Science Daily

Thursday th 1st of May 2008

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Jaw Infection, Study Shows - 07:28

Woody And Aquatic Plants Pose Greatest Invasive Threat To China - 06:21

Early Treatment Of Stomach Infection May Prevent Cancer - 06:21

Haunted By Hallucinations: Children In The Pediatric ICU Traumatized By Delusions - 06:21

Biomarker Predicts Malignancy Potential Of HG-PIN Lesions In The Prostate - 06:21

Study Raises Questions About Prostate Cancer Therapies Targeting IGF-1 - 06:21

Sleep Duration Related To Having The Metabolic Syndrome - 06:21

Short Sleep Duration Linked To Obesity, Consistently and Worldwide - 06:21

Obesity Worsens Impact Of Asthma, Study Shows - 06:21

Wednesday th 30th of April 2008

Decoding The Dictionary: Lexicon Evolved To Fit In The Brain, Study Suggests - 17:35

How To Measure A Carbon Nanotube - 17:35

Cancer Could Return Unless Stored Ovarian Tissue Undergoes Adequate Testing Before Re-implantation - 17:35

Drug Target For The Most Potent Botulinum Neurotoxin Determined - 17:35

'Destruct' Triggers May Be Jammed In Tumor Cells, Geneticists Say - 17:35

Ancient Ecosystems Organized Much Like Our Own - 17:35

How Birds Navigate: Research Team Is First To Model Photochemical Compass - 15:14

Most Of Us Can Lose Weight Initially -- Keeping It Off Is Another Matter - 15:14

Double Life Of Proteins Discovered - 15:14

Down's Syndrome Children May Only Need BiFocals For Two Years, Study Suggests - 15:14

Artificial Intelligence Boosts Science From Mars - 15:14

Genome Analysis Reveals New Protein Associated With Breast Cancer Progression - 15:14

You Just Move Like A Mouse, Or Do So Abnormally Like A Mutant Mouse - 15:14

New Model For Embryonic Limb Development Revealed - 15:14

New Arenavirus Associated With Hemorrhagic Fever Discovered - 15:14

Scientists Head To Warming Alaska On Ice Core Expedition - 15:14

Getting To The Roots Of Breast Cancer - 15:14

Absinthe Uncorked: The 'Green Fairy' Was Boozy -- But Not Psychedelic - 15:14

Engineers Harness Cell Phone Technology For Use In Medical Imaging - 15:14

Immune System Kick-started In Moist Nasal Lining In Sinusitis, Asthma And Colds - 15:14

Turning On Cell-cell Communication Wipes Out Staph Biofilms - 15:14

Scientists Provide Explanation For How Cancer Spreads - 15:14

Jupiter's Rings Are Shaped By Interplay Of Sunlight And Shadow - 15:14

Safe Water? Lessons From Kazakhstan - 13:55

Factors Leading To Hospital Admission For Heart Failure Identified - 13:55

Unusual Degradation Pathway For Ribosomes Discovered - 13:55

Hormone Therapy In Postmenopausal Women Associated With Increased Risk Of Stroke - 13:55

Ancient Sunflower Fuels Debate About Agriculture In The Americas - 13:55

Caring Men Are Happier Than Traditional 'Macho' Men, Study Suggests - 13:55

Physics Advance Leads To A Better Understanding Of Optics At The Atomic Scale - 13:55

Tight Blood Pressure Control Not Enough To Temper Kidney Disease In African-Americans - 13:55

Looking At Neurons From All Sides - 13:55

Stem Cells Found For The First Time In The Pituitary - 13:55

NASA Spacecraft Tracks Raging Saturn Storm - 13:55

Online Intervention Paramount For Reducing HIV In High-risk Population - 13:55

Inexpensive Roof Vent Could Prevent Billions Of Dollars In Wind Damage - 13:55

Cancer Treatment: Selecting Patients Based On Genotype May Increase Efficacy Of Tamoxifen, Study Suggests - 13:55

Restoration Of A Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystem Successful On Small-scale - 13:55

Osteoporosis Drug Fosamax Linked To Heart Problem, Study Suggests - 13:55

Micro-origami: Micrometer-scale 'Voxels' Folded Up For Drug Delivery - 13:55

Silver Nanoparticles May Be Killing Beneficial Bacteria In Wastewater Treatment - 13:55