Friday th 14th of July 2017

See the New Trillion-Ton Antarctic Iceberg in Image from Space - 17:22

Ready, Aim, Blast! NASA Engineer Creates World's Largest Super Soaker - 16:52

Hwasong-14 Missile Test: Can North Korea's Rockets Reach the US? - 16:52

Orbital Loses Bid to Stop DARPA Satellite-Servicing Project - 15:22

Flashback: 'Guitar God' Joe Satriani’s Pluto Fly-By Impressions | Music + Video - 14:52

NASA Could Reach Mars Faster with Public-Private Partnerships, Companies Tell Congress - 13:22

President Trump Appoints Executive Secretary of National Space Council - 13:22

Asteroids Might Start As Giant Mud Balls - 13:22

The Sun's 'Quiet' Regions Are Surprisingly Active - 13:22

Curiosity Rover's Drill Still Wonky on Mars, 7 Months Later - 12:52

Vega Shines Overhead in Lyra Constellation This Week - 12:52

White House Not Expected to Rush Development of New Space Policy - 12:22

'We Don't Planet' Episode 12: Type 1a Supernovae - 11:52

Space Camp Lands NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft on Display - 10:52

Happy Anniversary, New Horizons! Probe Flew by Pluto 2 Years Ago Today - 07:02

The Space-Age Origins of 'Planet of the Apes' - 07:02

8-Legged Extremophile Freaks Will Outlive Humanity (& Maybe the Sun) - 06:32

A Pluto Anniversary: Stunning Photos from New Horizons' Historic Flyby - 06:32

Thursday th 13th of July 2017

NASA Planning August Release of Mars Robotic Exploration Architecture - 17:32

Cancer-Killing Treatment Tested on International Space Station - 16:32

Here's How an Asteroid Threatens Earth in CBS' 'Salvation' TV Series - 16:32

Rise to Mars! New Anthem Expresses Hope for Red Planet Exploration - 16:02

Great Red Spot, Spotted! Citizens Create Incredible Images of Jupiter Storm - 15:32

The Sun Might Be an 'Ordinary' Star After All - 13:32

Watch a Giant Sunspot Whirl Across the Sun in Incredible NASA Video - 12:02

Planet Nine? 'Extreme' Objects Hint at More Evidence of Possible Unseen World - 12:02

How Satellites Watched Birth of a Giant Iceberg in Antarctica (Photos) - 06:52

Women of Color in Astronomy Face Greater Degree of Discrimination, Harassment - 06:52

The 7 Biggest Mysteries of Saturn - 06:22

NASA Images Show Gradual Separation of Massive New Antarctic Iceberg - 06:22

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

Virgo Constellation: Facts about the Virgin - 22:41

See Juno Probe's Amazing Up-Close Views of Jupiter's Great Red Spot (Photos) - 17:02

How Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf Birthed Such an Enormous Berg - 16:32

Trillion-Ton Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica - 16:32

House Offers Increase to FAA Commercial Space Office - 16:32

3D View of Supernova's 'Heart' Sheds New Light on Star Explosions (Images) - 16:02

DARPA Trying to Launch Smallsat Experiment on an Indian Rocket - 16:02

How Moon Express' Solar System Exploration Plan Works in Pictures - 14:02

Moon Express Unveils Plan to Help Explore Solar System on a 'Grand Scale' - 10:32

'Salvation' TV Clips Hint at (Fictional) Plan to Save Earth from an Asteroid - 06:52

Juno Spacecraft Completes Flyby of Jupiter's Great Red Spot - 06:52

Finding Extraterrestrial Life May Rely on Identifying Traces Rather Than Aliens - 06:52

In CBS' 'Salvation,' Approaching Asteroid Sparks Geopolitical Fires - 06:52

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

Astronaut Promotes New Memoir With 'Epic Adventure' Photo Contest - 18:02

Dazzling Auroras Dance on the Southern Horizon in Astronaut's Photo - 18:02

Old Communications Dish Born Again as Radio Telescope in Africa - 17:02

Hey, Star Wars Fans! Check Out These Amazon Prime Day Deals - 16:02

Russian Soyuz Rocket Set to Launch 72 Smallsats Friday - 16:02

Sunrise on Saturn: Gorgeous Cassini Photo Shows Start of New Day - 15:32

'Hidden' Spiral Galaxy Sparkles in Breathtaking Hubble Photo - 14:32