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A New Era for Physics? With Creation of New Form of Matter, a Time Crystal, It Just Might Be

Salt, snowflakes and diamonds are all crystals, meaning their atoms are arranged in 3-D patterns that repeat. Today scientists are reporting in the journal Nature on the creation of a...

Old stardust in young galaxy sheds light on the first stars

Astronomers have spotted a young galaxy far, far away that is loaded with ancient stardust from some of the earliest stars in the universe

Rock art discovered in "Dark Ages" tomb in Israel

Israeli archaeologist found an ancient burial chamber that dates back the "Dark Ages" -- more than 4,000 years ago

Dental plaque DNA shows Neandertals used ‘aspirin’

Ancient DNA found in the dental plaque of Neandertals – our nearest extinct relative – has provided remarkable new insights into their behaviour, diet and evolutionary history, including their use...

February's Warmth, Brought to You by Climate Change

Climate change made the February warmth that baked the U.S. roughly 13 times more likely.

Neanderthal Used Penicillin and Aspirin

Scientists got a sneak peek into the kitchen of three Neanderthals by scraping off the plaque stuck on their teeth and examining the DNA.

Malta's Famous 'Azure Window' Collapses

The iconic 'Azure Window' sea arch in Malta collapsed completey into the sea after heavy rainstorms pounded the area.

Neanderthals Munched on 'Aspirin' and Woolly Rhinos

Neanderthals once dined on woolly rhinoceroses and wild sheep, and even self-medicated with painkillers and antibiotics, according to a new analysis of their dental plaque.

Researchers identify therapy that shrinks tumors in patients with multiple myeloma

An experimental drug, LCL161, stimulates the immune system, leading to tumor shrinkage in patients affected by multiple myeloma, report scientists.

Casts of 'The Godfather,' 'Reservoir Dogs' to reunite at Tribeca

The 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival is to close on April 29 with an epic event marking the 45th anniversary of the release of "The Godfather."

Dampened immunity during pregnancy promotes evolution of more virulent flu

During pregnancy, a mother's immune system is suppressed to protect the fetus, which is perceived as a foreign body because it is genetically different. A study in mice found that...

New Enzyme-Like Tool Lets Chemists Modify Hard-to-Reach Spots on Drug Molecules

Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised a versatile molecule-building tool for creating new drugs and other chemical products.

Aboriginal Hair Shows 50,000 Years Connection to Country

DNA in hair samples collected from Aboriginal people across Australia in the early to mid-1900s has revealed that populations have been continuously present in the same regions for up to...

Researchers find neurological link between religious experiences and epilepsy

A relationship between epilepsy and heightened religious experiences has been recognized since at least the 19th century. In a recent study, researchers found a neurological relationship exists between religiosity --...

Silk Road evolved as 'grass-routes' movement

Nearly 5,000 years ago, long before the vast east-west trade routes of the Great Silk Road were traversed by Marco Polo, the foundations for these trans-Asian interaction networks were being...

Researchers create new material to regrow bone

Researchers at Northwestern University have engineered a potent protein that has shown success at regrowing bone in mice.

Controversial 'liberation therapy' fails to treat multiple sclerosis

Opening up narrowed veins from the brain and spinal cord is not effective in treating multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a study. The conclusions about the so-called 'liberation therapy,' which...

Super-sized memory is trainable and long lasting

The ability to perform astonishing feats of memory, such as remembering lists of several dozen words, can be learned, researchers report. After 40 days using a strategic memory improvement technique,...

High folic acid level in pregnancy may decrease high blood pressure in children

Babies born to mothers with cardiometabolic risk factors were less likely to develop high blood pressure if their mothers had higher levels of folate during pregnancy.

Photos: 2,000-Year-Old Roman Road and Coins Discovered in Israel

Archaeologists found a 2,000-year-old Roman road during a routine survey of a construction site in modern-day Israel.

Republican governors complain about GOP health care plan

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- Republican governors complain that a GOP proposal to replace former President Barack Obama's health care law would force...

Blue Origin's Giant New Glenn Rocket in Pictures

Blue Origin released an animated video of its two-stage New Glenn rocket launching, releasing a satellite into orbit and its reusable booster returning to Earth.

Hepatitis C testing still low for baby boomers, study says

A study has found that two years after new recommendations were released, the number of baby boomers getting tested for hepatitis C remains low.

Chemists create molecular 'leaf' that collects and stores solar power without solar panels

An international research team has engineered a molecule that uses light or electricity to convert the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide -- a carbon-neutral fuel source -- more...

Uncovering new relationships, organizational principles in protein interaction networks

Proteins, those basic components of cells and tissues, carry out many biological functions by working with partners in networks. The dynamic nature of these networks -- where proteins interact with...

Researchers take big step forward in nanotech-based drugs

Nanotechnology has become a growing part of medical research in recent years, with scientists feverishly working to see if tiny particles could revolutionize the world of drug delivery. But many...

In battle for real estate, a disordered protein wins out

Research findings that first had scientists scratching their heads have turned out to be 'quite revolutionary,' according to study leaders. The scientists found that in a competition between two apparently...

Ciara, Russell Wilson cause stir with nearly nude family photo

Ciara and Russell Wilson raised eyebrows by stripping down with the singer's son, Future Zahir, in a portrait for Harper's Bazaar.

Hawaii is first state to file lawsuit over Trump's revised travel ban

Hawaii filed a lawsuit asking a judge to block President Donald Trump's revised immigration executive order, becoming the first state to fight in court.

New York Giants land WR Brandon Marshall in 2-year, $12 million deal

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall agreed to a two-year deal with the New York Giants on Wednesday.

In Photos: Building the Superfast 'Hyperloop One' Transit System of the Future

The Hyperloop One project aims to build a futuristic transit system based on the original vision of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Research uncovers potential health risks of travel to Mars

Using mice transplanted with human stem cells, a research team has demonstrated for the first time that the radiation encountered in deep space travel may increase the risk of leukemia...

Reusable sponge soaks up oil, could revolutionize spill cleanup

When the Deepwater Horizon drilling pipe blew out seven years ago, beginning the worst oil spill in U.S. history, those in charge of the recovery discovered a new wrinkle: The...

Invasive snakes threaten forests on Pacific island of Guam

The Brown tree snakes that have almost wiped out bird populations on Guam may also be damaging its tropical forests.

Texas killer Ruiz apologizes for '92 contract murder before execution

Texas executed Rolando Ruiz Jr., a convicted hitman who killed the wife of his client so he could collect life insurance money in 1992, late Tuesday.

Pot for pets: Owners treat sick animals with cannabis

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Michael Fasman's 12-year-old dog, Hudson, limps from pain caused by arthritis and an amputated toe, but Fasman doesn't want...

High number of deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes linked to diet

Nearly half of all deaths in the United States in 2012 that were caused by cardiometabolic diseases, including heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, have been linked to substandard...

13 Inspirational Women Honored in Google's New Doodle

Today's Google Doodle celebrates International Women's Day.

Bill in Congress aims to take shark fins off the menu throughout the United States

It’s been four years since California’s ban on the purchase and possession of shark fins went into effect. And yet, more than 60 tons of shark fins arrive at the...

GOP health care bill is critical first test for Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) -- As conservatives revolt over Republican health care legislation, Donald Trump faces a crucial first test of his presidency: Can he...

'Bugs Bunny,' 'Scooby-Doo' will be available to stream via new Boomerang platform

Time Warner's Turner and Warner Bros. say they are teaming up to launch a Boomerang video-subscription service in the spring.

San Francisco 49ers signing Brian Hoyer

NFL journeyman quarterback Brian Hoyer is adding another jersey to his closet.

Buffalo Bills keep QB Tyrod Taylor on restructured contract

The Buffalo Bills and quarterback Tyrod Taylor agreed to terms on a restructured contract Wednesday.

Carolina Panthers DE Charles Johnson re-signs, recruits Julius Peppers

Defensive end Charles Johnson, who re-signed with the Panthers, hopes to convince pass rusher Julius Peppers to return to Carolina.

Florida homeowners say cruise ship came within 100 feet of porch

A couple living in a waterfront home in South Florida had a close call with a cruise ship they said came within 100 feet of their property.

Cancer-causing benzene found in e-cigarette vapors operated at high power

Significant levels of cancer-causing benzene in e-cigarette vapors can form when the devices are operated at high power, scientists have found.

Pro-pot arguments fly higher with likely voters

As more states consider legalizing recreational marijuana, a range of arguments for and against legalization is swirling around the national conversation. Which of these arguments resonate most strongly with Americans?...

Researchers identify biomarker that predicts death in sepsis patients

The runaway immune response to infection called sepsis is difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to treat. Now, researchers have discovered a biomarker called methylthioadenosine (MTA) that can predict...

High prevalence, incidence of hypertension among rural Africans living with HIV

About 12 percent of people living with HIV in rural Tanzania have hypertension at the moment of HIV diagnosis. An additional 10 percent will develop hypertension during the first months...

Common yeast may worsen IBD symptoms in Crohn's disease

During the past decade, the gut has experienced a renaissance as investigations focus on the role of the microbiome on human health. While most studies have focused on bacteria, the...

Ancient southern China fish may have evolved prior to the 'Age of Fish'

An ancient fish species with unusual scales and teeth from the Kuanti Formation in southern China may have evolved prior to the 'Age of Fish', according to a new study.

NATO urges Kosovo not to form full army

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discouraged Kosovo's president from moving forward with plans to create a full national army during a recent meeting.

How stable manure protects against allergies

Improved hygiene has largely eliminated infectious diseases from everyday life. There is, however, a downside to this progress: the number of allergies is growing steadily. If the immune system is...

The sky is the limit for new low-cost 3D printer

A research team is in the process of making a 3D printed Tower of Babel using a novel hanging printer. This offers a low-cost solution and increased flexibility to print...

Promising lead reduces autism symptoms and more

Fragile X syndrome is the most common cause of autism. A team of researchers, however, has provided a promising lead in battling this disease. The scientists identified a single protein...

New technology platform propels the use of 'organs-on-chips'

A novel technology platform has been developed that enables the continuous and automated monitoring of so-called 'organs-on-chips' -- tiny devices that incorporate living cells to mimic the biology of bona...

Mechanism underlying size-sorting of rubble on asteroid Itokawa revealed

Researchers investigate why pebbles and boulders on asteroid Itokawa's surface occupy separate regions.

Molecule shown to repair damaged axons

A foray into plant biology led one researcher to discover that a natural molecule can repair axons, the thread-like projections that carry electrical signals between cells. Axonal damage is the...

Paper pumps power portable microfluidics, biomedical devices

Biomedical engineering researchers have developed inexpensive paper pumps that use capillary action to power portable microfluidic devices, opening the door to a range of biomedical tools.

A three-dimensional map of the genome

Cells face a daunting task. They have to neatly pack a several meter-long thread of genetic material into a nucleus that measures only five micrometers across. This origami creates spatial...

Empathy and awe: ROM ready to show Trout River blue whale to the world

Three years after sitting with a knife in a pile of whale guts, Mark Engstrom is ready to unveil the creature to the world.

The proteins that domesticated our genomes

EPFL scientists have carried out a genomic and evolutionary study of a large and enigmatic family of human proteins, to demonstrate that it is responsible for harnessing the millions of...

NBA roundup: recap, scores, notes for every game played on March 7

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki scored 25 points, including the 30,000th of his career, to lead the Dallas Mavericks to a 122-111 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night...

Evacuations ordered as wildfire burns 6,000 acres in Florida

Authorities issued mandatory evacuations and closed part of Interstate 75 as a wildfire burned more than 6,000 acres in Florida's Collier County.

Study: California fault could cause magnitude-7.4 quake

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- An earthquake fault running from San Diego Bay to Los Angeles is capable of producing a magnitude-7.4 earthquake that...

Poking at consciousness

Consciousness — our sense of ourselves in the world — seems at first glance to be a profoundly human trait, the basis of civilization. But its roots may rest in biology and...

Watch the Moon Play 'Peekaboo' with Bright Star Aldebaran (Photos, Video)

As the moon crossed before one of the brightest stars in the night sky last weekend, photographers across the U.S. caught the stellar vanishing act on camera.

House Passes NASA Authorization Bill

For the first time in nearly six and a half years, Congress has passed a NASA authorization bill with the approval of such a bill March 7 in the House...

Making Astronomy Accessible to the Blind

If intelligent life without sight exists on some distant planet in our galaxy, these lifeforms would still explore the universe; how? This is a guiding question for Innovators Developing Accessible...

Study: Potatoes can grow on Mars

CubeSat indicator experiments prove potatoes can grow on Mars. The findings show potatoes can also grow under extreme conditions on Earth.

Eliza Dushku on her addiction issues: 'Today I'm sober for me'

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Dollhouse" alum Eliza Dushku discussed her past struggle with alcohol and drugs at a youth summit in New Hampshire.

Fantasy Football 2017: Ranking the best landing spots for free agent playmakers

It's never too early to prepare for fantasy football glory.

MRI-powered mini-robots could offer targeted treatment

Invasive surgical techniques allow physicians to effectively treat disease but can lead to sometimes serious complications and dramatically slow healing for the patient. Scientists instead want to deploy dozens, or...

New survey finds 'Peter Pan' radio galaxies that may never grow up

A team of astronomers has doubled the number of known young, compact radio galaxies -- galaxies powered by newly energized black holes. The improved tally will help astronomers understand the...

Bone-derived hormone suppresses appetite in mice

Lipocalin 2, a hormone secreted by bone cells, suppresses appetite in mice, researchers have discovered. The study findings, which reveal a new mechanism for regulating food intake and blood sugar,...

Cassini Reveals Changing Conditions at Saturn's Massive Polar Vortices

Researchers eyeing seasonal changes at the north and south poles of Saturn observe the waxing and waning of aerosols in the planet's atmosphere.

Marijuana Labels Could Mislead Kids and Consumers

Bad labeling on edible marijuana products could be lead to people unknowingly consume marijuana

Fire in Guatemalan children, teen shelter kills 19

Guatemala's Firemen Volunteers said at least 19 people died -- mostly children and teenagers -- in a fire at the Virgen de la Asunción Safe Shelter.

How much sun is good for our health?

Researchers have estimated the duration of solar radiation exposure required in order to obtain the recommended doses of vitamin D. While in spring and summer 10 to 20 minutes in...

Vitamin C effective in targeting cancer stem cells

Researchers have measured the impact on cancer stem cell metabolism of three natural substances, three experimental pharmaceuticals and one clinical drug.

Probiotic found in yogurt can reverse depression symptoms, UVA finds

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have reversed depression symptoms in mice by feeding them Lactobacillus, a probiotic bacteria found in live-cultures yogurt. Further, they have discovered...

Massive rogue waves aren’t as rare as previously thought

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science scientist Mark Donelan and his Norwegian Meteorological Institute colleague captured new information about extreme waves, as one of the steepest...

Lessons in observation

What do the gold-plated skeleton of a wooly mammoth, an immersive art history class, and a pack of monogamous mice have in common? Plenty, it turns out, and those similarities can teach...

Indianapolis Colts re-sign TE Jack Doyle

The Indianapolis Colts announced on Tuesday that they agreed to terms with tight end Jack Doyle, who would have become a free agent.

PTSD Risk Can Be Predicted by Hormone Levels Prior to Deployment

Up to 20 percent of U.S. veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder from trauma experienced during wartime, but new neuroscience research from The...

Manuel Noriega in coma following brain surgery

Manuel Noriega, Panama's military dictator in the 1980s, is in a coma after hemorrhaging following a brain tumor operation, his lawyer said.

As obesity keeps rising, more Americans are just giving up

It stands to reason that if you know you’re overweight or obese, and you know your extra pounds are unhealthy, that you’ve made a stab at losing weight. Right? Not...

Heads-up for lightning? This satellite's working on it

NOAA is showing off images from a satellite equipped with the first lightning detector ever in stationary orbit

Risks on Mars Mean Humans Might Want to Follow Opportunity Rover's Tracks

The Meridiani Planum has been surveyed for over 13 years by the rover Opportunity and provides many sites of interest for human exploration, say researchers.

Caveman menu: Woolly rhino in Belgium, mushrooms in Spain

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Eating like a caveman meant chowing down on woolly rhinos and sheep in Belgium, but munching on mushrooms, pine nuts...

Neanderthal tooth plaque hints at meals — and kisses

Analysis paints picture of diets, medicine and possible intimacy with humans.Nature 543 163 doi: 10.1038/543163a

FLIR delivering CBRN equipment sets

FLIR systems is to provide the Department of Defense with equipment sets for dismounted CBRN reconnaissance missions.

170 groups ask FCC chairman to safeguard net neutrality; Pai testifies

More than 170 organizations signed an open letter urging FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to safeguard net neutrality the day before he testified before Congress.

U.S. Naval Research Lab develops light, transparent armor

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists have developed and patented a transparent armor they say reduces weight while maintaining strong defensive properties.

Stray dog adopted as newest friar by Bolivian monastery

A Franciscan monastery in Bolivia adopted a stray dog and allowed it to join its ranks as the newest friar.

The battle for online privacy: What you need to know

As the FCC and Congress revisit rules on data privacy and regulations on broadband providers, CNET looks at how consumers may be affected

A nose for smells? Practice makes perfect

The human brain has the ability to recognize and process a very wide range of sensory stimuli, from which it builds a mental representation. But do these representations change over...

Travelling through scattering tissue with far less light

Medical applications of light, looking inside human tissue, often are limited by the highly scattering nature of tissue. Intuitively, a lower limit of one photon per camera pixel is assumed....

Why do shorter men go bald more often?

Short men may have an increased risk of becoming bald prematurely. An international genetic study at least points in this direction. During the study, the scientists investigated the genetic material...

Atomic resolution of muscle contraction

Atomic images of muscle molecules in action have now been captured by researchers, giving possibility of new nanomachines.