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Thursday th 9th of January 2020

The CUORE Underground Experiment Narrows the Search for Rare Particle Process - 11:40

'It makes no sense': Trump pipeline proposal undercuts climate progress - 11:40

Toward a smarter way of recharging the aquifer - 11:40

Study: How U.S. sewage plants can remove medicines from wastewater - 10:50

Environmental Scientists Available to Comment on Australian Bushfires - 09:30

Unique Immersive Simulator Tests 'Trust' Between Humans and Self-driving Cars - 09:30

Keep or cancel holiday plans on fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island? - 06:20

Tip Sheet: Mesh loaded with T cells shrinks tumors; second dose of CAR-T cells shows potential; and gene-edited cells stay safe as immunotherapy attacks cancer - 06:20

Under pressure: Researchers compress copper, creating the densest object on Earth - 06:20

Wednesday th 8th of January 2020

Hubble Detects Smallest Known Dark Matter Clumps - 16:40

NEID Exoplanet Instrument Sees First Light - 16:40

Goldilocks Stars Are Best Places to Look for Life - 16:40

Cosmic Magnifying Glasses Yield Independent Measure of Universe's Expansion - 16:40

Telescope upgrade, move will aid in search for exoplanets - 16:40

Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss 2019 Climate, Weather Events in N.J. - 15:40

A New Method to Study Lithium Dendrites Could Lead to Better, Safer Batteries - 15:40

100 million years in amber: Researchers discover oldest fossilized slime mold - 14:40

Most meat eaters support veganism as 'ethical' and good for the environment - 14:40

WHOI underwater robot takes first known automated sample from ocean - 14:40

Team of engineering researchers to help improve Pennsylvania's foundries - 14:40

Connector fungi offer new clues to fate of nitrogen in warming tundra - 14:40

Backbone of Success - 13:40

Early humans revealed to have engineered optimized stone tools at Olduvai Gorge - 13:40

NUS scientists create world's first monolayer amorphous film - 13:40

New Study Reveals the Origin of Complex Malaria Infections - 13:40

Reducing power plants' thirst - 12:50

Milestone in Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Will Bring in a New Ring - 12:50

Tissue-Engineering, Estrogenic Chemical-Induced Responses, and Life-Stage Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Featured in January 2020 Toxicological Sciences - 12:50

Measuring Disaster Resilience and Response Capabilities with ResponderCQ - 10:30

New York University Partners with IBM to Explore Quantum Computing for Simulation of Quantum Systems and Advancing Quantum Education - 10:30

A new form of glass through molecular entanglement - 09:30

Nanoparticles Deliver 'Suicide Gene' Therapy to Pediatric Brain Tumors Growing in Mice - 09:30

Drones Effective Tools for Fruit Farmers - 08:30

LED Lighting in Greenhouses Helps But Standards are Needed - 06:40

Tuesday th 7th of January 2020

University of Redlands professor says climate disruption will cause subtropical high pressure over Australia to gain strength, expand desert conditions - 19:20

First Solar Energy System to Split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen at Separate Sites - 17:30

Neutrons "break the ice" for exploring fundamental physics in frozen water - 16:20

Risk of cyberattack for individuals not substantially greater, according to Virginia Tech expert - 16:20

Weizmann Scientists Create Decoy Molecule that Neutralizes Arenaviruses - 15:20

As Australia burns, experts available to discuss lasting impacts on wildlife, human health - 14:50

Australian fires will be 'dwarfed' by future events, continued warming, drying climate - 14:50

If trees could talk - 14:00

OU Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Recognized With Award for Supporting Students - 14:00

Fred Hutch names Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr. as new president and director - 13:00

University of Oklahoma Research Team Helps Weather-Weary Ag Industry - 13:00

NASA planet hunter finds its 1st Earth-size habitable-zone world - 12:00

New 'umbrella' species would massively improve conservation - 12:00

Binary star V Sagittae will explode as a very bright 'nova' by century's end - 12:00

Study of cardiac muscles in flies might help you keep your heart young - 11:00

Top-10 Science and Technology Achievements of 2019 - 11:00