MIT Research

Saturday th 30th of November 2019

Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves - 12:23

Sunday th 12th of May 2019

Why visual stimulation may work against Alzheimer’s - 04:40

Tissue chip headed to International Space Station for osteoarthritis study - 04:40

Wireless movement-tracking system could collect health and behavioral data - 04:40

Explosions of universe’s first stars spewed powerful jets - 04:40

The (evolving) art of war - 04:40

Painting a fuller picture of how antibiotics act - 04:40

Ambient plant illumination could light the way for greener buildings - 04:40

How to tell whether machine-learning systems are robust enough for the real world - 04:40

Building a community for statistics and data science at MIT and beyond - 04:40

MIT, Blue Origin to cooperate on sending research experiment to the moon - 04:40

Thursday th 25th of April 2019

Designing ocean ecological systems in the lab - 10:30

Wednesday th 24th of April 2019

Advocating for federal research funding on Capitol Hill - 16:40

Tuesday th 23rd of April 2019

Imaging system helps surgeons remove tiny ovarian tumors - 23:20

“Nanofiber yarn” makes for stretchy, protective artificial tissue - 15:50

Water Innovation Prize goes to startups targeting methane and wastewater - 15:50

Monday th 22nd of April 2019

How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide - 14:30

Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle - 14:30

Breakthrough in boiling - 13:30

Designing water infrastructure for climate uncertainty - 12:01

Neuroscientists reverse some behavioral symptoms of Williams Syndrome - 10:30

Wednesday th 17th of April 2019

Can science writing be automated? - 23:30

MIT faculty launch collaborations around the world - 16:21

Tuesday th 16th of April 2019

Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation - 23:20

Robots that can sort recycling - 14:00

Monday th 15th of April 2019

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs - 23:30

The fluid that feeds tumor cells - 23:30

TESS discovers its first Earth-sized planet - 23:30

Friday th 12th of April 2019

Earliest life may have arisen in ponds, not oceans - 09:40

Wednesday th 10th of April 2019

Working together as a “virtual telescope,” observatories around the world produce first direct images of a black hole - 08:40

Astronomers capture first image of a black hole - 08:40

Tuesday th 9th of April 2019

MIT spinout seeks to transform food safety testing - 10:30

Shrinking the carbon footprint of a chemical in everyday objects - 10:30

Greener, more efficient natural gas filtration - 08:00

Monday th 8th of April 2019

Engineers develop concept for hybrid heavy-duty trucks - 23:30

Paving ahead: Model aims for infrastructure preservation - 12:21

Thursday th 4th of April 2019

Getting to the bottom of the “boiling crisis” - 23:20

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

The power of play - 13:50

The future of agriculture is computerized - 13:30

New facilities will keep Lincoln Laboratory at the forefront of advanced prototyping - 11:43

Machine learning moves popular data elements into a bucket of their own - 11:20

Center for Environmental Health Sciences announces 2019 call for pilot project proposals - 11:20

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centers - 23:30

Keeping genetic engineering localized - 16:30

Researchers tune material’s color and thermal properties separately - 12:40

Sunday th 31st of March 2019

MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing - 23:30

3 Questions: Lisa Barsotti on the new and improved LIGO - 23:30

Friday th 29th of March 2019

Commerce and coercion - 11:00

Thursday th 28th of March 2019

Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions - 23:30

Biologists find a way to boost intestinal stem cell populations - 08:52