The Guardian - Science

Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

Electrical brain stimulation beats caffeine – and the effect lasts longer - 11:01

Women on the pill have more to worry about than fancying their partner - 10:00

The strange allure of electric shocks - 09:00

Nipping antisocial personality disorder in the bud saves lives – and money - 09:00

Attacking critics is no way to fix the Saatchi bill - 07:30

Geckos inspire scientists in US military-developed Spider-Man suit project - 03:30

Crowdfunded lunar mission aims to put donors’ hair on the moon - 03:30

Tuesday the 18th of November 2014

Philae lander detects organic molecules on surface of comet - 19:30

Fossil hunters unearth galloping, dinosaur-eating crocodiles in Sahara - 16:33

What is Object 2014-28E – a Russian military satellite or a piece of unidentified debris? - 12:01

Live Q&A: professor Brian Cox answers your students' questions - 11:30

Feminism is in danger of becoming toxic - 10:00

Mammoths are a huge part of my life. But cloning them is wrong - 08:31

After Station X and Cumberbatch, comes Q Central - 08:31

Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories - 08:30

Night shift work linked to obesity in new sleep study - 07:30

The pill affects women’s satisfaction with their relationships, research finds - 07:30

Brian Cox: Rosetta mission can inspire next generation - 03:07

False positives: fraud and misconduct are threatening scientific research - 00:31

Monday the 17th of November 2014

Major brain pathway rediscovered - 17:04

Science, technology and democracy: Sense About Science lecture - podcast - 12:01

Sir Henry Harris obituary - 11:30

Eye Benders wins Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize - 11:01

The Imitation Game review – an engrossing and poignant thriller - 09:30

The world's smallest sculptures - in pictures - 08:01

Will geoengineering make people give up cutting their carbon footprint? - 07:30

A new strategy for tackling climate change - podcast - 07:01

History of science books: Pickstone Prize shortlist announced - 03:30

What's in your bag? - 01:30

Study finds cigarette smokers in Australia now support plain packaging - 01:30

Sunday the 16th of November 2014

ESA releases pictures of Philae probes comet landing location - 16:31

Born before 1985? Then youre a digital immigrant - 01:30

Saturday the 15th of November 2014

The Observer view on testing for bowel cancer - 19:30

It would be folly for the EU to turn its back on science - 19:30

New to Nature No 135: Cycloseris boschmai - 19:30

Philae: Im feeling a bit tired, did you get my data? I might take a nap - 19:30

Smokers learn to cut down while they sleep - 09:00

Rosetta mission's Philae lander powers down in comet's darkness - 07:30

Become a Bird Song Hero - 06:30

Rosetta mission flight of Icarus or a large step for the EU? - 02:30

Friday the 14th of November 2014

Rosetta scientist Dr Matt Taylor apologises for offensive shirt - 16:00

Rosetta and Philae: why this space story fills us with so much awe - 15:00

This is your brain trying to be funny - 14:00

Its wrong to sack a scientist for her opinions - 13:01

Rosetta scientists will order dying Philae lander to hop - 12:31

Rosetta scientist, Dr Matt Taylor breaks down during apology for 'offensive' shirt video - 12:02

Why waking up in a morgue isnt quite as unusual as youd think - 11:30

Comets, crowdfunding and chief scientific advisers - blogs roundup - 11:01

New books party: Books that arrived recently - 11:01

Why eating ice may give a mental boost to people with iron deficiency - 10:01