The Guardian - Science

Sunday the 27th of July 2014

Asteroid's 'bad timing' killed off dinosaurs, new evidence shows - 23:30

Starwatch: The August night sky - 16:00

Scars from lion bite suggest headless Romans found in York were gladiators - 11:00

Archaeologist happens upon Roman bone fragments at the end of his road - 09:30

Dark side of the man - 08:00

Human evolution: the next stages - 05:30

Saturday the 26th of July 2014

Ebola crisis: US doctor working in Liberia tests positive - 22:00

New to Nature No 128: Aetobatus narutobiei - 18:30

From photography to supercomputers: how we see ourselves in our inventions - 13:31

Anything but the God particle - 10:00

Science and War - 06:30

Robo rehab - 06:30

Beneath the white coat: the radical science movement - 05:00

Friday the 25th of July 2014

The science and art of whisky making - 17:30

Plantwatch: All in good time - 16:00

War of letters over call to abolish EC scientific adviser role - 10:31

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: an evolutionary perspective - 09:01

New Books Party: books received this week - 09:01

Combining astrology and healthcare: your medical horoscopes - 08:01

Social media, science advisors and Siberian dinosaurs - blogs roundup - 06:30

'Extreme solar storm' could have pulled the plug on Earth - 06:30

Shipwreck excavation may explain how 17th-century warship blew itself up - 06:00

Open thread: if Tomorrow's World came back, what should it be like? - 06:00

Feathered dinosaur fossils find has Chinese scientists all aflutter - 00:30

Thursday the 24th of July 2014

First Americans 'reached Europe five centuries before Columbus discoveries' - 22:00

Have the climate sceptics really won? - 19:01

How did that boy end up with his twin growing inside him? - 14:30

Less than 10% of human DNA has functional role, claim scientists - 13:32

Siberian dinosaur spreads feathers around the dinosaur tree - 13:32

Russia loses contact with satellite full of geckos - 11:31

Piggybacking cells hold clue to cancer growth and cure for melanoma - 11:31

The owl who liked sitting on Caesar by Martin Windrow - review - 10:01

HFEA panel on mitochondrial replacement considered all submissions - 10:01

Science advisers should be supported, not sacked - 07:31

Spacewatch: Rubber duck comet in view - 07:01

Risk of infecting surgery patients with CJD not taken seriously, say MPs - 05:30

Yoga may work better for lower back pain than conventional treatments - 02:01

The Fightin Irish? Not when it comes to recession and austerity - 01:30

Wednesday the 23rd of July 2014

Peter Higgs criticises Richard Dawkins over anti-religious 'fundamentalism' - 21:30

Vertical stripes don't flatter they make you look fatter - 19:32

Paracetamol does not help lower back pain, study finds - 18:30

Researchers find first sign that tyrannosaurs hunted in packs - 14:01

Dogs feel jealous of rival pets, study finds - 13:32

Digging up trouble: beware the curse of King Tutankhamun - 12:01

New stem cell operation could revolutionise treatment of knee injuries - 05:00

There's life out there: the artist shooting bonsai trees into space - 04:30

Tuesday the 22nd of July 2014

Pandas search high and low to get their fill of different bamboos - 22:00

Safety concerns remain over three-person IVF - 12:30

Fireman Sam: the worst childrens programme ever? - 10:31

Procedure to create babies with three people's DNA could be legalised in April - 09:31