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Thursday the 9th of October 2014

Hollywood makes history with first ever box office pangram - 01:30

Wednesday the 8th of October 2014

Blood moon total lunar eclipse shines red across Australia - 20:30

'Blood moon' and total lunar eclipse - your photos - 20:00

UK astronaut could walk on Mars in future Nasa mission - 20:00

Under the blood moon: total lunar eclipse caught over China - video - 12:00

Cave paintings in Indonesia suggest art came out of Africa - 12:00

Why we sued Simon Singh: the British Chiropractic Association speaks - 07:30

Why won't psychic Sally Morgan accept our invitation to test her powers? - 06:00

Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to trio for pioneering microscope work - 06:00

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 announcement live - 04:30

Chemotherapy: from world war to the war on cancer - 01:30

Tuesday the 7th of October 2014

'Blood moon' and total lunar eclipse: share your photos - 19:30

Are the latest government guidelines on drugs for MS sufferers good news or bad? - podcast - 18:30

Total lunar eclipse means blood moon will greet early risers in North America - 14:00

Astronauts take 6.5-hour spacewalk for International Space Station repairs - 13:31

Nobel prize in physics awarded to Japanese and US scientists - video - 13:00

Lightbulb moment for Nobel physicists: prize awarded for inventing blue LEDs - 12:30

Our campaign goes on, despite threats from psychic Sally Morgan's team - 09:30

David Mowle obituary - 09:00

The Imitation Game: how Benedict Cumberbatch brought Turing to life - 08:00

Addictive and probably carcinogenic: scientist reveals dangers of Daily Mail - 07:30

Nobel prize in physics goes to inventors of blue light-emitting diodes - 06:00

Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 announcement in Stockholm live - 04:30

Neil Sloane: the man who loved only integer sequences - 01:30

'Shocking' animal rights exposés by newspapers were nothing of the kind - 01:00

Nobel laureates call for a revolutionary shift in how humans use resources - 00:00

Monday the 6th of October 2014

A huge new neutrino experiment, Noa, is up and running at Fermilab - 15:30

Nobel prizewinner John O'Keefe urges UK to nurture young scientists - 14:20

Nobel prize find: search for soul of rat revealed brains navigation system - 11:50

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for finding brain's you are here cells - 11:20

Nobel prize for medicine winners' delight at news of award video - 10:40

Haiti shipwreck is not Columbuss Santa Maria, says Unesco - 10:39

Um or er: which do you, um, use more in, er, conversation? - 10:39

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded for locating brains GPS - 06:34

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine announcement live - 04:31

Do antibiotics cause obesity? - podcast - 00:31

Sunday the 5th of October 2014

Honey, I poisoned the kids - 23:31

Illinois declares Pluto is still a planet - 18:00

Porn panic! - 13:30

Belfast museum faces legal battle over Darwin exhibition - 12:30

Galaxys guardians make the case: upgrade Pluto back to planet-size! - 12:30

Majorana particles - Fundamentally confusing - 11:00

Scientist creates eye tracker for £43 - 07:00

Violence of volcanoes is helping scientists monitor Earths sensitive side - 04:30

Physicist Brian Cox: The side of me that people dont tend to see is the side that argues - 04:30

Isolation and hallucinations: the mental health challenges faced by astronauts - 01:31

Saturday the 4th of October 2014

Scientists ready to test lab-grown penises on men - 18:30

The lab-grown penis: approaching a medical milestone - 14:00

Animal behaviour: the homesick gorilla and the dog that fell out of the sky - 02:31

From the archive, 4 October 1971: Spiders on LSD take a tangled trip - 00:00