Newswise - Scinews

Wednesday th 22nd of January 2020

A heart-healthy protein from bran of cereal crop - 09:40

Helping roadside soils bounce back after construction - 08:40

Tuesday th 21st of January 2020

DHS S&T Awards Minority Serving Institutions $373K to Advance Summer Research Team Projects - 19:50

DHS S&T Selects Georgia Tech Group to Improve Info Sharing & Safeguarding for Public Safety Comms - 19:50

Rising global temperatures turn northern permafrost region into significant carbon source - 19:50

Seeking a New Pest Solution, UF Scientists Study Fruit Fly's Gut Bacteria - 18:50

ASU-led NASA Psyche mission offers free online course on team building from leadership experts - 17:50

Liam Collins: Mapping the unseen - 16:21

Launch of Think Global Health - 15:30

Arctic sea ice can't 'bounce back' - 14:30

Mars' water was mineral-rich and salty - 14:30

Insecticides are becoming more toxic to honey bees - 13:40

NSF grant funds research to study nature-based solutions for river restoration - 13:40

New method breaks the reciprocity of light propagation - 13:40

Mosquitoes are drawn to flowers as much as people -- and now scientists know why - 13:40

University of Kentucky Project Seeks to Create More Environmentally Friendly, Stronger Cement - 12:44

UCI, other researchers find collaborative flood modeling process effective - 12:44

Ozone-depleting substances caused half of late 20th-century Arctic warming, says study - 12:44

Low Power Metal Detector Senses Magnetic Fingerprints - 11:50

New Investments and Research Indicate Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Climate Restoration Through Carbon-Capture - 11:50

Transformative 'Green' Accelerator Achieves World's First 8-pass Full Energy Recovery - 11:00

Press registration now open for 2020 Experimental Biology meeting - 08:41

Used Nissan LEAF batteries given "second life" thanks to WMG, University of Warwick - 07:21

eDNA techniques to transform subterranean environmental assessment - 01:50

Monday th 20th of January 2020

While Promoting Diseases Like Cancer, These Enzymes Also Cannibalize Each Other - 15:41

First detailed electronic study of new nickelate superconductor finds 3D metallic state - 12:50

Native Americans Did Not Make Large-Scale Changes to Environment Prior to European Contact - 11:50

New Drug Prevents Liver Damage, Obesity and Glucose Intolerance in Mice on High-Fat Diet - 11:50

Spock versus the volcano - 09:30

Top Diet and Nutrition Issues to be Highlighted during Jan. 29 Media-only Event - 08:30

Friday th 17th of January 2020

What Is An Endangered Species? - 16:50

DHS S&T Awards $750K to Maryland Company for Cybersecurity of Emergency Communicators - 16:00

New ORNL software improves neutron spectroscopy data resolution - 16:00

UC San Diego-led Study Finds Close Evolutionary Proximity Between Microbial Domains in the 'Tree of Life' - 15:00

Human-caused biodiversity decline started millions of years ago - 15:00

Call for Entries: Awards for Science Writing - 15:00

New dog, old tricks? Stray dogs can understand human cues - 15:00

The core of massive dying galaxies already formed 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang - 14:00

Securing Radiological Sources on the Go - 14:00

Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery and Innovation to Host Genomic Medicine Symposium - 12:40

Spider-Man-Style Robotic Graspers Defy Gravity - 11:40

Climate may play a bigger role than deforestation in rainforest biodiversity - 11:40

DHS S&T Leads Smart City Tech Integration Pilot for St. Louis - 10:50

Green in tooth and claw - 06:10

Jumping genes threaten egg cell quality - 03:00

The mysterious, legendary giant squid's genome is revealed - 03:00

Domestic Mallards Gone Wild - 00:40

Thursday th 16th of January 2020

New Penguin Colony Discovered in Argentina - 17:40

AgriLife Research Develops Tropical Hibiscus Hybrids Ready for Market - 16:40

Mosquitoes Engineered to Repel Dengue Virus - 15:20