Science Daily

Wednesday th 2nd of September 2020

Political ads have little persuasive power, study finds - 19:40

Ambient light alters refraction in 2D material - 19:40

For vulnerable families, the pandemic's effect on mental health is swift and harsh - 19:40

Many forests scorched by wildfire won't bounce back - 18:11

Newly identified gene grants tomatoes resistance to bacterial speck disease - 18:11

New treatment for drug-resistant bacterial infections - 18:11

Gravity wave insights from internet-beaming balloons - 18:11

Effective cancer immunotherapy further linked to regulating a cell 'suicide' gene - 18:11

How mechanical forces nudge tumors toward malignancy - 18:11

Links among poor sleep, high blood pressure, gut microbiome discovered - 18:11

An unexpected origin story for a lopsided black hole merger - 17:50

How screen time and green time may affect youth psychological outcomes - 16:10

Gamifying interventions may improve mental health - 16:10

Insights into behavior during Chimney Tops 2 Fire could improve evacuation planning - 16:10

Bering Sea ice extent is at most reduced state in last 5,500 years - 15:40

Heavy electronic media use in late childhood linked to lower academic performance - 15:40

Has Earth's oxygen rusted the Moon for billions of years? - 15:40

COVID-19 has likely tripled depression rate, study finds - 15:10

Researchers identify proteins that prevent COVID-19 transmission through the placenta - 15:10

Experimental vaccine that boosts antigen production shows promise against COVID-19 - 15:10

These lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease - 14:11

How do tumor cells divide in the crowd? - 13:40

Plasmin could be the link between COVID-19 comorbidities and serious illness - 13:40

Decades-old mystery of lithium-ion battery storage solved - 12:40

New study on migration success reinforces need for monarch butterfly milkweed habitat - 12:40

A new way of modulating color emissions from transparent films - 12:40

Strong fields and ultrafast motions: How to generate and steer electrons in liquid water - 12:40

Globalization is reweaving the web of life - 12:40

Using tattoo ink to find cancer - 12:40

Genomic analysis of Shiga-toxin E.coli (STEC) in a child reveals insights on a virulent, emerging foodborne pathogen - 12:11

Study examines the benefits of virtual stroke rehabilitation programs - 12:11

New anode material could lead to safer fast-charging batteries - 11:40

Inflammation linked to Alzheimer's disease development - 11:40

Birds can learn from others to be more daring - 11:40

An unprecedented discovery of cell fusion - 11:40

Gene therapy: Novel targets for congenital blindness - 11:11

Study sheds light on brain mechanism activated by uncertainty - 11:11

Regional variations in freshwater overconsumption - 11:11

Continuous and stable lasing achieved from low-cost perovskites at room temperature - 11:11

Zooming in on dark matter - 11:10

A molecular approach to quantum computing - 10:40

Biodiversity: In a mite-y bit of trouble - 10:40

One quarter of prescription drugs in Canada may be in short supply - 10:11

Guilt by dissociation: Study sheds light on serotonin in autism - 10:11

Keeping the beat: It's all in your brain - 10:11

Graduate student names new trace fossil discovered during coursework - 10:11

Risk factors for mortality in diabetic patients discharged from hospital identified - 10:11

Viruses on glaciers highlight evolutionary mechanism to overcome host defenses - 10:11

Possible blood-clotting mechanism in COVID-19 found - 10:11

Kidneys infected with hepatitis C can be safely transplanted into healthy recipients - 10:11