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Archaeologists scan 1800s ship found in Boston

2 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

Construction is expected to start up again next week and the ship will be impossible to recover

In Hot Water: Thousands of Public Pools Fail Health Inspections

3 hours ago from Live Science

Ready to shuck your flip-flops and take the plunge in a public pool? Better check the facility's inspection status first.

Sewer robots snoop through poo to track drugs, disease

4 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

There could soon be robots wandering our sewers, sucking up what we flush down to analyze our diets, our drug use and our health, and to watch out for disease...

Kids with Puzzling Stomachaches Might Benefit from Probiotics

5 hours ago from Live Science

Probiotics could treat kids' unexplained stomach pain.

Nick Jonas strips down in 'Careful What You Wish For' trailer

5 hours ago from UPI

Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, May 27 (UPI) -- Nick Jonas starts a dangerous affair with Isabel Lucas in a first trailer for "Careful What You Wish For."

New Test Could Tell Whether Comatose Patients Will Wake Up

5 hours ago from PopSci

Health The secret is in the brain's sugar consumption Scientists have developed a new test for comatose patients to determine if they're likely recover…

Dangerous New Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Reach U.S.

6 hours ago from Scientific American

Woman infected with microbes that fight a last-line-of-defense drug; common infections could become untreatable -- Read more on

Consider moving Rio Olympics, health experts urge WHO

6 hours ago from CBC: Health

Health experts on Friday urged the World Health Organization to consider whether the Rio de Janeiro Olympics should be postponed or moved because of the Zika outbreak.

Fewer inhaled steroids may be OK for asthmatic children

6 hours ago from UPI

HealthDay News A new study suggests inhaled steroids may not be needed on a daily basis for asthmatic kids whose wheezing occurs sporadically, such as when they catch a cold.

North Carolina coach Roy Williams has right knee replaced

6 hours ago from UPI

The Sports Xchange North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is recovering after undergoing knee replacement surgery on Friday.

New labeling offers more protection for meat lovers

7 hours ago from UPI

HealthDay News When you head to the grocery store to select your steaks for grilling this Memorial Day weekend, you might notice a new safety label on the package.

BAE Systems receives Navy repair, maintenance work

7 hours ago from UPI

Richard TomkinsJACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 27 (UPI) -- Two U.S. Navy ships homeported in Florida are to receive repair and maintenance services from BAE Systems under contracts worth a total of...

Rethinking hospital alarms

7 hours ago from Science Daily

On average, there are about 480,000 patients in hospitals in the United States -- each generating about 135 clinical alarms per day. But studies show that more than 90 percent...

Zika virus infects human placental macrophages

7 hours ago from Science Daily

One of Zika's mysteries is how the virus passes from an infected mother, through the placenta, to a developing fetus. The route may not be direct either -- transmission via...

Simple attraction: Researchers control protein release from nanoparticles without encapsulation

7 hours ago from Physorg

A U of T Engineering team has designed a simpler way to keep therapeutic proteins where they are needed for long periods of time. The discovery is a potential game-changer...

In Study, Beer Drinkers Found To Be Less Alzheimer's-Prone

7 hours ago from PopSci

Health Is there any problem a cold pint can't solve? A study of 125 males showed less overall aggregation of amyloid beta, the main...

Suspect arrested in death of N.Y. governor's aide at Brooklyn parade

7 hours ago from UPI

Doug G. WareNEW YORK, May 27 (UPI) -- Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting death of an aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a Brooklyn parade...

Here's Why Doctors Are So Worried About the New Superbug

8 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

Why are all the headlines telling people to be scared of the new superbug? We give you five good reasons.

First-of-its-kind procedure combines scalp, skull, kidney and pancreas transplant

8 hours ago from Science Daily

Simultaneous transplantation of a "composite" skull and scalp flap plus a kidney and pancreas -- all from the same donor -- provided excellent outcomes for a patient with a non-healing...

New York Will Warn Diners About Salt Intake

8 hours ago from PopSci

Health The warnings will be a new requirement for restaurant chains According to the * New York Times*, the regulations are no longer blocked....

Ole Miss football: Rebels self-impose reduction in scholarships

8 hours ago from UPI

The Sports Xchange Ole Miss has self-imposed a reduction of 11 scholarships for football, starting with one last season and extending into 2018, as part of the university's 154-page response...

California rushes to allow HIV-infected organ transplant

9 hours ago from AP Health

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- California lawmakers are rushing to approve legislation Friday that would allow a man with HIV to receive part of...

In wake of Flint crisis, new proposal seeks to 'focus on the fix' for lead poisoning

9 hours ago from Physorg

The crisis of lead-contaminated drinking water in Flint, Mich., continues to make headlines—but it's just the most prominent example of an "ongoing and needless tragedy of childhood lead poisoning," according...

US chemical regulation reform delayed yet again

10 hours ago from Chemistry World

Senator is blocking update to 40-year-old chemicals law and calling for more time to examine the bill

Meet Canada's 1st baby walrus born in captivity

11 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Visitors to the Quebec City Aquarium got a look at Canada's first baby walrus born in captivity — one of two marking a "historical event."

New model of T cell activation

11 hours ago from Science Daily

Biologists show that cholesterol prevents an immune response, even when no antigen is present. T cell receptors are an important part of the human immune system. They are able to...

Are ADHD drugs safe to use for boosting gym workouts?

11 hours ago from UPI

Stephen FellerWASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) -- Drugs used to treat ADHD have been picked up as a useful part of the amateur sports and mainstream workout scenes, with their dangers...

Rapid bone growth and underwater breathing: Putting the science of Harry Potter’s universe to the test

12 hours ago from Science Daily

In the world of Harry Potter the young wizard undergoes two magical biological transformations: eating Gillyweed to grow gills in order to breathe underwater and drinking Skele-Gro to repair broken...