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Justice In The Brain: Equity And Efficiency Are Encoded Differently

12 years ago from Science Daily

Which is better, giving more food to a few hungry people or letting some food go to waste so that everyone gets a share? A study appearing in Science finds...

New idea in mortuary science: Dissolving bodies with lye

12 years ago from LA Times - Science

Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead. Now a new option is generating interest -- dissolving bodies in lye and flushing the brownish,...

Racial Discrimination Has Different Mental Health Effects On Asians, Study Shows

12 years ago from Science Daily

The first national study of Asians living in the United States shows that for some individuals, strong ties to their ethnicity can guard against the negative effects of racism. For...

Irregular Sleep Tied to Obesity, Other Health Problems

12 years ago from NY Times Health

Getting too little sleep, or too much, is linked to poor health in a new federal study.

Depression diversity: Brain studies reveal big differences among individuals

12 years ago from Physorg

Depressed people may have far fewer of the receptors for some of the brain`s “feel good” stress-response chemicals than non-depressed people, new University of Michigan Depression Center research shows.

New Zealanders active and happy

12 years ago from Science Alert

Physical and mental activity and happiness are had by most of New Zealand's population, who would also like more leisure time and often less body fat, according to a survey.

Lack of motivation in schizophrenia linked to brain chemical imbalance

12 years ago from Physorg

A study of patients with psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia suggests an alternative explanation for why many sufferers lack motivation. The research is described today BioMed Central`s journal BMC Psychiatry.

Seagulls: Are Males The Weaker Sex?

12 years ago from Science Daily

Male seagulls may be more vulnerable to their environment during embryonic development than females. Until now, the sex differences in developmental rate and susceptibility to unfavorable conditions during the embryonic...

Speaking More Than One Language May Slow The Aging Process In The Mind

12 years ago from Science Daily

Children who speak a second or third language may have an unexpected advantage later in life, a new study has found. Knowing and speaking many languages may protect the brain...

Pope to give new meaning to religious text

12 years ago from Physorg

Pope Benedict XVI will give a new meaning to the term religious text by sending "inspirational messages" to mobile phones during Catholic World Youth day in Australia, organisers said Wednesday.

After Divorce, Stable Families Help Minimize Long-Term Harm To Children

12 years ago from Physorg

For children of divorce, what happens after their parents split up may be just as important to their long-term well-being as the divorce itself.

Study uses music to explore the autistic brain's emotion processing

12 years ago from Physorg

Music has a universal ability to tap into our deepest emotions. Unfortunately, for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), understanding emotions is a very difficult task. Can music help them?...

Not sure? Don't sweat it: Embrace Uncertainty

12 years ago from Physorg

Governments and other large organisations should put more resources into ways of dealing with the unknown, according to experts pioneering a new approach to understanding and managing uncertainty.

Child Abuse May 'Mark' Genes In Brains Of Suicide Victims

12 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have discovered important differences between the brains of suicide victims and so-called normal brains. Although the genetic sequence was identical in the suicide and non-suicide brains, there were differences...

Why Face Symmetry Is Sexy Across Cultures And Species

12 years ago from Science Daily

In a study published in the May 7 issue of the journal PLoS ONE, Anthony Little of the University of Stirling and colleagues show that measurements of symmetry and sexual...

Doctor plan narrows Tory-Liberal divide

12 years ago from CBC: Health

With a crucial budget vote ahead, Nova Scotia's minority Progressive Conservative government has agreed to meet one of the demands of the Liberals - to train more doctors.

Why is losing $10 worse than winning $10 is good?

12 years ago from Science Blog

Losses loom larger than gains. This useful mnemonic describes an odd experimental finding: if you have people rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how unhappy they would be...

Suicide prevention campaign said effective

12 years ago from UPI

CLEVELAND, May 7 (UPI) -- U.S. medical researchers said they've determined a suicide-prevention media campaign increased the number of people seeking help for their suicidal crises.

Mathematics Simplifies Sleep Monitoring

12 years ago from Science Daily

A new way to measure breathing patterns in sleeping infants which may also work for adults has just been created. The researcher has created a mathematical formula that measures varying...

Strait school board to rule on sexual health programs

12 years ago from CBC: Health

The Strait Regional School Board will decide Wednesday whether to end two school sexual health programs that a board member says are not run by the appropriate people.

Kagoshima Journal: Japan Fights Crowds of Crows

12 years ago from NY Times Science

Blackouts are just one of the problems caused by an explosion in Japan’s population of crows, which seems to compete with humans for space in this crowded nation.

Retirement age workers feel good

12 years ago from Science Alert

Workers aged over 65 feel mentally healthier than retirees, though whether working brings mental health or vice versa is unclear, according to a survey.

Leaf photo could be world's oldest

12 years ago from UPI

LONDON, May 6 (UPI) -- A U.S. researcher says a photogenic drawing of a leaf could be the world's oldest photograph.

It Might Be True That 'Men Marry Their Mothers'

12 years ago from Science Daily

Whether a young man's mother earned a college degree and whether she worked outside the home while he was growing up seems to have an effect years later when he...

Cosmetic chain told to withdraw homeopathic malaria remedy

12 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Neal's Yard Remedies ordered to withdraw remedy after watchdogs decide sale potentially dangerous and misleading

Personal Health: The Growing Wave of Teenage Self-Injury

12 years ago from NY Times Science

Self-injury is a disturbing and hard-to-treat phenomenon that experts say is increasing among adolescents and young adults.