Science Blog

Thursday th 4th of June 2020

Study ties stroke-related brain blood vessel abnormality to gut bacteria - 13:40

Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought - 13:40

Crisis in Cosmology - 10:31

Wednesday th 3rd of June 2020

Science Book Roundup, Social Distancing Edition - 23:30

Pregnant moms living near oil, gas wells may be at higher risk of having low birth weight babies, study finds - 16:20

At higher risk of having low birth weight, are babies born to mothers living near oil, gas wells, study finds - 15:30

Scientists engineer human cells with squid-like transparency - 08:50

3D-Printed Biomaterials Laced With Stem Cells To Create Superior Bone Grafts - 08:50

Why do some seniors remember better than others? - 08:50

Tuesday th 2nd of June 2020

Smart Farms of the Future: Making Bioenergy Crops More Environmentally Friendly - 14:20

Re less-hectic, healthier, safer living, is telecommuting an underutilized, undervalued asset? - 12:20

Carnegie Mellon tool automatically turns math into pictures - 10:21

Bees grooming each other can boost colony immunity - 10:21

Study: Reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will cause other global changes - 10:21

Finding food security underwater - 10:21

A new optical system shows how decisions light up the brain - 10:21

The Seven Seas of Plastic and What Governments Are Doing About It - 10:21

Oil Platforms’ Fishy Future - 10:21

The World’s Forests Are Growing Younger - 10:21

Blood markers predict Humboldt penguin nest type, reproductive success - 10:21

Inching Closer to Molecular Circuitry - 10:21

Ice Melt Linked to Accelerated Regional Freshwater Depletion - 09:53

New nanoparticles stimulate immune system, help attack tumors - 09:30

Sentiment analysis: Trump thinner skinned than previous presidents - 09:30

Loss of land-based vertebrates is accelerating - 09:30

The Milky Way has one very hot halo, astronomers find - 09:30

Dead tissue-removing larvae star in innovative telehealth procedure - 09:30

Your Brain Needs to Be Ready to Remember? - 09:30

For world’s poorest, coronavirus loss of income threatens ability to eat - 09:30

Monday th 1st of June 2020

Your Brain Needs to Be Ready to Remember? - 18:50

‘Oumuamua may be a hydrogen iceberg - 11:50

Researchers design a more efficient and affordable desalination process - 10:20

Searching for quantum weirdness in interactions between light and matter - 10:20

Sunday th 31st of May 2020

Out-of-Sync Brain Waves May Underlie Learning Deficit Linked to Schizophrenia - 09:20

Standardized patients adjust to the world of virtual testing - 09:20

Likely That More Human Coronaviruses Will Arise - 08:50

Genetic research offers insight into rise of first cities - 08:50

Friday th 29th of May 2020

New Zealand blue whale distribution patterns tied to ocean conditions, prey availability - 13:52

Machine learning helps map global ocean communities - 13:52

Legal scholar’s new website offers a picture of the criminal justice system - 13:52

A Bargain Hunter’s Paradox - 13:30

Daya Bay Reactor Experiment Continues to Generate Data - 13:30

Celestial Cloudscapes - 03:10

Thursday th 28th of May 2020

Fighting Malaria with Moldy Cereal - 14:30

Self-Healing Devices Gain or Regain Function After Being Cut - 14:30

Ketostasis: nature’s sweet spot - 14:30

New technology enables fast protein synthesis - 14:30

Algorithm quickly simulates a roll of loaded dice - 14:30

Laser, Biosciences Researchers Combine Efforts to Study Viruses in Droplets - 14:30

Nearly Half of the Twitter Accounts Discussing ‘Reopening America’ May Be Bots - 14:30