Science Daily

Wednesday th 2nd of September 2020

Teens who think their parents are loving are less likely to be cyberbullies - 10:11

Climate change could increase rice yields - 09:40

Common species mirror rare animals' response to global change - 09:40

Virus in the blood can predict severe COVID-19, researchers find - 09:40

Common sunscreen ingredients prove dangerous for freshwater ecosystems - 09:40

Subtypes and developmental pathways of innate T cells identified - 09:40

Finding cortisone alternatives with fewer side effects - 09:40

The widespread footprint of blue jean microfibers - 09:11

Viruses could be harder to kill after adapting to warm environments - 09:11

Eat more to grow more arms...if you're a sea anemone - 08:40

Handgrip strength shown to identify people at high risk of type 2 diabetes - 08:40

A 'bang' in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational-wave source yet - 08:40

Long sick leave after low-grade brain tumor - 08:10

Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells - 07:11

Researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy - 07:11

Tuesday th 1st of September 2020

How to get the upper body of a burrowing frog - 17:20

Can sunlight convert emissions into useful materials? - 17:20

As rural western towns grow, so do their planning challenges - 16:30

Scientists unlock crops' power to resist floods - 14:30

First randomised trial backs safety of common heart drugs in COVID-19 patients - 14:30

Severe COVID-19 despite or even due to the strong immunity - 14:30

Differing diets of bonobo groups may offer insights into how culture is created - 14:30

Face shield or face mask to stop the spread of COVID-19? - 13:40

Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome - 13:40

Neglected for over a century, Black sea spider crab re-described - 13:10

Miniature antenna enables robotic teaming in complex environments - 13:10

Scientists shed new light on pollen tube growth in plants - 13:10

Scientists identify promising new ALS drug candidates - 13:10

Resource sharing affects mortality worldwide - 13:10

A surprising opportunity for telehealth in shaping the future of medicine - 13:10

Earliest fossil evidence of an insect lichen mimic - 13:10

Small fish populations accumulate harmful mutations that shorten lifespan - 13:10

Monitoring and reporting framework to protect World Heritage Sites from invasive species - 12:42

A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow - 12:42

A multinational study overturns a 130-year old assumption about seawater chemistry - 12:42

An embedded ethics approach for AI development - 12:20

Nature conservation policy rarely changes people's behavior - 12:20

Managing data flow boosts cyber-physical system performance - 11:50

First treatment identified for fainting - 11:23

Giant leap for molecular measurements - 11:23

Blood pressure-lowering is even more beneficial than previously thought - 11:23

Loggerhead turtles record a passing hurricane - 11:23

Europe's largest Solar Telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the Sun - 11:23

How to weigh a dinosaur - 11:23

How dangerous are burning electric cars? - 11:23

Your paper notebook could become your next tablet - 11:00

Elderly people protected against respiratory infections by BCG vaccine - 10:30

Uncovering the hidden life of 'dead' coral reefs - 09:31

Radiocarbon dating and CT scans reveal Bronze Age tradition of keeping human remains - 09:00

Brain estrogen is key to brain protection when oxygen is low - 08:30