Science Daily

Thursday th 8th of May 2008

University Research Contributes To Global Warming, Professor Discovers - 09:35

Hydrogen For Fuel Cells Extracted From Formic Acid At Room Temperature - 09:35

Mothers' High Normal Blood Sugar Levels Place Infants At Risk For Birth Problems - 09:35

Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds - 09:35

Speaking More Than One Language May Slow The Aging Process In The Mind - 09:35

Immune System Pathway Identified To Fight Allergens, Asthma - 09:35

Exhaling For Exploration: Scientists Test Lunar Breathing System - 09:35

Depression Diversity: Brain Studies Reveal Big Differences Among Individuals - 09:35

Vitamin D Linked To Reduced Mortality Rate In Chronic Kidney Disease - 09:35

Undergrad Has Sweet Success With Invention Of Artificial Golgi - 09:35

Cell's 'Power Plant' Genes Raise Vision Disorder Risk - 09:35

Lack Of Motivation In Schizophrenia Linked To Brain Chemical Imbalance - 07:21

Breast Cancer Tumors Grow Faster In Younger Women - 07:21

Gene Location That Gives Rise To Neuroblastoma, An Aggressive Childhood Cancer, Identified - 07:21

Wednesday th 7th of May 2008

Platypus Genome Explains Animal's Peculiar Features; Holds Clues To Evolution Of Mammals - 13:21

After Divorce, Stable Families Help Minimize Long-term Harm To Children - 13:21

Biodiversity: It's In The Water - 13:21

Study Suggests Caution On A New Anti-obesity Drug In Children - 13:21

Ponds Found To Take Up Carbon Like World's Oceans - 13:21

Ranking Consumers By Environmental Behavior: India, Brazil Top Index; United States Ranks Last - 13:21

Does The Brain Control Muscles Or Movements? - 13:21

Plants' Flavonoids Have Beneficial Effect On Alzheimer's Disease, Study In Mice Suggests - 13:21

Obesity Can Increase Dementia Risk By Up To 80 Percent, Study Suggests - 12:14

Child Abuse May 'Mark' Genes In Brains Of Suicide Victims - 12:14

Expert Predicts 'Monsoon Britain' - 12:14

Mental Disorders Cost Society Billions In Unearned Income - 12:14

Folic Acid, B Vitamins Not Linked To Reduced Risk Of Cardiovascular Events In High-risk Women - 12:14

Screw Worm Outbreak In Yemen - 12:14

Killer Competition: Neurons Duke It Out For Survival - 12:14

Animal Interaction Behind Cambrian Explosion? 'Missing' Ancestors Of Today's Animals May Not Be Missing After All - 12:14

MicroRNAs Appear Essential For Retinal Health - 12:14

Nanotube Production Leaps From Sooty Mess In Test Tube To Ready Formed Chemical Microsensors - 12:14

Humans And Fruit Flies Have Same Insulin-regulated Molecular Pathway To Maintain Energy Balance When Starved - 12:14

Why Face Symmetry Is Sexy Across Cultures And Species - 12:14

Mathematics Simplifies Sleep Monitoring - 11:07

Double Duty: Loss Of Protective Heart Failure Protein Causes High Blood Pressure - 11:07

Steroids Provide No Survival Benefit For Children With Bacterial Meningitis, Study Shows - 11:07

How Cells Communicate To Activate The Cell Division Machinery - 11:07

Blocked Brain Enzyme Decreases Appetite And Promotes Weight Loss - 11:07

Iron 'Snow' Helps Maintain Mercury's Magnetic Field, Scientists Say - 11:07

Discovery Of A Novel Mechanism For The Development Of Colon Cancer - 11:07

Ocean Carbon Cycle Research Gets Boost From Satellite Data - 11:07

Chile's Chaiten Volcano One Of Scores Of Active Volcanoes In Region - 10:21

Finding The Real Potential Of No-till Farming For Sequestering Carbon - 10:21

New Agent Strikes At Most Common Cause Of Infant Hospitalization In U.S. - 10:21

Combined Physical And Genetic Map Finds Cancer's 'Ignition Key' - 10:21

Stem Cell Researchers Demonstrate Safety Of Gene Therapy Using Adult Stem Cells - 10:21

First Steps Toward Autonomous Robot Surgeries - 10:21

Elucidating Iron Transport Mechanisms In Tuberculosis Bug Identifies New TB Drug Targets - 08:28

New Method For Processing Rape Evidence Could Eliminate Crime-lab Backlogs - 08:28