Science Daily

Thursday th 1st of May 2008

Making A Good Impression: Nanoimprint Lithography Tests - 17:14

Antidepressant Found To Alleviate Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Adolescents - 17:14

Newly Discovered Water, Oil And Gas Locations Surveyed In Afghanistan - 17:14

Dwarf Cloud Rat Rediscovered After 112 Years - 17:14

Instant Messaging: A New Language? - 17:14

MicroCT Of Skeleton Can ID Even The Subtlest Birth Defects - 17:14

Pill Ingredient Could Prevent Brain Damage After Head Injury - 17:14

New Ocean Current Discovered - 17:14

New Basic Element For Electronic Circuits: 'Memristor' Could Lead To Energy-efficient Computing Systems With Memories That Don't Forget - 16:28

One In Five Rooms Is 'Highly Contaminated' With Hidden Mold - 14:14

Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk Of Common Type Of Breast Cancer, Study Suggests - 14:14

Hybrid Cars Are Harder To Hear: May Pose Greater Risks For Pedestrians - 14:14

Melanoma Of The Rectum: A Rare Entity - 14:14

Quick Way To Make Human Monoclonal Antibodies Against Flu Discovered - 14:14

Stem Cell Researchers Create Heart And Blood Cells From Reprogrammed Skin Cells - 14:14

Better-educated Women Are A Healthier Weight, New Research Reveals - 14:14

'Silent' Fungus Metabolism Awakened For New Natural Products - 14:14

Anti-fibrotic Mechanism Of A Chinese Medicinal Herb May Inspire Drug Development - 14:14

Stem Cells At Root Of Antlers' Branching - 14:14

Scientists Develop Technique For Extracting Hierarchical Structure Of Networks - 13:28

Red Tide Killer Identified: Bacteria Gang Up On Algae, Quashing Red Tide Blooms - 13:28

Reduced Emergency Room Visits For Elderly Patients Attributed To 'Virtual' Health Care Team Approach - 13:28

Male Seahorses Are Nature's Mr. Mom, Researchers Say - 13:28

Heart Disease Discovery: New Mechanism Links Activation Of Key Heart Enzyme And Oxidative Stress - 13:28

Young Children Rely On One Sense Or Another, Not A Combination, Studies Find - 13:28

Female Jumping Spiders Find Ultraviolet B Rays 'Sexy' - 13:28

United We Stand: When Cooperation Butts Heads With Competition - 13:28

How Deep Is The Earth's Crust Under Europe? - 13:28

Genotyping Takes Us Closer To An Osteoporosis Fingerprint - 13:28

New Ultrasensitive Assay Detects Most Poisonous Substance Known - 11:35

Flower Power May Bring Ray Of Sunshine To Cancer Sufferers - 11:35

Sick Children Should Be Tranferred To Specialty Hospitals Sooner, Study Suggests - 11:35

The 'Choking Game,' Psychological Distress And Bullying - 11:35

Largest Study To Date Finds Benefits Of ICDs In Children - 11:35

Trends In Heart Mortality Reversing In Younger Women - 11:35

Geochemists Challenge Key Theory Regarding Earth's Formation - 11:35

Study Shows Power Of Police And Fire Officers As Injury-prevention Messengers - 11:35

Go Speed Racer! Revving Up The World's Fastest Nanomotors - 11:35

New Technique Accelerates Biological Image Analysis - 11:35

New 'Weapon' In Forensics: Devise Detects Latent Prints On Human Skin - 11:35

Astronomers Discover New Type Of Pulsating White Dwarf Star - 11:35

Wakame Waste: Composting Polluted Seaweed - 10:28

Global Warming Affects World's Largest Freshwater Lake - 09:21

Searching The Heavens For Pulsars And Supermassive Black Holes - 09:21

Biologists Are From Mars, Chemists Are From Venus? How Can Experts Work Together? - 09:21

When Doctors Tell Patients To Quit Smoking, They Listen - 07:28

Suspected Carcinogenic Chemicals Used To Make Teflon, Scotchgard, Found In Human Milk - 07:28

Simulations May Explain Nanoparticles 'Pinned' To Graphene - 07:28

Butter-flavored Popcorn Ingredient Suspected Cause Of Lung Disease - 07:28

New Treatment Could Reduce Chronic Lung Disease In Premature Babies - 07:28