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Few Homeless Shelter Workers Are Trained to Administer Heroin Antidote

1 min ago from NY Times Health

The Department of Homeless Services said that training staff members in all New York City shelters, where overdoses were the leading cause of death last fiscal year, is a top...

New Laboratory to Make Better Use of 'Carbs'

41 min ago from Newswise - Scinews

Potatoes with less "bad" starch, food with natural additives to boost the immune system, or baby's milk formula that more closely matches breast milk are some of the potential benefits...

Albert Pujols up to No. 10 in homers, Los Angeles Angels top Toronto Blue Jays

1 hour ago from UPI

The Sports Xchange TORONTO -- The Los Angeles Angels are not going anywhere this season, but Albert Pujols keeps moving up.

Yu Darvish homers in Texas Rangers' victory

1 hour ago from UPI

By Jeff Wallner, The Sports Xchange CINCINNATI -- Yu Darvish is confident in his swing.

Sean Payton wants more from New Orleans Saints' offense

1 hour ago from UPI

The Sports Xchange METAIRIE, La. -- There's no question about what Saints coach Sean Payton wants to see out of his team in its third exhibition game Friday.

Weight-loss surgery might boost odds of preemie birth

3 hours ago from UPI

Steven Reinberg, HealthDay News Mothers-to-be who've had weight-loss surgery may have increased odds for premature delivery, researchers report.

Stress may take greatest toll on younger women's hearts

3 hours ago from UPI

Kathleen Doheny, HealthDay News Stress may be especially hard on the hearts of younger women who have heart disease, new research suggests.

Olympic medallist thanks cancer staff that cared for her mom

4 hours ago from CBC: Health

With a medal around her neck and a smile on her face, Olympic cyclist Jasmin Glaesser said a heartfelt thank you to the staff at the B.C. Cancer Agency’s Fraser...

Life Expectancy Falls by 5 Years for Syrian Men, New Analysis Finds

5 hours ago from NY Times Science

Mortality rates had improved in recent decades, but years of war knocked the life expectancy back to to 69 from 74 for men and to 76 from 79 for women.

Well: Obesity Is Linked to at Least 13 Types of Cancer

6 hours ago from NY Times Health

Carrying excess weight is a risk factor for a range of cancers, including uterine and ovarian cancers and some cancers of the breast, pancreas, liver, esophagus and kidney.

Harvard researchers pinpoint enzyme that triggers cell demise in ALS

8 hours ago from Harvard Science

Scientists from Harvard Medical School (HMS) have identified a key instigator of nerve cell damage in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a progressive and incurable neurodegenerative disorder. Researchers say the findings...

No scalpel, no drill: Medical procedure to treat uncontrollable hand tremor a 'game changer'

8 hours ago from CBC: Health

A team of neurosurgeons at Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is part of an International team of medical experts that is giving people with a essential tremor disorder a new...

Late-onset asthma linked to cardiovascular disease risk

9 hours ago from UPI

Stephen FellerMADISON, Wis., Aug. 24 (UPI) -- People with late-onset asthma are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those diagnosed early in life, University of Wisconsin researchers report.

Technology to kill metastatic cancer cells licensed for development

10 hours ago from UPI

Stephen FellerORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 24 (UPI) -- UCF researchers have licensed a unique peptide for development after it showed promise at killing metastatic breast cancer cells, researchers report in a...

Female triathletes at higher risk for pelvic floor disorders

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Female triathletes are at a higher risk for several health issues, including pelvic floor disorders, new research indicates. Researchers conducted an internet survey of 311 self-identified female triathletes. Results showed...

Diets avoiding dry-cooked foods can protect against diabetes, say researchers

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Simple changes in how we cook could go a long way towards preventing diabetes, say researchers. A new study found that obese individuals with signs of insulin resistance showed improvement...

Graying but grinning: Despite physical ailments, older adults happier

10 hours ago from Science Daily

While even the best wines eventually peak and turn to vinegar, a new study suggests a paradoxical trend in the mental health of aging adults: they seem to consistently get...

Breast cancer cells found to switch molecular characteristics

10 hours ago from Science Daily

A new study reveals how spontaneous changes in the molecular characteristics of tumors can lead to tumors with a mixed population of cells requiring treatment with several types of therapeutic...

How do antidepressants trigger fear and anxiety?

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Scientists have mapped out a serotonin-driven anxiety circuit that may explain 'anxiety' side effect of antidepressants. More than 100 million people worldwide take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as...

Scientists use ultrasound to jump-start a man's brain after coma

10 hours ago from Science Daily

A 25-year-old man recovering from a coma has made remarkable progress following a treatment to jump-start his brain using ultrasounds, scientists report. This is the first time such an approach...

Lymph node stage may have clinical significance among NSCLC patients with stage IV M1a

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Analysis of a large non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patient cohort with stage IV M1a disease identified lymph node staging as having clinical significance and an impact on prognosis.

CPRIT Awards $9.6 Million for UTSW Projects in Cancer Treatments, Screening, and Genetics Research

10 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

Six new cancer research projects involving treatment, prevention, outreach, and genetics recently received a total of $9.6 million in support from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

Scientists hope new test could help contain meningitis outbreaks

11 hours ago from Reuters:Science

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A test has been developed that could help diagnose bacterial infections including meningitis in minutes, but it could take several years before a cheap testing...

AFI cancels 'Birth of a Nation' screening in wake of Nate Parker rape trial controversy

12 hours ago from UPI

Wade SheridanLOS ANGELES, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- The American Film Institute has cancelled a screening of Nate Parker's upcoming film "Birth of Nation" due to the controversy surrounding his 1999...

Pasta High in Fiber and Protein May Not Increase Satiety

12 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

A study published in the Journal of Food Science found that consuming a high protein or high fiber pasta may not result in increased satiety over regular pasta.

Research Highlights 7 Essential Ingredients for Healthy Adolescents

12 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

Adolescents need proper nutrition for bone and muscle development, recovery from sports, cognition and strong immune systems. In the August issue of Food Technology magazine published by the Institute of...

Medical marijuana's pain relief may work better for men

13 hours ago from UPI

HealthDay News Smoking a joint provides greater pain relief to men than to women, a new study indicates.

Naya Rivera reveals she had abortion while on 'Glee'

13 hours ago from UPI

Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- Naya Rivera said in her memoir "Sorry Not Sorry" that she had an abortion after discovering she was pregnant with Ryan Dorsey's child...