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Brain study offers insight into causes of autism

8 years ago from

Scientists are a step closer to understanding how abnormalities in brain development might lead to autism and behavioural disorders...

Exploring the limits: Understanding the challenges facing Winter Olympic champions

8 years ago from

As the world turns its sporting gaze towards Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, The Physiological Society journal Experimental Physiology marks the occasion with a special issue exploring the biological...

Sporting Prowess Through Brain Power

8 years ago from Science Daily

Expert sportsmen are quicker to observe and react to their opponents’ moves than novice players, exhibiting enhanced activation of the cortical regions of the brain. More experienced sports players are...

Loud Music Linked to Pounding Headaches

8 years ago from Live Science

Listening to one or two hours of music every day was associated with a pounding headache, study finds.

'Counterfactual' thinkers are more motivated and analytical, study suggests

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- "If only I had..." Almost everyone has said those four words at some time. Rather than intensifying regret, '"what if" reflection about pivotal moments in the past helps...

CORRECTED: Study shows why it is so scary to lose money

8 years ago from Reuters:Science

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People are afraid to lose money and an unusual study released on Monday explains why -- the brain's fear center controls the response to a gamble.

Childhood obesity: It's not the amount of TV, it's the number of junk food commercials

8 years ago from Science Blog

The association between television viewing and childhood obesity is directly related to children's exposure to commercials that advertise unhealthy foods, according to a new UCLA School of Public...

What Makes Some Gamblers Take Risks?

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

New Study Points to Damage to Brain's Fear Center as Key to Understanding Reckless Behavior

China passes EU in trade with Iran

8 years ago from UPI

BEIJING, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- China passed the European Union as the largest trading partner with Iran as economic sanctions and a major gas pipeline loom over Tehran's global...

People out and about make cities secure

8 years ago from Physorg

Young people who have experienced threats and violence feel more insecure than others in urban public spaces, especially when alone. This is one conclusion from researchers at the University of...

What Happens in the Amygdala...Damage to Brain's Decision-Making Area May Encourage Dicey Gambles

8 years ago from Scientific American

Imagine you've lost your job. You have some money saved, and a chance to double it with a gamble. But if you lose the bet, you'll forfeit everything. What would...

Older investors prone to mental misfires while playing the market, study shows

8 years ago from Science Daily

Old age traditionally brings with it respect, experience and wisdom. But when it comes to making risky financial investments, an older mind is likely to make more mistakes than a...

Depressed people feel more grey than blue

8 years ago from

People with anxiety and depression are most likely to use a shade of grey to represent their mental state. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Medical Research Methodology...

Hypertension may predict dementia in older adults with certain cognitive deficits

8 years ago from

High blood pressure appears to predict the progression to dementia in older adults with impaired executive functions (ability to organise thoughts and make decisions) but not in those with memory...

Drinking, Smoking Often Intertwine for Students

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Mark and Mimi Nichter have published a series of articles recently about the smoking behaviors of college students, offering important insights about smoking related to drinking, gender and...

Want Passionate Kids? Leave 'em Alone

8 years ago from Live Science

Children who explore interests on their own develop healthier passions.

Cultures of suicide

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- A UQ researcher has surveyed and interviewed students across three continents to understand the social representations, values, beliefs, attitudes and meanings associated with youth suicide.

The war on 'cures' for homosexuality

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

My undercover investigation has led to a campaign against those who wreck lives by peddling conversion therapyLast year, in Britain, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist tried to "cure" me of my homosexuality. What...

A Conversation With Samuel Wang: A Neuroscientist Studying the Structure of Dog Brains

8 years ago from NY Times Health

In his Princeton laboratory, Samuel Wang uses dog M.R.I.’s to research the relationship between brain structure and behavior.

Findings: Will You Be E-Mailing This Column? It’s Awesome

8 years ago from NY Times Science

A University of Pennsylvania study found that readers of news in print and online had more exalted tastes than might be expected.

Psychology Professor Says Love at First Sight More Likely Attraction at First Sight

8 years ago from Physorg

If you're hoping that cupid's arrow finds you on Valentine's Day, don't expect it to be a case of "love at first sight," according to a Kansas State University psychology...

Italian doctor heightens interest in MS cause

8 years ago from CBC: Health

The Italian doctor whose unconventional thinking on the cause of multiple sclerosis is visiting North America to drum up interest in testing the idea.

18 and Under: When to Worry if a Child Has Too Few Words

8 years ago from NY Times Science

Every pediatrician knows the frustration of trying to quantify the speech and language skills of a screaming toddler.

The Quest to Read the Human Mind

8 years ago from PopSci

If a few very smart neuroscientists are right, with enough number crunching and a powerful brain scanner, science can pluck pictures-and maybe one day even thoughts- directly from your brain It's after dark...

MySpace Music experiments with audio ads

8 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Hoping to boost revenue, MySpace Music has begun experimenting with audio advertisements that users must hear before listening to music for free online.

Botox Paralyzes Emotions, Too

8 years ago from Live Science

Botox may wipe away those worry lines, but it can also strip you of emotions, new research suggests.

If the Olympics Go Dark, Blame Him

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Q&A: Magnus Alvarsson is Responsible for IT Operations at the Vancouver Games and he Knows that IT Failure is Not an Option

Researchers Identify Genetic Variant Linked to Faster Biological Aging

8 years ago from Scientific American

There's no right answer when someone asks you: " How old do you think I am ?"Faced with such a dilemma, most of us aim low--erring on the side of...