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FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia

2 hours ago from AP Health

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer...

Barcelona's Luis Suarez to miss at least one month with knee injury

2 hours ago from UPI

Striker Luis Suarez will miss at least one month after suffering a knee injury in Barcelona's 2-0 loss Wednesday to Real Madrid.

Gold nanostars and immunotherapy vaccinate mice against cancer

3 hours ago from Science Daily

By combining an FDA-approved cancer immunotherapy with an emerging tumor-roasting nanotechnology, researchers improved the efficacy of both therapies in a proof-of-concept study using mice. The potent combination also attacked satellite...

Guns Play Oversize Role in Rural Suicides

3 hours ago from NY Times Health

Suicide rates are higher in rural counties, according to a new study, and the reason is firearm use by men.

Heart failure patients, clinicians have differing perceptions of risk level

3 hours ago from Science Daily

Physicians identified a majority of patients with advanced heart failure as at high risk for transplant, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or death while few of those patients considered themselves...

Sleep may account for half of racial disparity in cardiometabolic disease

3 hours ago from Science Blog

Researchers have long known that differences exist between African-Americans and European-Americans when it comes to diseases like stroke, diabetes and hypertension. But the reasons why are unclear. A new study...

It's All in the Hands: Researchers at University of North Dakota and Sacred Heart School Find Correlation Between Athletic Ability and Finger Length

3 hours ago from Newswise - Scinews

A research paper, "Digit ratio (2D:4D) and muscular strength in adolescent boys," recently published in the Journal of Early Human Development and explores the difference in length between one's index...

U.S. Open; Victoria Azarenka may be out amid custody battle

3 hours ago from UPI

Victoria Azarenka said her participation in the upcoming U.S. Open is in doubt because she might not be able to bring her baby to New York as a result of...

Cleveland Clinic will pull event from Mar-a-Lago resort

4 hours ago from AP Health

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A leading U.S. hospital pulled its annual fundraiser from Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort on Thursday, reversing course after initially...

U.S. teams safe after attack in Barcelona

4 hours ago from UPI

U.S college basketball teams Arizona, Clemson, Oregon State and Tulane reported that they are safe after a terror attack in Barcelona, Spain that killed at least 13 and injured at...

New Pathology Atlas maps genes in cancer to accelerate progress in personalized medicine

4 hours ago from Science Daily

A new Pathology Atlas is launched today with an analysis of all human genes in all major cancers showing the consequence of their corresponding protein levels for overall patient survival....

CDC: Adolescent contact lens wearers employ bad hygiene habits

4 hours ago from UPI

A report released today by the CDC shows more than 85 percent of adolescent contact lens wearers report habits that increase eye infection risk.

Australian senator condemned for burqa 'stunt'

5 hours ago from UPI

A conservative Australian senator was strongly condemned for the "stunt" she performed by wearing a burqa shielding her face and body onto the Senate floor.

ELABELA deficiency promotes preeclampsia and cardiovascular malformations in mice

5 hours ago from Science NOW

Preeclampsia (PE) is a gestational hypertensive syndrome affecting between 5 and 8% of all pregnancies. Although PE is the leading cause of fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality, its molecular...

A central neural circuit for itch sensation

5 hours ago from Science NOW

Although itch sensation is an important protective mechanism for animals, chronic itch remains a challenging clinical problem. Itch processing has been studied extensively at the spinal level. However, how itch...

Detroit Lions sign OL, TE, DE while waiving LB Brandon Copeland

6 hours ago from UPI

The Detroit Lions have waived/injured third-year linebacker Brandon Copeland.

Kim Kardashian confirms she's 'trying' for third child

6 hours ago from UPI

Kim Kardashian said she's "hoping" to have another baby with Kanye West following surrogacy rumors.

Lab tests show molecule appears to spur cell death in tumors, inflammation

6 hours ago from Physorg

A drug-like molecule developed by Duke Health researchers appears to intercede in an inflammatory response that is at the center of a variety of diseases, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis...

Researchers develop new methods for assesing risk of subsurface phosphorus

8 hours ago from Physorg

When it comes to advancing nutrient management planning for croplands across the United States, it is important to evaluate phosphorus indices to ensure accurate phosphorus loss risk assessment.

Hemorrhagic fevers: Countering inflammation to prevent circulatory failure

8 hours ago from Physorg

Hemorrhagic fevers are severe viral diseases that are often fatal. Researchers from the University of Basel have now identified messenger substances of the immune system, which in infected mice lead...

Bomber kills Hamas guard in rare attack on Gaza-Egypt border

8 hours ago from UPI

A Hamas security guard died Thursday when a suicide bomb was detonated as two men approached the Gaza-Egypt border, a government spokesman said.

Study: Smoking linked to frailty in older adults

8 hours ago from UPI

Researchers have found an association between current smoking habits in older adults and an increased risk of developing frailty as they age.

Noninvasive retinal imaging may improve early detection of Alzheimer's disease

8 hours ago from Science Daily

Alzheimer's disease (AD) represents the leading cause of dementia worldwide. Currently, challenges in making an early and definitive diagnosis of AD limit opportunities to intervene with disease-modifying therapies before substantial...

Poisonings went hand in hand with the drinking water in ancient Pompeii

8 hours ago from Science Daily

The ancient Romans were famous for their advanced water supply. But the drinking water in the pipelines was probably poisoned on a scale that may have led to daily problems...

Energy dense foods may increase cancer risk regardless of obesity status

9 hours ago from Science Daily

While there is a proven link between obesity and certain types of cancer, less is known about how the ratio of energy to food weight, otherwise known as dietary energy...

Man shot in heart by nail gun drives self to hospital

9 hours ago from UPI

A Wisconsin man building a house accidentally shot himself in the heart with a nail gun -- and drove himself to the hospital.

Mischievous squirrel steals campers' toilet paper supply

9 hours ago from UPI

A mischievous squirrel raided a Canadian campsite in search of toilet paper.

Stomach stem cells pushed into cancerous overdrive by H. pylori

10 hours ago from Science Blog

Cancer of the stomach is one of the deadliest cancers, in large part because people tend to be diagnosed very late in the game. Scientists have long suspected that stomach...