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The Apollo moon landing was real, but NASA's quarantine procedure was not

3 days ago from Live Science

NASA officials overestimated their ability to contain alien microbes after the first moon landing, a new analysis suggests.

Watch: Ceiling fan launches snake into person recording video in Alabama

3 days ago from UPI

A snake caught on camera slithering out onto an Alabama resident's ceiling fan was thrown by the fan directly into the person recording the video.

New observatory instrument sets its sights on Turtle Nebula

3 days ago from Physorg

A new instrument for studying a web of filaments that connects galaxies across the universe has captured its first image, a milestone known in astronomy as "first light." The Keck...

Artemis 2 astronaut goes on vision quest to prepare for moon mission

3 days ago from

Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen deepened his Indigenous knowledge recently with a traditional ceremony known as the vision quest. It was folded into his moon mission training.

Space food: Why Mars astronauts won't have to hold the fries (video)

3 days ago from

Astronauts with a taste for fried food will be able to indulge during journeys to the moon and Mars. New research shows that frying works in microgravity.

Hubble telescope reels in gorgeous, star-spawning cosmic jellyfish (photo)

3 days ago from

The Hubble telescope has sighted a monstrous cosmic jellyfish, a galaxy with a colorful body and trailing tendrils formed through interactions with superheated plasma.

The sun reaches solar maximum in 2032: A new NASA flagship mission could give us a perfect view

3 days ago from Physorg

There are always more space missions than there is money to support them. Ultimately, some make the cut, and some do not. Various factors go into that decision, though those...

New Tatooine-like exoplanet found orbiting twin suns

3 days ago from

The discovery of the new planet BEBOP-1c confirms the 2nd-ever known planetary system orbiting twin stars similar to the fictional planet Tatooine of Star Wars fame.

Wow! Amazing video shows ISS crossing the sun's face during a spacewalk

3 days ago from

Astrophotographer Thierry Legault captured the exact moment the International Space Station crossed in front of the sun while two NASA astronauts conducted a spacewalk.

Betelgeuse is continuing to behave mysteriously—here's what would happen if it exploded

3 days ago from Physorg

The bright, red star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion has shown some unexpected behavior. In late 2019 and 2020 it became fainter than we had ever seen it—at least in...

Life may already exist on the moon — and NASA's next mission could find it

3 days ago from Live Science

Astronauts on NASA's Artemis moon missions might look for signs of life in shadowed polar craters — life that could have traveled with people from Earth.

Watch: Justina Machado plays killer masseuse in 'Horror of Dolores Roach' trailer

3 days ago from UPI

"The Horror of Dolores Roach," a modern "Sweeney Todd"-inspired series starring Justina Machado, is coming to Prime Video.

Can't Cancel Pride: Katy Perry, Kim Petras and more join event

3 days ago from UPI

Katy Perry, Kim Petras, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Raven-Symoné and other stars will make appearances at "Can't Cancel Pride 2023 -- The Future Starts Now."

Planet orbiting 2 stars discovered using new technique

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

An international team of astronomers is the first to apply an old technique to discover a new type of planet that orbits two stars - what is known as a...

Watch: Amy Schumer calls Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian in teaser for Netflix special

3 days ago from UPI

"Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact," a new stand-up comedy special from Amy Schumer, is coming to Netflix.

Nicolas Bobrinsky on excellence | ESA Masterclass

3 days ago from European Space Agency

Video: 00:12:18 The level of practical expertise, technical and operational expertise required to operate in such a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment such as space needs to be permanently developed and improved to maintain the technical excellence at the...

NASA's Webb Proves Galaxies Transformed the Early Universe

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Only a few hundred million years after the big bang, the cosmos was brimming with opaque hydrogen gas that trapped light at some wavelengths from stars and galaxies. Over the...

Study explores magnetosheath jets on Mars

3 days ago from Physorg

Magnetosheath jets on Earth are plasma entities that have a higher dynamic pressure surrounding the plasma and can cause waves that transfer energy within such environments. Such jets also exist...

Astronomers discover supernova explosion through rare 'cosmic magnifying glasses'

3 days ago from Physorg

According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, time and space are fused together in a quantity known as spacetime. The theory suggests that massive objects, like a galaxy or galaxy...

New exoplanet discovery sparks hope of hidden 'Tatooines'

The discovery of another exoplanet in a binary star system more than 1,000 light years away may lead to discoveries of many more planets in these cosmic neighbourhoods first popularized...

Flaring star could be down to young planet's disk inferno

3 days ago from Physorg

The mystery of a stellar flare a trillion times more powerful than the largest of solar flares may have been solved by a team of scientists who believe a massive...

A new Tatooine-like multi-planetary system identified

3 days ago from Physorg

An international team of astronomers has announced the second-ever discovery of a multiplanetary circumbinary system.

NASA’s Webb Proves Galaxies Transformed the Early Universe

3 days ago from Science @ NASA

Portal origin URL: NASA’s Webb Proves Galaxies Transformed the Early UniversePortal origin nid: 487589Published: Monday, June 12, 2023 - 10:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: In the early universe, the gas between...

NASA app review

3 days ago from

A treasure trove of delights awaits fans of the space agency amid a surprisingly simply designed app.

A white dwarf's journey to crystallizing into a celestial diamond

3 days ago from Physorg

A group of space scientists from the University of Southern Queensland, the University of Victoria, the University of Warwick and the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research discovered a...

Shining rainbow rings around the sun photographed in Finland. What caused them?

3 days ago from

The extremely rare kaleidoscopic circles have a surprising Earth-based origin.

Astronomers discover 12 new long-rising Type II supernovae

3 days ago from Physorg

An international team of astronomers reports the detection of 12 new long-rising Type II supernovae as part of the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) Census of the Local Universe (CLU). The...

Stephen Hawking's most famous prediction could mean that everything in the universe is doomed to evaporate, new study says

3 days ago from

A new theory has radically revised Stephen Hawking's 1974 theory of black holes to predict that all objects with mass may eventually disappear.