Harvard Science

Friday th 22nd of May 2009

Genetic testing for breast or ovarian cancer risk may be greatly underutilized - 16:21

Thursday th 21st of May 2009

New study assesses quality and cost of care at nation’s hospitals - 14:56

Brigham face transplant recipient goes home - 13:49

Chemical leaches from plastic drinking bottles into people - 13:14

Wednesday th 20th of May 2009

Scientists create custom three-dimensional structures with ‘DNA origami’ - 16:07

‘Super-recognizers,’ with extraordinary face recognition ability, never forget a face - 13:56

Patients expect computers to play major role in health care - 13:21

Monday th 18th of May 2009

Looking for subatomic insights in Minnesota - 14:00

Broad scientists to sequence multiple myeloma samples - 11:49

Sunday th 17th of May 2009

Study finds genetic links to age of first menstrual period, menopause - 12:28

Friday th 15th of May 2009

Glutamine supplements show promise in treating stomach ulcers - 16:00

Researchers identify the brain’s on-off switch for fear - 12:42

Thursday th 14th of May 2009

Common virus could cause high blood pressure - 19:28

Kepler starts search for other Earths - 16:42

Wednesday th 13th of May 2009

Embryo’s heartbeat drives blood stem cell formation - 12:21

Tuesday th 12th of May 2009

Lessons from past explored to expedite future research - 16:21

‘Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine’ - 15:14

Nectar nurtures pitcher plant’s eating habits - 14:42

Life in the universe? Almost certainly. Intelligence? Maybe not - 14:07

Monday th 11th of May 2009

Spiral swimmers may prove micro workhorses - 13:07

Friday th 8th of May 2009

Survey: Many Americans protecting themselves against H1N1 - 16:14

Fijian girls succumb to Western dysmorphia - 09:35

Thursday th 7th of May 2009

What's Out There: - 16:56

Wednesday th 6th of May 2009

Scholars discuss ‘medicalization’ of formerly normal characteristics - 15:56

Carol Robinson: Pushing a technology’s boundaries - 15:22

Cancer chemotherapy: An unfolding story - 14:42

Older adults found to fare better under sleep deprivation than younger adults - 11:21

Tuesday th 5th of May 2009

A collaboration with a long lifetime - 15:56

Friday th 1st of May 2009

Outwitting mutating flu during a pandemic - 20:42

Dinosaur protein preserved over time - 20:07

Survey: Nearly half of Americans concerned they or their family may get sick from swine flu - 19:00

Thursday th 30th of April 2009

Some vocal-mimicking animals, particularly parrots, can move to a musical beat - 11:14

Predicting and tracking pandemics: - 09:00

Tuesday th 28th of April 2009

Smokers get help with the use of electronic health record - 12:56

Electronic system may reduce adverse drug events - 10:42

Smoking, high blood pressure and being overweight top three preventable causes of death in the U.S. - 10:42

Monday th 27th of April 2009

Majority of new cases of diabetes in older U.S. adults could be prevented - 15:14

HMNH welcomes opportunities to develop NSF research-related outreach programs with University researchers - 13:35

Friday th 24th of April 2009

Chance favored expedition leader in ‘missing link’ discovery - 15:00

Thursday th 23rd of April 2009

Chylack and Dowling named ARVO Fellows - 15:35

Wednesday th 22nd of April 2009

Eating fatty fish once a week reduces men's risk of heart failure - 00:35

Tuesday th 21st of April 2009

Harvard nutritionists take aim at sugary drinks - 13:28

HMS professor devises single test for cancers - 11:14

Monday th 20th of April 2009

Universal coverage may narrow gaps in health outcomes - 16:21

A more direct delivery of cancer drugs to tumors - 16:21

Sunday th 19th of April 2009

MicroRNA discovered to play role in DNA repair - 12:35

Thursday th 16th of April 2009

Microbes thrive in harsh, isolated water under Antarctic glacier - 15:49

Wednesday th 15th of April 2009

Study links steroid abuse to key biological, psychological characteristics - 17:35

Energy policies: ‘Forty-year failure’ - 16:28

Climate change an ‘opportunity’ as well as a threat - 15:56