The Guardian - Science

Friday the 7th of March 2014

Sandhill cranes descend on the plains of the US midwest - 06:30

Cholera epidemic in Haiti 'poses major threat to Latin America and Caribbean' - 06:30

Global warming is a misleading term because it actually sounds quite nice | Fiona Harvey - 05:00

On International Women's Day, do we know what academic success looks like? | Athene Donald - 04:01

Generation jitters: are we addicted to caffeine? - 03:30

Hepatitis C medicines must be made accessible faster than HIV drugs were | Philippe Douste-Blazy - 02:30

Thursday the 6th of March 2014

Lost first world war training battlefield discovered in Hampshire - 19:30

Readers recommend: songs about shadows | Peter Kimpton - 17:20

Halal, shechita and the politics of animal slaughter - 16:50

Messages about reducing sugar intake unclear, say campaigners - 16:20

It is a mistake to claim that all farming is the same | @guardianletters - 16:20

Jewish and Muslim methods of slaughter prioritise animal welfare | Shuja Shafi and Jonathan Arkush - 15:50

Asteroid break-up captured on film for the first time - 14:30

Facebook takes heat for gun advertising changes - 13:30

Sarin gas in attack on Syrian civilians probably government's, says UN - 13:30

Nicholas Brooks obituary - 12:30

JS Bach's 329th birthday is red letter day for scholars and numerologists - 12:30

Hubble shows galaxy being ripped apart – video - 12:01

The SAT essay and vocab flash cards may be dead, but word nerds are alive! | Jen Doll - 12:01

Wendell Berry: 'for Americans to talk about sustainability is a bit of a joke' - 11:30

Channel 4 to broadcast footage of 9/11 New York attacks filmed from space - 11:00

Why you should give a damn about when you say 'fuck' - 08:00

What's old is new again: newly discovered songbird family is ancient | @GrrlScientist - 08:00

Lord Lawson climate sceptic thintank's report rebuked by scientists | Graham Readfearn - 06:01

Tech monthly readers’ pictures: navigation - 06:00

Fur flies over 16th century 'rocket cats' warfare manual - 06:00

Sympathy for Strangelove: Kubrick's film at 50 | William Thomas - 04:31

Quantum computing explained: harnessing particle physics to work faster - 02:30

The Last Alchemist in Paris, book review: curious tales of chemistry - 02:30

Wednesday the 5th of March 2014

HIV 's efficiency makes it a formidable foe - 19:30

Five-tonne dinosaur species discovered - 19:00

HIV gene therapy using GM cells hailed a success after trial - 18:00

Iain D Campbell, FRS | Richard P Grant - 17:00

Baby born with HIV reported to be clear of virus after urgent treatment - 15:10

Wealthier people are more musical, report suggests - 14:40

Winklevoss twins use bitcoins to buy Virgin Galactic space flight tickets - 14:40

England's new psychologist will not help us score goals, says Roy Hodgson - 11:40

It's time to kick the high-protein diet habit – before it kills you | Holly Baxter - 08:33

Wildlife in the concrete jungle – share your pictures, videos and stories - 08:01

Tuesday the 4th of March 2014

Sunny weather drew record numbers to UK's outdoor tourist hotspots in 2013 - 20:00

One in five US soldiers had mental illness before enlisting, report finds - 18:00

US drug enforcement official: legalising marijuana threatens US institutions - 17:30

Dark matter looks more and more likely after new gamma-ray analysis - 16:30

Country diary: Wenlock Edge: Startled by an emerald vision in the monochrome gloom – an aberrant fern - 16:30

Anger may be bad for us – but on the other hand it has its uses | David Webster - 14:30

Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' seeks to boost number of women editors - 14:30

Italy approves €2m repair work for Pompeii after series of collapses - 14:30

Animal protein-rich diets could be as harmful to health as smoking - 12:30

Nikola Tesla's ashes spark row between Serbian scientists and Orthodox church - 11:00

Nasa release images to coincide with Gravity Oscar win - 10:30