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High-Salt Diet May Double Diabetics' Heart Disease Risk

13 min ago from Live Science

It's not only sugar that raises alarms in diabetes. Having a high-salt diet may double the risk of developing heart disease in people with diabetes, according to a new study...

Sudbury cancer survivor turned to alternative treatments

44 min ago from CBC: Health

At 36, Sudbury, Ont., resident Terry Ames was told he had six months to live. After seeking alternative treatment outside the country, Ames beat his cancer.

Antioxidant Supplements Don't Fight Cancer, Research Suggests

1 hour ago from Live Science

Although antioxidant have been thought to fight cancer, emerging research shows they don't have this effect. Now, scientists are trying to explain why antioxidants may not lower people's cancer risk.

Delegates mourn MH17 passengers

1 hour ago from News @ Nature

AIDS conference tries to draw inspiration from lost scientists.Nature 511 391 doi: 10.1038/511391a

Report: MERS virus may be airborne

1 hour ago from UPI

Ed AdamczykWASHINGTON, July 22 (UPI) -- MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, may be transmitted by air, a paper published Tuesday in the scientific journal mBio suggests.

Parkinson's Could Enhance Creativity

2 hours ago from Live Science

People with Parkinson's disease may have higher levels of creativity than their healthy peers, and these flights of fancy increase with higher doses of medication, new research finds.

HIV pills show more promise to prevent infection

2 hours ago from AP Health

There is more good news about HIV treatment pills used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus: Follow-up from a landmark study that proved...

$650M gift to Broad seeks to propel psychiatric research

2 hours ago from Harvard Science

The Broad Institute today announced an unprecedented commitment of $650 million from philanthropist Ted Stanley aimed at galvanizing scientific research on psychiatric disorders and bringing new treatments based on molecular understanding to hundreds...

Viral therapy could boost limb-saving cancer treatment

3 hours ago from Science Blog

Viruses designed to target and kill cancer cells could boost […]

Cancerous tumors may spread by pure chance

4 hours ago from Science Blog

Study could spur new ways of thinking about metastatic disease […]

Stephen E. Fienberg: "Innovation is a Process that Itself Requires Investment"

4 hours ago from Scientific American

Written testimony for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing "The Federal Research Portfolio: Capitalizing on Investments in R&D" held on July 17,... -- Read more on

The New Old Age Blog: An ‘Emotional Burden’ Rarely Discussed

4 hours ago from NY Times Health

Tens of millions of adults suffer with a form of incontinence, a new report finds.

How to win a Tour de France sprint

6 hours ago from Physorg

The final dash to the line in a Tour de France sprint finish may appear to the bystander to be a mess of bodies trying to cram into the width...

For a 3-year-old boy, a risky operation may mean a chance to hear

7 hours ago from LA Times - Science

Auguste is 3 years old, a charmer with big blue eyes, long lashes and a playful smile. He's wearing a T-shirt that says "Make some noise" and fiddling with his...

HIV breakthrough reveals virus hidden in immune system cells

7 hours ago from The Guardian - Science

Cancer-fighting drug romidepsin has been shown to expose hibernating HIV, making it susceptible to attack Continue reading...

Researchers shed new light on schizophrenia

7 hours ago from Harvard Science

As part of a multinational, collaborative effort, researchers from the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and scores of other institutions from all over the world have helped...

Identifying Bodies From MH17 is a Challenge For Forensics (Op-Ed)

9 hours ago from Live Science

Disaster victim identification (DVI) is a difficult task, but will be made more challenging in this instance given the delays in body recovery and the interference of the crash site...

Gene-hunt gain for mental health

9 hours ago from News @ Nature

Flood of genetic locations linked to schizophrenia helps spark financial boost to research field.Nature 511 393 doi: 10.1038/511393a

New Schizophrenia Gene Links Uncovered

10 hours ago from Live Science

Researchers have identified 83 new gene variants that are linked with the risk of schizophrenia, according to a new study. Many of the gene variations are common, and are found...

More bad news in fight against persistent HIV reservoirs

15 hours ago from LA Times - Science

July has been a particularly trying month for HIV/AIDS researchers as they mourned the loss of colleagues killed in a militant attack and received new reports of the virus' remarkable...

Books: 'Proof' Drinks in the Science of Alcohol

17 hours ago from NY Times Health

A study of alcohol — its manufacture and consumption — highlights its reliance on good chemistry and the magical process of fermentation that turns sugars into intoxicating drinks.

Members of previously uncontacted tribe infected with flu

18 hours ago from Science NOW

Researchers worry potentially deadly virus will spread to other isolated people

Improved parenting may fortify low-income kids against poverty effects

19 hours ago from LA Times - Science

For children growing up in poverty, the seeds of poor health in adulthood appear to be sown early. But a nurturing parent may be able to foster a child's resilience...

U.S. CDC says it 'may never know' how bird flu mishap occurred

20 hours ago from Reuters:Science

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "may never know" how a fairly harmless form of bird flu was cross-contaminated with a dangerous bird flu strain...

Health dept.: West Virginia clinic reused needles

20 hours ago from AP Health

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- Health officials on Monday advised patients of a West Virginia pain management clinic to be tested for blood-borne infectious diseases after an...

'Moral victories' might spare you from losing again

20 hours ago from Physorg

It's human nature to hate losing. Unfortunately, it's also human nature to overreact to a loss, potentially abandoning a solid strategy and thus increasing your chances of losing the next...

Doctors Can Help Identify Child Sex Trafficking in US

20 hours ago from Live Science

Child sex trafficking crimes occur each day in the United States, and doctors can play a role in identifying victims, getting them care, and ultimately preventing such crimes, researchers say.