Science Blog

Thursday th 25th of June 2020

‘Poverty alleviation’ and ‘needy?’ Why words can do more harm than good when offering help, Stanford study finds - 12:50

Dementia May Develop 7 Years Earlier for Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - 12:50

Black Hole Collision May Have Exploded with Light June 25, 2020 Caltech - 12:50

New radar allows cars to spot hazards around corners - 12:50

Identifying a melody by studying a musician’s body language - 12:50

Helping consumers in a crisis via Quantitative Easing - 12:50

Understanding the cancer risk in children with birth defects - 12:50

One-Time Treatment Generates New Neurons, Eliminates Parkinson’s Disease in Mice - 12:20

Wednesday th 24th of June 2020

Black hole or neutron star? - 11:20

Like a treasure map, brain region emphasizes reward location - 11:20

Slow-growing rotavirus mutant reveals early steps of viral assembly - 11:20

Existing drugs may limit damage caused by HIV - 11:20

Introducing a New Isotope: Mendelevium-244 - 11:20

Decline in green energy spending might offset COVID-era emissions benefits - 11:20

Income, race are associated with disparities in access to green spaces - 11:20

Has confinement turned us all into hikikomori? - 11:20

Device turns wasted heat into clean electricity - 10:51

Better low-light photography may come one photon at a time - 10:30

New test method to detect kidney cancers - 10:30

New approach to extend shelf life for N95 mask - 10:30

Does ‘mommy brain’ last? Study shows motherhood does not diminish attention - 10:30

Role-play shows which expectant dads will thrive as new fathers - 10:30

Turning alcohol into key ingredients for new medicines - 10:30

Simple device monitors health using sweat - 10:30

Tuesday th 23rd of June 2020

Home foreclosures can have devastating, long-term impacts - 17:30

How school systems make criminals of Black youth - 17:30

Initial COVID-19 infection rate may be 80 times greater than originally reported - 17:30

A win for air, environment, people in San Diego. Keep the successes coming! - 15:30

Bacteria are always at war. Understanding their use of weapons may lead to antibiotic alternatives - 05:00

Monday th 22nd of June 2020

NIH halts clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine - 10:30

Study Creates 1st 3D Map of Heart’s Neurons - 10:30

Getting real with immersive sword fights - 10:30

What anxiety does to our breathing - 10:30

Saturday th 20th of June 2020

Will chemo cause heart failure? A new test may have answers - 13:20

Human activity on rivers outpaces, compounds effects of climate change - 12:51

Adolescents From Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Show Gene Regulation Differences - 12:51

Natural Fluid Injections Triggered Cahuilla Earthquake Swarm - 12:51

Even During Pandemic Lockdown, Air Quality Remained Poor in Parts of China - 12:51

Optical Microcomb Device May Result in Improved Telecommunications, Sensors, Clocks - 12:51

Simulating wind farm development - 12:51

Off the Scales: Fish Armor Both Tough and Flexible - 12:51

Scientists solve a thorny problem - 12:30

Repurposed drug shows promise for treating COVID-19 inflammation - 12:30

COVID-19 has hit women hard, especially working mothers - 12:30

Unique sugar-sensing neurons work together to prevent severe hypoglycemia in mice. - 12:30

Engineers design a device that operates like a brain synapse - 12:30

Friday th 19th of June 2020

Trees of (Urban) Life - 01:30

Thursday th 18th of June 2020

Why does coronavirus make people lose their sense of smell? - 09:01

Wednesday th 17th of June 2020

Suppression of Chloroquine is Scandalous - 22:30

Big boost in EV ‘adoption’ could improve air quality, spark economic/jobs growth, in California, group insists - 16:40