The Guardian - Science

Wednesday the 21st of May 2014

Skeptics will always face an uphill struggle against pseudoscience - 01:30

Notation, notation, notation: a brief history of mathematical symbols - 01:30

Does this photograph show Mary Anning? - 00:00

Tuesday the 20th of May 2014

Wearable tech can be implanted in brains, thanks to new power technique - 13:31

UK launches largest study of mobile phone effects on children's brains - 13:31

Jane Goodall and Peter Gabriel urge Air France to stop ferrying lab monkeys - 12:31

Just how new are the Merriam-Webster dictionary's new words? - 12:02

Paralysed woman walks with robotic skeleton - video - 12:01

Robin Holliday obituary - 10:01

Survival of the freakiest - 07:30

More sea turtles will be born female as climate warms, study shows - 06:31

Lyuba the mammoth arrives in UK for Natural History Museum exhibition - 06:31

Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures brought back to life in pictures - 06:00

Is the Longitude Prize merely a scientific version of Britain's Got Talent, or something more significant? - 03:32

What is CBT for psychosis anyway? - 01:30

Hard to swallow: the world's first drinkable sunscreen - 01:30

Psychologys registration revolution - 01:30

Monday the 19th of May 2014

Stephen Hawking's boycott hits Israel where it hurts: science - 19:01

Alice Roberts: Why are Bounty reps allowed on maternity wards? - 16:01

Inconvenient People - Review - 08:31

How same-sex marriage causes floods - 08:00

Nigel Farage and how tiredness can cause inadvertent racism - 07:01

Fossilised bones of sauropod, the largest-ever dinosaur, go on display in Argentina video - 05:30

AstraZeneca board rejects Pfizer's final £69bn takeover bid - 03:32

Longitude Prize 2014: six of the greatest challenges of our time live blog - 03:32

Have we reached peak dinosaur? - 03:10

Nasa would speak out if private manned missions to Mars 'reckless' - 01:20

Manmade or natural, tasty or toxic, they're all chemicals - 01:20

The Longitude Prize Committee: a new Board of Longitude? - 01:20

Science Weekly podcast: the synthetic biology revolution - 00:26

Sunday the 18th of May 2014

Faster than light particles found, claim scientists - 20:30

How feminist biology is challenging science's gender biases - 13:30

Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists - 12:30

SpaceX Dragon mission leaves space station for return to Earth - 12:00

Simple harmonic motion: the swing of the pendulum - 06:01

Animal testing should not be shrouded in secrecy. We need real reform now - 05:30

Critics urge caution as UK genome project hunts for volunteers - 04:01

Saturday the 17th of May 2014

New to nature No 123: Cyathea moranii - 18:30

A true sea shanty: the story behind the Longitude prize - 18:30

Woman could become mother of own grandchild - 14:00

Simple maths means that coincidence just doesn't add up - 12:30

Delta IV rocket launches carrying 'next-generation' satellite - video - 10:30

Dinosaur remains found in Mexico - video - 08:00

Large dinosaurs migrated huge distances, say scientists - 06:30

How did dinosaurs get so big? - 03:30

Friday the 16th of May 2014

Dinosaur 'King of Gore' fossil discovered - video report - 22:30

Largest dinosaur? New heavyweight unearthed in Argentina - 18:00

Kip Thorne: physicist studying time travel tapped for Hollywood film - 16:00

Rejected climate science paper contained errors, says publisher - 12:31

New Books Party: books received this week - 09:20