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Japan, Australia confirm first cases of swine flu

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Japanese authorities scrambled Saturday to track travelers who arrived on the same flight as three people diagnosed with the country's first confirmed cases of swine flu. Australia...

Mexico confirms new swine flu death

11 years ago from CBC: Health

Mexico confirmed one more death from swine flu on Friday, raising that country's death toll from the outbreak to 45.

Swine flu is same strain in Canada and Mexico

11 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Canadian scientists who sequenced Canadian and Mexican samples of the swine flu virus say it is the same strain, even though the virus seems to cause more severe symptoms in...

Schools closed for swine flu can resume classes

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

Southern California campuses -- some of which had postponed state tests, sports and proms -- are allowed to reopen after federal officials announce that the strain isn't unusually severe. ...

Mexico Prepares to Lower Alert as Swine Flu Cases Ebb

11 years ago from NY Times Science

Mexican officials said they would lower the public alert over swine flu and allow most businesses to reopen.

Trial by fire: New antibody method gets big test

11 years ago from Reuters:Science

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Researchers in two U.S. laboratories are preparing for the arrival of blood samples from Mexican flu victims to make a serum that might offer some protection from...

Type of lung cancer screening used to detect disease may impact 5-year survival rates

11 years ago from Physorg

Dr. Hisao Asamura and his team of researchers at The National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, Japan examined the records of 2,281 patients who underwent lung cancer resection surgery between...

Canada issues flu virus products warning

11 years ago from UPI

OTTAWA, May 4 (UPI) -- Health Canada is advising consumers not to purchase products claiming to fight or prevent the H1N1 flu virus, also known as swine flu.

Now we know what blocks the effects of a newly developed anticancer therapy

11 years ago from Biology News Net

A new approach being developed to treat individuals with cancer that is resistant to standard therapy is the use of adenovirus-based therapies. Although promising clinical results have been obtained in...

Simple clinical interventions improve patient safety

11 years ago from Physorg

Maternal and newborn outcomes were greatly improved when doctors implemented a series of simple clinical interventions at Yale-New Haven Hospital's obstetrical unit. Yale School of Medicine researchers report their results...

Mites on hissing coackroach may benefit humans with allergies

11 years ago from

Tiny mites living on the surface of Madagascar hissing cockroaches help decrease the presence of a variety of moulds on the cockroaches' bodies, potentially reducing allergic responses among humans who...

Depression linked with accumulation of visceral fat

11 years ago from

Numerous studies have shown that depression is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, but exactly how has never been clear...

Immigration foes link flu to Mexican threat claims

11 years ago from AP Health

The swine flu virus has infected the immigration debate, with talk show comments like "fajita flu" and "illegal aliens are the carriers" drawing vehement protests from Hispanic advocates....

Biocontrol For Wide-Ranging Thrips

11 years ago from Science Daily

A pest with a voracious appetite may have met its match in a predatory mite being evaluated as a biocontrol agent.

Arcobacter: Foodborne Pathogen's Genome Exposed

11 years ago from Science Daily

If a little-known microbe called Arcobacter butzleri has contaminated the water you drink or the food you eat, this troublesome pathogen could make you sick. Symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps,...

Palm Oil Not A Healthy Substitute For Trans Fats

11 years ago from Science Daily

Manufacturers are now required to state on food labels the amount of trans fatty acids, also called hydrogenated fats, in packaged foods. Both trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids...

In Mexico, relatives say flu victims were pictures of health before illness

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

They died even after seeking medical help. Swine flu is suspected, but their families still don't know how they got sick. ...

Cruise lines rile passengers, tourism officials by avoiding Mexican ports

11 years ago from LA Times - Health

Carriers will avoid stopping in Mexico for up to six weeks, rerouting ships to San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Mexican tourism merchants are hurting, and some passengers are...

Action Taken to Prevent Hoarding of Flu Drugs

11 years ago from NY Times Science

Some pharmacies have run out of the swine flu drug, in part because of precautionary purchases by people who are not sick.

Questions Linger Over the Value of a Global Illness Surveillance System

11 years ago from NY Times Science

It could take weeks to know if a system was sensitive enough to quickly catch a serious outbreak of swine flu or too sensitive, scaring people needlessly.

White tea may fight obesity

11 years ago from UPI

BEIJING, May 1 (UPI) -- A study funded by a German health food company suggests Chinese white tea may fight obesity by reducing fat cells.

When the Cellphone Teaches Sex Education

11 years ago from NY Times Health

Health officials are trying to use teenagers’ favorite technologies to fight disease and unwanted pregnancies.

Hip implants hardier than previously thought, orthopedic surgeons find

11 years ago from CBC: Health

Hip replacement parts that were previously thought to have to be exchanged every 10 years can actually last twice as long, U.S. researchers suggest.

How thermal-imaging cameras can spot flu fevers

11 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- To screen passengers for swine flu and other contagious diseases, some airports use thermal imaging cameras to see whether travelers have fevers, without having to stick thermometers...

Calabrese Awarded Marie Curie Prize for Work on Hormesis, Low-Dose Radiation and Health

11 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Edward Calabrese, a professor in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has been awarded the Marie Curie Prize for "outstanding achievements in...

Toronto hospital won't transfer daughter, father says

11 years ago from CBC: Health

The father of an infant being treated for a rare condition at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, says he wants his daughter transferred to a hospital closer to home, but...

CDC advice for those with flulike symptoms

11 years ago from Physorg

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is offering advice to people wondering what to do if a family member takes ill with flulike symptoms. Some of the more important...