Science Blog

Monday th 8th of June 2020

Transparent graphene electrodes might lead to new generation of solar cells - 10:20

Microglia in the olfactory bulb have a nose for protecting the brain from infection - 10:20

Study identifies potential approach to treat severe respiratory distress in patients with COVID-19 - 10:20

Researchers design clinical trial on use of exercise for severe liver disease - 10:20

How hard-to-recycle plastic is being made as good as new - 08:01

Sunday th 7th of June 2020

Out With the Old Blood - 21:30

Saturday th 6th of June 2020

Psychological therapy helps reduce chronic inflammation in body - 10:10

Friday th 5th of June 2020

Are crowd-control weapons dangerous? Very - 15:10

Fitful nightly sleep linked to chronic inflammation, hardened arteries - 14:40

Faces, Bodies, Spiders, and Radios: How the Brain Represents Visual Objects - 14:10

Cheaper, lighter and more energy-dense: The promise of lithium-sulphur batteries - 12:00

A Snake in the Wetlands - 02:30

Thursday th 4th of June 2020

Wabtec introduces air-contaminant-filtering device for railcar interiors - 16:40

Showtime for Photosynthesis - 16:10

Self-assembling, biomimetic composites possess unusual electrical properties - 16:10

New Visa Restrictions will Make the U.S. Economic Downturn Worse - 16:10

Hydrologists show environmental damage from fog reduction is observable from outer space - 16:10

Q&A: Coronavirus has shown the need for a global health system – but revealed its weaknesses too - 15:40

Scientists Aim Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Against COVID-19 - 13:40

How Airborne is the Virus? - 13:40

How maize became a key food source in Central America 4,700 years ago - 13:40

Metasurface design methods can make LED light act more like lasers - 13:40

Some types of prostate cancer may not be as aggressive as originally thought - 13:40

Study ties stroke-related brain blood vessel abnormality to gut bacteria - 13:40

Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought - 13:40

Crisis in Cosmology - 10:31

Wednesday th 3rd of June 2020

Science Book Roundup, Social Distancing Edition - 23:30

Pregnant moms living near oil, gas wells may be at higher risk of having low birth weight babies, study finds - 16:20

At higher risk of having low birth weight, are babies born to mothers living near oil, gas wells, study finds - 15:30

Scientists engineer human cells with squid-like transparency - 08:50

3D-Printed Biomaterials Laced With Stem Cells To Create Superior Bone Grafts - 08:50

Why do some seniors remember better than others? - 08:50

Tuesday th 2nd of June 2020

Smart Farms of the Future: Making Bioenergy Crops More Environmentally Friendly - 14:20

Re less-hectic, healthier, safer living, is telecommuting an underutilized, undervalued asset? - 12:20

Carnegie Mellon tool automatically turns math into pictures - 10:21

Bees grooming each other can boost colony immunity - 10:21

Study: Reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will cause other global changes - 10:21

Finding food security underwater - 10:21

A new optical system shows how decisions light up the brain - 10:21

The Seven Seas of Plastic and What Governments Are Doing About It - 10:21

Oil Platforms’ Fishy Future - 10:21

The World’s Forests Are Growing Younger - 10:21

Blood markers predict Humboldt penguin nest type, reproductive success - 10:21

Inching Closer to Molecular Circuitry - 10:21

Ice Melt Linked to Accelerated Regional Freshwater Depletion - 09:53

New nanoparticles stimulate immune system, help attack tumors - 09:30

Sentiment analysis: Trump thinner skinned than previous presidents - 09:30

Loss of land-based vertebrates is accelerating - 09:30

The Milky Way has one very hot halo, astronomers find - 09:30

Dead tissue-removing larvae star in innovative telehealth procedure - 09:30