News @ Nature

Wednesday th 1st of February 2017

Physicists propose football-pitch-sized quantum computer - 14:31

Science and the US Supreme Court: The cases to watch in 2017 - 13:31

US turmoil, oil pipelines and a treason arrest - 11:31

What it would take to reach the stars - 10:31

The developing world needs more than numbers - 09:31

Race to provide commercial weather data heats up - 06:31

Astronomers explore uses for AI-generated images - 04:31

Tuesday th 31st of January 2017

Gene drives thwarted by emergence of resistant organisms - 11:31

How heat from the Sun can keep us all cool - 06:31

Monday th 30th of January 2017

Obama science adviser: Trump immigration ban 'an abomination' - 18:31

Sunday th 29th of January 2017

Meet the scientists affected by Trump’s immigration ban - 13:21

Friday th 27th of January 2017

Astronaut twin study hints at stress of space travel - 16:01

Trump agenda threatens US legacy of science diplomacy - 14:01

Swimming starfish, a departing dinosaur and a lot of ice - 13:01

Researchers shocked at UK's plan to exit EU nuclear agency - 12:31

Geneticist launches bid for US Senate - 12:31

Thursday th 26th of January 2017

Physicists doubt bold report of metallic hydrogen - 15:52

First look at LSD in action reveals acid-trip biochemistry - 13:31

Hybrid zoo: Introducing pig–human embryos and a rat–mouse - 12:31

Doomsday Clock ticks closer to apocalypse - 12:31

Wednesday th 25th of January 2017

World’s foremost institute on death and disease metrics gets massive cash boost - 14:31

How to find the right answer when the 'wisdom of the crowd' fails - 13:11

Hottest year, atomic-clock problems and a diversity failure - 10:11

Big science has a buzzword problem - 09:41

Plant biologists welcome their robot overlords - 05:31

Tuesday th 24th of January 2017

D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum computer - 11:31

We must urgently clarify data-sharing rules - 08:51

Monday th 23rd of January 2017

‘You never said my peer review was confidential’ — scientist challenges publisher - 10:51

Sunday th 22nd of January 2017

Scientists join massive protest against Trump - 14:41

Friday th 20th of January 2017

Rumours swirl about Trump's science adviser pick - 16:31

Enzyme firm invests in NgAgo protein at centre of gene-editing row - 15:31

Scientists on their hopes and fears for Trump administration - 15:01

Science in the White House: Watching the Trump inauguration - 10:31

Thursday th 19th of January 2017

NIH director Francis Collins staying on — for now - 17:31

Perry promises to protect ‘all of the science’ at the US energy department - 14:01

Gene-edited animals face US regulatory crackdown - 12:01

Four ways Trump could unravel Obama's science legacy - 11:01

Wednesday th 18th of January 2017

Billion-dollar project aims to prep vaccines before epidemics hit - 17:31

Controversial patient-consent proposal left out of research-ethics reforms - 14:01

Do you speak virus? Phages caught sending chemical messages - 13:31

Cancer reproducibility project releases first results - 13:31

The $2.4-billion plan to steal a rock from Mars - 11:11

Live updates: Trump nominees talk science - 10:41

Marijuana's benefits, Antarctic ice cracks and a $500-million donation - 10:41

Controversial website that lists ‘predatory’ publishers shuts down - 08:41

Space-weather forecast to improve with European satellite - 05:41

India’s first GM food crop held up by lawsuit - 03:21

Tuesday th 17th of January 2017

Give the public the tools to trust scientists - 11:01

Croatia’s science minister rejects calls to resign amid plagiarism scandal - 08:01

Monday th 16th of January 2017

How the panda’s ‘thumb’ evolved twice - 15:31