Science @ NASA

Tuesday th 2nd of June 2020

Magnetic Fields Force New Perspective on the Center of Our Milky Way Galaxy - 11:00

Friday th 29th of May 2020

New Sunspots Potentially Herald Increased Solar Activity - 15:30

Thursday th 28th of May 2020

NASA’s AIM Spots First Arctic Noctilucent Clouds of the Season - 11:00

Tuesday th 26th of May 2020

Taking Earth’s Temperature from a Tiny Satellite - 08:50

Friday th 22nd of May 2020

NASA Science Virtual Community Town Hall Meeting - 14:40

Thursday th 21st of May 2020

NASA’s Citizen Science Experts Live on Reddit, May 22nd, 1-3pm EST to Answer Questions from the Public! - 16:50

NASA’s Citizen Science Experts Live on Reddit - 16:50

NASA Science Live: Episode 4 - Storms Across the Solar System - 13:30

Wednesday th 20th of May 2020

NASA Telescope Named For ‘Mother of Hubble’ Nancy Grace Roman - 10:40

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Clues to Chilly Ancient Mars Buried in Rocks - 08:50

Tuesday th 19th of May 2020

Why ESA and NASA's SOHO Spacecraft Spots So Many Comets - 09:50

Help NASA Explore Mars from Home! - 09:50

Monday th 18th of May 2020

NASA to Make Announcement About WFIRST Space Telescope Mission - 12:40

Top Ten Discoveries from SOFIA - 12:00

Thursday th 14th of May 2020

NASA’s TESS Enables Breakthrough Study of Perplexing Stellar Pulsations - 09:30

Wednesday th 13th of May 2020

New Comet Discovered by ESA and NASA Solar Observatory - 08:40

Tuesday th 12th of May 2020

In-Space Telescope Assembly: When is it worth it? - 08:40

Friday th 8th of May 2020

Telescopes and Spacecraft Join Forces to Probe Deep into Jupiter's Atmosphere - 09:30

Thursday th 7th of May 2020

What's Up - May 2020 - 14:30

NASA Science Live Episode 16: On Ice - 10:50

Tuesday th 5th of May 2020

Help Test a New NASA Citizen Science Project about Exoplanets! - 12:50

Help Test a New NASA Citizen Science Project about Extrasolar Planets! - 10:25

Monday th 4th of May 2020

A Short History of STEVE - 15:30

Q&A with the Student Who Named Ingenuity, NASA's Mars Helicopter - 14:50

Thursday th 30th of April 2020

NASA, Partners Launch Virtual Hackathon to Develop COVID-19 Solutions - 19:40

NASA, Partners Launch Virtual Hackathon to Develop COVID-19 Solutions - 10:50

Wednesday th 29th of April 2020

New Insight Into Parker Solar Probe's Early Observations - 17:10

NASA Probes Environment, COVID-19 Impacts, Possible Links - 14:00

Hubble Watches Comet ATLAS Disintegrate Into More Than Two Dozen Pieces - 11:20

NASA Monitors Environmental Signals From Global Response to COVID-19 - 11:20

Tuesday th 28th of April 2020

Balloon-borne Investigation Provides First Simultaneous Measurements of Crucial Coronal Parameters - 13:20

Hubble Marks 30 Years in Space With Tapestry of Blazing Starbirth - 09:00

Thursday th 23rd of April 2020

Star Survives Close Call with a Black Hole - 13:50

Wednesday th 22nd of April 2020

Keeping an Eye on Earth - 12:50

Tuesday th 21st of April 2020

Exoplanet Apparently Disappears in Latest Hubble Observations - 11:00

Monday th 20th of April 2020

NASA Earth Data Powers Energy-Saving Decisions - 16:30

When It Comes to Water, You Have to Think Global - 13:30

Friday th 17th of April 2020

Rocket-Borne Telescope Detects Super-Fine Strands on the Sun - 10:50

Thursday th 16th of April 2020

Earth Day Poster 2020 - Combining Art and Science - 10:40

Wednesday th 15th of April 2020

NASA Data Aids Ozone Hole’s Journey to Recovery - 13:40

Earth-Size, Habitable Zone Planet Found Hidden in Early NASA Kepler Data - 13:40

Tuesday th 14th of April 2020

NASA Missions Help Reveal the Power of Shock Waves in a Nova Explosion - 10:25

Playing Lacrosse on Titan - 09:51

Friday th 10th of April 2020

NASA Marks Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary with #EarthDayAtHome - 15:20

NASA Satellite Data Show 30 Percent Drop In Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S. - 10:50

A Species of Explorers - 10:10

We Are a Species of Explorers - 09:40

NASA Calls on Gamers, Citizen Scientists to Help Map World’s Corals - 09:40

Thursday th 9th of April 2020

NASA Science Live: Episode 3 - Our Weird Home - 13:50

Universe’s Expansion May Not Be The Same In All Directions - 09:20