Friday th 4th of September 2020

Why you should be adding salt to your cocktails - 11:00

Scalp scrubs that banish scaly patches and build-up - 10:31

Soft, lightweight Turkish towels for bathrooms and beach trips - 10:31

The best graphing calculators for students - 10:31

The best first aid kits for staying safe and prepared - 10:31

Artificial intelligence creates better, faster MRI scans - 09:10

How to get a six-pack (or even an eight-pack) - 07:20

Thursday th 3rd of September 2020

Data on COVID-19 outbreaks in schools was sparse, so this teacher collected it herself - 19:11

What would it actually take to have a COVID-19 vaccine by October? - 16:40

These black holes collided so hard they made space-time jiggle - 16:11

Microsoft’s new video authenticator could help weed out dangerous deepfakes - 15:11

Corticosteroids can help COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory distress - 11:23

Crepe pans you’ll use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - 09:01

The best boating tubes - 09:01

Working out at home? Here’s how to keep your house from smelling like a gym. - 08:31

The best scooters for a smooth commute or cruise - 08:31

City pavement is a big source of air pollution - 05:22

Wednesday th 2nd of September 2020

The science behind how an aircraft glides - 17:10

Small upgrades could make for big improvements in Samsung’s latest folding smartphone - 13:43

Herd immunity alone won’t stop COVID-19. Here’s why. - 13:43

Serious upgrades for your computer keyboard - 12:00

Pizza cutters that will get you the slice of your dreams - 11:30

Amazon is one big step closer to delivering packages by drone - 10:00

Bathtub trays that will keep you entertained and relaxed - 09:01

Your car is probably full of spiders - 07:11

Tuesday th 1st of September 2020

All the pros—and cons—of convalescent plasma therapy for COVID-19 - 17:22

Hydration bladders for outdoor adventures - 15:00

The best ankle weights for a sculpted lower body - 14:02

Amazon’s new fitness tracker listens to your voice to figure out your mood - 13:40

Eight ways that taking a real lunch break can improve your work (and life) - 11:00

Vanity organizers that will keep all your products tidy - 10:01

Six seated exercises to keep you limber at your desk - 08:30

The recent rise in Asian American hate crimes could have impacts beyond the pandemic - 07:30

Monday th 31st of August 2020

Colon cancer rates among young people are on the rise, and doctors don’t know why - 17:30

How hurricanes like Laura get so strong - 15:30

One way to slow the spread of COVID-19? Stop talking. Seriously. - 14:01

Stylish sunglasses for active people - 13:30

10 caveperson survival skills you need to know - 12:30

Best USB-C cables for an easy and reliable connection - 08:31

The best first aid kits for at home and on the go - 08:31

Home composters that will help your garden and the planet - 08:00

Severe storms are increasingly leaving us without power. Microgrids can help. - 07:01

Sunday th 30th of August 2020

Convincing someone to wear a mask is hard, but not impossible - 17:10

What various weird computer noises mean for your machine - 08:10

Saturday th 29th of August 2020

10 classic motorcycles to drool over - 16:10

Friday th 28th of August 2020

Watch Elon Musk unveil the next version of his AI-powered brain implant, Neuralink - 17:20

How cats and dogs see the world - 15:20

The quest to snare—and save—the world’s largest owl - 13:30

Learn how to add closed captions to video calls, Netflix, and more - 11:30

This motorized kayak can drive itself - 09:30