Science Daily

Tuesday th 6th of May 2008

Farmland Dust Cloud From Ukraine Impact Air Quality As Far As Germany - 10:21

More Efficient Fuel Cells, Thanks To A New Catalyst - 08:28

Specific Gene Increases Susceptibility To Breast Cancer - 08:28

Laugh Your Way To Wellness With Yoga Trend - 08:28

TB Strain May Be Linked To Unpasteurized Dairy, Study Suggests - 08:28

Record-Setting Laser May Boost Search For Earthlike Planets 100 Fold - 08:28

Is Bipolar Disorder Overdiagnosed? - 07:21

Teens Think They Have Asthma Under Control, But Benefit From New Approach To Treatment - 07:21

More Than 25 Percent Of Pediatric 'Emergency' Visits Could Be Conducted Online, Study Suggests - 07:21

Monday th 5th of May 2008

Anxiety, Mood Disorders Put Cancer Patients At Risk For PTSD - 22:21

There's A Hole In My -- And In The Data As Well! - 22:21

New Reason For Bee Hive Collapse: Ecologists Tease Out Private Lives Of Plants And Their Pollinators - 22:21

Protein 'Nixes' Mitochrondria, Prompts Maturation Of Red Blood Cells - 22:21

Dinosaur Bones Reveal Ancient Bug Bites - 22:21

Youths In Towns With Smoke-free Restaurant Laws Appear Less Likely To Become Smokers - 21:14

Nano-designed Transistors With Disordered Materials, But High Performance - 21:14

Kidney Disease Worsens In A Fourth Of African-Americans Despite Therapy For Hypertension - 21:14

Nutrient Pollution Reductions From Urban Stream Restoration Quantified - 21:14

The Secret To Long Life May Not Be In The Genes - 21:14

US Teens Adopted As Infants Appear To Have Moderately Increased Odds Of Mental Health Problems - 21:14

Spiraling Nanotrees Offer New Twist On Growth Of Nanowires - 21:14

Talking Up A New Role For Cell Phones In Telemedicine - 21:14

Botulinum Toxin Effective In Many Neurological Disorders, Not Headache, Study Shows - 21:14

Trouble In Paradise: Global Warming A Greater Danger To Tropical Species - 21:14

How Gene Transcription Is Controlled In Embroyonic Stem Cells - 21:14

Ibuprofen Linked To Reduced Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease - 21:14

Breastfeeding Associated With Increased Intelligence, Study Suggests - 21:14

Cells Lining Milk Ducts Hold Key To Spread Of Common Form Of Breast Cancer - 21:14

Short Arms And Legs Linked To Risk Of Dementia, Study Shows - 21:14

Munch-o-matic: Scientists Develop The Artificial Mouth - 21:14

No More Needles: Toward An Artificial Pancreas For Fighting Diabetes - 21:14

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Can Cause Cell Damage In 30 Minutes - 12:21

Asteroid Impact 65 Million Years Ago Triggered A Global Hail Of Carbon Beads - 12:21

Melting Defects Could Lead To Smaller, More Powerful Microchips - 08:14

Plants Text Message Farmers When Thirsty - 08:14

Mothers Less Likely To Pursue HPV Vaccination For Youngest Daughters - 08:14

New Software Allows ISPs And P2P Users To Get Along Without Getting Too Cozy - 08:14

Commonly Used Medications Associated With Impaired Physical Function In Older Adults - 08:14

Birds Can Tell If You Are Watching Them -- Because They Are Watching You - 08:14

Quantum Mechanical Con Game: Winning Every Time - 07:28

New Disaster Preparedness Strategy Announced - 07:28

Why Aren't The Day Care Children Playing Outside? Flip Flops, Mulch And No Coat - 07:28

Mental Disorders In Parents Linked To Autism In Children, Study Shows - 07:28

Iron Supplements Might Harm Infants Who Have Enough, Study Suggests - 07:28

Fungi Have A Hand In Depleted Uranium's Environmental Fate - 07:28

The Particle Whisperers: Mathematics Explains Why A Gentle Touch Works - 07:28

Brain-training To Improve Memory Boosts Fluid Intelligence - 07:28

Sunday th 4th of May 2008

Young Children Hospitalized For Flu Associated With Higher Costs And Higher Risk Illness - 20:14

DNA Jigsaw Puzzle - 20:14

Not All Cells Respond The Same Way To Insulin - 20:14