Tuesday th 15th of January 2019

'Roswell, New Mexico' Lands on TV Tonight with a Fresh Look at UFO Tale - 07:30

China's Chang'e 4 Moon Mission Faces Its First Big Freeze on Lunar Far Side - 07:30

China Details Future Moon Plans, Including Polar Research Station - 07:30

Monday th 14th of January 2019

SpaceX Laying Off 10 Percent of Its Workforce - 15:40

Michelle Yeoh (and Section 31) Are Getting a 'Star Trek' Spin-Off! - 15:10

Full Moon Names (and More) for 2019 - 14:40

Weird Star System's Planet-Forming Disk Goes Vertical Like a Ferris Wheel - 14:40

'Escape Artist' and More! Here's the 'Star Trek: Short Treks' Rundown You've Been Waiting For - 14:40

See China Moon Mission's Far-Side Landing Site from Above (Photos) - 14:40

The Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe are Even Stranger Than We Thought - 12:40

Splashdown! SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth After 2nd Space Station Delivery - 12:10

Blood Moon of January 2019: 5 Questions Answered for the Total Lunar Eclipse - 07:50

China On the Moon! A History of Chinese Lunar Landings and Probes in Pictures - 07:50

Hubble Space Telescope Will Last Through the Mid-2020s, Report Says - 07:30

Ocean Moons, Promising Targets in Search for Life, Could Be Dead Inside - 07:30

Sunday th 13th of January 2019

Hurricane Satellites Reveal Flooding on Earth - 08:50

When You Look Up, How Far Back in Time Do You See? - 08:50

From Volcanoes on Mars to Scarps on Mercury — How Places on Other Worlds Get Their Names - 08:50

What's Next for Air Force Weather Satellites? - 08:20

Astronauts Could Be Growing Beans in Space in 2021 - 08:20

Saturday th 12th of January 2019

'Sub-Saturns' May Force Scientists to Revise Idea of How Planets Form - 09:20

Feige: 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' is Still Happening - 09:20

Space Council Advisory Group to Study Role of Human Space Exploration Supporting Science - 09:20

January Full Moon 2019: Full Wolf Moon Meets a Total Lunar Eclipse - 08:50

New Picard 'Trek' Series May Catapult the Captain into J.J. Abrams' Timeline - 08:50

Friday th 11th of January 2019

Astrophysics Meetings, But Not Missions, Disrupted By Government Shutdown - 20:00

Shutdown Grounds NASA's Airborne Observatory - 19:30

Stratolaunch Airplane Nears First Flight - 18:10

Lego 'LUVOIR' Space Telescope Debuts at Astronomy Conference - 18:10

Blue Origin Still Holding Off On New Shepard Ticket Sales - 15:40

Watch China Land on the Moon's Far Side in This Awesome Video! - 14:40

'Starman' Aboard: Hot Wheels Toy Features SpaceX Spacesuited Driver - 14:10

A Regular Crewmember Departs 'The Orville' in 'Home' - 13:10

See the Far Side of the Moon in This Amazing Panorama from China's Chang'e 4 Lander - 13:10

Blood Moon 2019: A Great Total Lunar Eclipse Is Coming Soon! - 13:10

Superheroing Ain't Easy: 'Captain Marvel' Featurette Shows Brie Larson Trained Like Crazy - 12:40

SpaceX Launches 10 Iridium Satellites Into Orbit, Then Sticks Rocket Landing - 11:10

NASA's InSight Lander on Mars Is Now Hunting for Marsquakes - 08:00

SpaceX Finishes Building 'Starship' Hopper Prototype (Photo) - 08:00

The Brightest Quasar of the Early Universe Shines with the Light of 600 Trillion Suns - 08:00

You Can Watch SpaceX Launch 10 Satellites and Land a Rocket Today! Here's How. - 01:30

Mysterious 'Cow' Blast in Space May Reveal Birth of a Black Hole - 00:30

Chinese Rover Wakes Up on Moon's Far Side After Lunar Nap - 00:30

Thursday th 10th of January 2019

Virgin Orbit: The Private Space Company That Aims to Launch Small Satellites - 19:30

Barnard's Star Planet May Not Be Too Cold for Life After All - 17:40

SpaceX, NASA Push 1st Crew Dragon Test Flight to February - 15:50

Is Anyone Out There? New SETI Tool Keeps Track of Alien Searches - 15:50

The Government Shutdown Is Taking a Toll on Space Science - 14:30

Space Telescopes of the Future: NASA Has 4 Ideas for Great Observatory to Fly in 2030s - 13:00

Japan's Hayabusa2 Probe to Snag 1st Asteroid Sample Next Month - 12:30