Harvard Science

Wednesday th 15th of April 2009

Planning to save a changing world - 14:49

Breast cancer danger rising in developing world - 14:14

Tuesday th 14th of April 2009

International conference thinks about sustainable cities - 16:00

Expedition: Blue Planet 2009 explores water - 14:21

Long-lasting nerve block could change pain management - 05:28

Monday th 13th of April 2009

Reservoir system proposed to meet needs - 15:00

Florida: The far side of paradise - 14:28

Sunday th 12th of April 2009

For cancer cells, genetics alone is poor indicator for drug response - 12:21

Friday th 10th of April 2009

Harvard surgeons perform second partial face transplant in U.S. - 11:35

Wednesday th 8th of April 2009

Mexican program successful at reducing crippling health care costs - 06:49

Tuesday th 7th of April 2009

Waist size predictor of heart failure in men and women - 15:14

Monday th 6th of April 2009

Simple bedside test improves diagnosis of chronic back pain - 21:28

Friday th 3rd of April 2009

Lighting up Parkinson’s disease research - 13:00

Modification of mutant Huntington's protein increases its clearance from brain cells - 12:28

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

Countway marks development of ‘the pill’ - 14:49

Modification of mutant huntingtin protein increases its clearance from brain cells - 12:35

Wednesday th 1st of April 2009

Narayanamurti named director of Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program at Belfer Center - 12:07

Tuesday th 31st of March 2009

A mother’s criticism touches nerve in formerly depressed - 15:35

Monday th 30th of March 2009

Angiogenesis inhibitor improves brain tumor survival by reducing swelling - 15:07

Infant weight gain linked to childhood obesity - 00:07

Sunday th 29th of March 2009

Newly identified genetic variants found to increase breast cancer risk - 12:28

Thursday th 26th of March 2009

President Obama taps Howard Koh for Assistant Secretary for Health - 09:14

Five at Harvard named HHMI Early Career Scientists; - 05:21

Wednesday th 25th of March 2009

President Obama taps Howard Koh for Assistant Secretary for Health post - 19:21

U.S. hospitals slow to adopt electronic health records, citing cost - 16:35

Mechanism directing stem cells to their destination identified; - 13:07

Tuesday th 24th of March 2009

Policies regarding IRB members’ industry contacts often lacking - 23:14

Hearing could hold key to unlocking schizophrenia mystery - 16:28

Skin biology illuminates how stem cells operate - 11:57

Monday th 23rd of March 2009

Training the talent in trouble spots - 16:00

Urban areas offer hidden biodiversity - 12:07

Friday th 20th of March 2009

Blumenthal named national coordinator for health information technology - 16:07

Harvard Catalyst grants encourage greater faculty collaboration - 13:21

Thursday th 19th of March 2009

Do you know what makes you happy? - 15:35

Stranger knows best - 14:28

Researchers find majority of fire and ambulance recruits overweight or obese - 09:07

Wednesday th 18th of March 2009

Study identifies human genes required for hepatitis C viral replication - 11:28

Tuesday th 17th of March 2009

Link found between religious belief, intensive medical care at end of life - 15:21

Monday th 16th of March 2009

Defibrillators may have little benefit for older, sicker patients - 15:56

Glass tables: An overlooked safety threat - 14:14

Friday th 13th of March 2009

Obesity linked to dangerous sleep apnea in truck drivers - 15:49

Thursday th 12th of March 2009

Culture skews human evolution - 15:42

Wednesday th 11th of March 2009

Faculty approves undergraduate concentration in human developmental, regenerative biology - 14:28

Tuesday th 10th of March 2009

Faculty approves new undergraduate concentration in human developmental and regenerative biology - 17:35

Cherry A. Murray is named dean of SEAS - 15:56

Blood type study sheds light on biology of pancreatic cancer - 15:21

Monday th 9th of March 2009

Harvard scientists praise lifting of stem cell restrictions - 15:49

End-of-life conversations associated with lower medical expenses - 15:14

Higher temperatures lead to more severe headaches - 15:14

Sunday th 8th of March 2009

Capillary formation’s mechanical determinants - 11:01