographers predict increase in phytoplankton - 13:30

Tiny containers transport targeted treatments - 13:30

'Profound' evolution: Wasps learn to recognize faces - 13:30

Rutgers Experts Available to Discuss How Robots Enable Chemical Exposure Assessment - 12:30

Could Drones Save Cows? Why University of Kentucky Research Team Thinks So - 12:30