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Saturday th 15th of August 2020

You can change careers and fix your finances -- even during a pandemic. Here's how - 11:30

Long Beach mayor loses mother, stepfather to COVID weeks apart. He wants people to learn from it - 08:40

Letters to the Editor: Sorry, parents, your kid's happiness is less important than everyone's survival - 05:20

Friday th 14th of August 2020

Los Angeles won't ticket for street sweeping violations until October at the earliest - 21:00

How to adapt special education to the remote-learning reality - 20:00

Thousands of miles from home, coronavirus took their lives — and the economic lifelines of their families - 19:30

11 tips for finding a job when you're over 50, from an 'ageism' expert - 19:00

Column: I can't wait to go back to the movies. But AMC's 15-cent tickets could be dangerous - 16:30

You lost your job. You're broke. Here's a 12-step action plan to save yourself - 16:30

12 fun kids' face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic - 14:40

Wanted: California workplace safety retirees to help confront coronavirus crisis - 14:40

Work dried up in the pandemic. So this commercials director pivoted to planter boxes - 13:11

What's open and closed this weekend: Southern California beaches, parks, trails - 13:11

California becomes first state to pass 600,000 coronavirus cases - 11:11

You can change careers in the middle of a pandemic. Here are 7 tips - 09:40

Column: It's National Financial Awareness Day. How's your money game? - 07:51

California's coronavirus response hampered by high-level resignations - 07:50

Sports-hungry fans are welcoming live events back to TV - 07:50

Heffernan: Less sex, more insecurity -- a pandemic baby bust is coming - 05:50

Editorial: Six ways to ensure Americans can vote safely amid the pandemic - 05:50

Thursday th 13th of August 2020

Orange County awaits remaining backlogged coronavirus test results from state - 20:00

A $400 unemployment extension is unlikely to arrive soon, if at all. What you need to know - 20:00

California to end eviction protections next month unless lawmakers extend them - 18:00

L.A. County sues church for violating COVID-19 orders with indoor worship services - 17:30

'Chaos and confusion': Cost-cutting and turmoil at the Postal Service fuel worry for mail voting - 16:30

Watch 'Fugitive' director Andrew Davis live on the Ultimate Summer Movie Showdown - 16:30

Team is researching at-home coronavirus testing, Garcetti says - 14:30

California on the cusp of reining in COVID-19 surge, data show - 13:31

Strategies for supporting your child's social and emotional learning from home - 10:31

What can parents who work outside the home do about remote schooling? - 10:31

California's migrant farmworkers face evictions with no safety net amid pandemic - 09:30

Beach baptisms draw large gatherings to the shore - 08:30

What will it take to persuade people to wear masks? Focus on benefits to others - 08:30

'I can't teach when I'm dead.' Professors fear COVID-19 as college campuses open - 07:40

Letters to the Editor: Unemployed Californians are desperate for EDD money. It's time for journalists to help - 05:40

Editorial: Psychiatric hospitals, like jails, require releases in the COVID era - 05:40

Wednesday th 12th of August 2020

Medical experts speak out against Anaheim councilwoman's claim that wearing masks causes dental issues - 23:10

L.A. County offering money to renters affected by COVID-19 pandemic - 22:10

Column: Bill Plaschke talks about experiencing COVID-19 - 19:50

California sees decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations as test backlog boosts number of confirmed cases - 19:50

Newsom defends economic recovery efforts and task force amid criticism about transparency - 18:30

Column: The COVID-19 pandemic shows that it's time for a new New Deal. Here's a blueprint - 16:00

Coronavirus has burst NBA bubble of most recognizable L.A. superfan - 15:30

Mexican Consulate in L.A. opens new coronavirus testing center - 15:30

California coronavirus deaths double, with rural areas and suburbs hit hard - 15:01

Angels lineup vs. Oakland Athletics: Griffin Canning on the mound as team eyes sweep - 14:30

Nail your Zoom job interview: How to prepare and what to wear, according to pros - 13:30

A Salvadoran immigrant feared losing his food industry job. Now he's dead of COVID-19 - 13:00

Stevie Nicks fears COVID-19: 'If I get it, I will probably never sing again' - 12:34

Judge refuses to shutter Ventura County church that has defied COVID-19 health order - 12:34