Science Daily

Wednesday th 26th of August 2020

Mount Everest summit success rates double, death rate stays the same over last 30 years - 14:31

Why flat-faced dogs remain popular despite health problems - 14:01

Don't forget to clean robotic support pets, study says - 14:01

New neural network differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age toolkits - 14:01

Got fatigue? Study further pinpoints brain regions that may control it - 13:31

Microscopic robots 'walk' thanks to laser tech - 13:31

Cosmic rays may soon stymie quantum computing - 13:31

Key to fish family's land-walking abilities revealed in study of Asia's hillstream loaches - 13:31

Scientists take new spin on quantum research - 13:01

Novel PROTAC enhances its intracellular accumulation and protein knockdown - 13:01

Current poultry food safety guidelines do not stop salmonella outbreaks - 13:01

New nitrogen assembly carbon catalyst has potential to transform chemical manufacturing - 13:01

Plastics, waste and recycling: It's not just a packaging problem - 12:01

Polymers prevent potentially hazardous mist during dentist visit - 12:01

Spit in a tube to diagnose heart attack - 12:01

Parental instruction instrumental for children to learn how to safely cross busy roads - 12:00

Measles outbreaks in Niger linked to rainfall and temperature, study finds - 11:30

Obesity linked with higher risk for COVID-19 complications - 11:30

Long naps may be bad for health - 11:30

SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected in untreated wastewater from Louisiana - 11:30

Natural radiation can interfere with quantum computers - 11:30

Study evaluates immersive virtual reality as a sleep aid for teens - 11:30

Sleep duration, efficiency and structure change in space - 11:30

New form of brain analysis engages whole brain for the first time - 11:30

Sandwich catalysts offer higher activity and durability - 11:01

Atmospheric scientists study fires to resolve ice question in climate models - 11:01

NBA playoff format is optimizing competitive balance by eliminating travel - 11:01

Novel alkaline hydrogel advances skin wound care - 11:01

New study warns: We have underestimated the pace at which the Arctic is melting - 11:01

Link between cognitive impairment and worse prognosis in heart failure patients - 11:01

How 'swapping bodies' with a friend changes our sense of self - 11:01

Unique HIV reservoirs in elite controllers - 11:01

Fear of missing out impacts people of all ages - 10:30

Seizures during menstrual cycle linked to drug-resistant epilepsy - 10:30

How are information, disease, and social evolution linked? - 10:30

New device can measure toxic lead within minutes - 10:01

Domesticated chickens have smaller brains - 10:01

Scientists use fruit peel to turn old batteries into new - 10:01

Unlocking the mysteries of the brain - 09:00

Experts reveal major holes in international ozone treaty - 09:00

Hip fracture risk linked to nanoscale bone inflexibility - 08:30

Antagonistic genes modify rice plant growth - 08:30

Depressed or anxious teens risk heart attacks in middle age - 08:30

Pollution exposure at work may be associated with heart abnormalities among Latinx community - 08:30

Crop breeding: Getting to the root of the problem - 08:30

Coastal development, changing climate threaten sea turtle nesting habitat - 08:30

Thin layer protects battery, allows cold charging - 08:30

Tuesday th 25th of August 2020

Building mechanical memory boards using origami - 21:10

New tool for identifying endangered corals could aid conservation efforts - 16:41

Treatment for teen anxiety - 16:41