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Team develops magnetic microrobots with folate to promote targeted drug delivery to cancer cells

3 weeks ago from Physorg

The limited ability of microrobots to assist drugs in entering cells hinders their therapeutic efficacy. To address this, a research team, reporting in Cyborg and Bionic Systems, has introduced the...

ChatGPT flunks self-assessment test for urologists

3 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

At a time of growing interest in the potential role of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in medicine and healthcare, a new study finds that the groundbreaking ChatGPT chatbot performs poorly...

Cuba Gooding Jr. settles civil rape case

3 weeks ago from UPI

Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. settled a federal civil lawsuit on Tuesday that accused him of rape, allowing him to dodge a trial that was scheduled to start the...

Husker scientists closing in on long-lasting swine flu vaccine

3 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

A successful long-term experiment with live hogs indicates Nebraska scientists may be another step closer to achieving a safe, long-lasting and potentially universal vaccine against swine flu.

Cancer drug Tagrisso slashes death rate among lung cancer patients, study finds

3 weeks ago from UPI

Once-a-day use of the targeted cancer pill Tagrisso (osimertinib) cut the five-year death rate in half for a subset of patients with early-stage lung cancer, a new clinical trial shows.

Researchers identify genetic makeup of new strains of West Nile

3 weeks ago from Physorg

Researchers at Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (CVMDL) located in UConn's College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources identified the genetic makeup of strains of West Nile virus found in...

To Prevent Future Pandemics, Leave Bats Alone

3 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

A new paper in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health makes the case that pandemic prevention requires a global taboo whereby humanity agrees to leave bats alone--to let them have...

AI predicts 5-year breast cancer risk better than standard tools — but we aren't sure how it works

3 weeks ago from Live Science

Artificial intelligence models can use breast imaging data to pinpoint those at highest risk of getting breast cancer in the next five years, better than a standard approach.

Pope Francis visits hospital for checkup

3 weeks ago from UPI

Pope Francis made a brief hospital visit Tuesday for a checkup amidst recent health concerns.

Money woes can lead to devastating delays in cancer diagnoses

3 weeks ago from UPI

Money woes have long been linked to worse healthcare. Now, a new study finds financially strapped patients often put off cancer screenings -- only to learn they have the disease...

Benefits of nitroglycerin patches for hot flashes may be moderate, temporary

3 weeks ago from UPI

A new study on using nitroglycerin patches to help women with frequent hot flashes caused by menopause has delivered mixed results.

COVID prison releases expose key driver of racial inequity

3 weeks ago from Harvard Science

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. experienced a historic reduction in prison population as admissions declined and many incarcerated people were released — both routinely and as part of state...

PGA Tour to merge with rival Saudi-backed LIV Golf

3 weeks ago from UPI

After two years of legal battles, player feuds and tournament banishments, the PGA Tour and Saudi-funded LIV Golf agreed to a merger, the rival leagues announced Tuesday morning.

How the gut microbiome responds to antibiotics: Study identifies evolutionary mechanisms

3 weeks ago from Physorg

Antibiotics affect the composition and dynamics of the gut microbiome. Treatment with antibiotics not only leads to a loss of biodiversity of microorganisms, but also often favors the selection of...

Provincial health officer, chief coroner condemn 'polarizing' rhetoric over B.C.'s safe drug supply

3 weeks ago from CBC: Health

The province launched a prescribed safe supply program in March 2020, and Dr. Bonnie Henry says a program review now underway will be based on data, not divisive politics.

Hello kitty, goodbye kittens? Gene therapy spays cats without surgery

3 weeks ago from Science NOW

Experts call it the holy grail of pet contraception: a single shot or pill that would permanently sterilize cats and dogs without the need for expensive and time-consuming spay/neuter surgery. Scientists have struggled...

A daily pill could cut lung cancer deaths in half, new study shows

3 weeks ago from PopSci

Lung cancer accounts for about 1.8 million deaths per year globally. Deposit Photos A once-daily pill cut the risk of death in half for a subset of patients with early-stage lung cancer...

Study discovers potential key to a cheaper and more accessible Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine

3 weeks ago from Physorg

The bacterium Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) can cause severe diseases such as meningitis and blood poisoning in young children. Researchers from the MHH Institute of Clinical Biochemistry have deciphered...

Female scent found to accelerate growth in juvenile male mice

3 weeks ago from Physorg

Exposing female house mice (Mus musculus) to the scent of male urine is known to accelerate their sexual development in what scientists call the Vandenbergh effect. A study recently published...

Start of new era for Alzheimer’s treatment

3 weeks ago from Harvard Science

Researchers say we appear to be at the start of a new era for Alzheimer’s treatment. Trial results published in January showed that for the first time a drug has been able...

Risk of severe heart attack is higher on Mondays, study suggests

3 weeks ago from UPI

Monday can be a downer as folks leave weekend play behind. Now, researchers say Monday might also be the most common day for deadly heart attacks.

Novel genetic screen provides clues on how Toxoplasma behaves within a host

3 weeks ago from Physorg

While the presence of harmful critters in your home may be addressed by a call to the exterminator, harmful parasites in the body can be much harder to expel. A...

NUS researchers invent powerful tool to gather data on immune response at single-cell level

3 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have invented a powerful tool that captures data on immune cell response at a single-cell level. This groundbreaking technique will accelerate the discovery...

What science says about popular pre-workout ingredients

3 weeks ago from PopSci

If you don't trust the label on your pre-workout, make your own. Julia Bernhard DO YOU HAVE a big tub of pre-workout powder sitting close by? Look at the label. How many...

This rural California county lost its only hospital, leaving residents with dire healthcare choices

3 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

After the financial collapse of Madera County's only general hospital, residents are left with slim options for care. Some have come to accept that they may die in an emergency.

What you can do to prevent the spread of mpox

3 weeks ago from PopSci

Learning how mpox spreads is a great way to prevent infection. katerynakon / Deposit Photos Although the World Health Organization only recently declared the end of the mpox global emergency, the virus is...

Death Rates among Black People in the U.S. Are Rising after Falling

3 weeks ago from Scientific American

Researchers hope their work on racial health disparities will be a “call to action”

Editorial: Forcing treatment on mentally ill homeless people is a bad idea

3 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

Senate Bill 43 would strip mentally ill people of their power of self-determination by compelling them into short stints of treatment that usually don't work, without long-term follow-up care.