Thursday th 28th of March 2019

Rocket Lab Launches Experimental Satellite for DARPA - 19:00

Rare Disintegrating Asteroid Spied by Hubble Telescope (Photo) - 15:40

Why Isn't Pluto a Planet Anymore? - 13:50

Weirdly Colored Saturn Moons Linked to Ring Features, NASA's Cassini Revealed - 13:22

India Says Its Anti-Satellite Weapon Test Created Minimal Space Debris. Is That True? - 11:40

Vostok Cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky, Who Flew Three Missions, Dies at 84 - 10:40

NASA's Orion Capsule Emergency Abort System Checks Its Attitude in Test - 09:50

$1 Million Prize Offered to Israeli Moon Lander Mission - 08:00

US Military Shoots ICBM Target Out of the Sky in Missile Defense Test - 07:10

NASA Aims to Accelerate SLS Megarocket for 2024 Moon Push - 06:40

Are We Really in a New Space Race with China and Russia? - 06:40

Can NASA Really Put Astronauts on the Moon in 2024? - 06:40

Wednesday th 27th of March 2019

1st All-Female Spacewalk Scrapped Over Safety Concerns, Not Sexism - 16:00

NASA Chief Vows Quick Action to Return Astronauts to the Moon by 2024 - 15:10

Chinese Private Firm OneSpace Fails with First Orbital Launch Attempt - 14:40

'Alien' Looks Glorious on Stage in This New Jersey High School Play - 14:40

Mars Had Big Rivers for Billions of Years - 14:10

Toast Japan's Hayabusa2 Mission with These Ryugu-Themed Drinks - 12:40

These Scientists Want to Send a NASA Probe to Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io - 11:10

Astronomers Find Fossils of Early Universe Stuffed in Milky Way's Bulge - 09:20

India Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon - 08:50

Google Street View Takes the Armchair Explorer to Mars (Actually, the Canadian Arctic) - 06:50

Israeli Moon Lander Captures Sunrise and Stretches Its Legs on Lunar Trip (Video) - 06:50

US Is in a New Space Race with China and Russia, VP Pence Says - 06:50

Asteroid Strikes May Have Made Mars a More Life-Friendly Place - 06:50

Tuesday th 26th of March 2019

Hubble Telescope Reveals What 200 Billion Stars Look Like (Photos) - 18:40

Kathy Sullivan, 1st American Woman to Walk in Space, on the All-Female Spacewalk That Could Have Been - 17:10

See Jupiter Near the Moon Wednesday Morning - 17:10

US to Return Astronauts to the Moon by 2024, VP Pence Says - 14:10

NASA Moon Orbiter Tracks Chinese Rover on Lunar Farside (Photos) - 12:20

Lunar Module Makes Landing in Revamp of Apollo/Saturn V Center - 11:00

Flat-Earthers' Cruise Will Sail to Antarctica 'Ice Wall' at the Planet's Edge. Right. - 10:32

Visit the Heart of the Milky Way in This 360-Degree, 4K Simulation (Video) - 10:32

World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Just Found Evidence for Why Our Universe Exists - 06:50

Are Aliens Ignoring Us? Maybe We're Already Their Captives in a 'Galactic Zoo' - 06:50

National Space Council Will Talk NASA's Moon Goals and More Today. Watch It Live. - 06:50

Behold! Jupiter Is a Breathtaking 'Marble' in This NASA Juno Photo - 06:50

'Tiamat's Wrath' Builds Up to Grand Finale for 'Expanse' Books - 06:50

Monday th 25th of March 2019

Astronauts Wont make the 1st All Female Spacewalk After All, NASA Says - 18:00

Birth of 'Great Dark Spot' Storm on Neptune Seen for 1st Time (Photo) - 16:00

Venera 13 and the Mission to Reach Venus - 16:00

Northrop Grumman Names Spaceship for Fallen Apollo 1 Astronaut - 12:00

National Space Council Seeks Urgency in NASA Exploration Plans - 11:30

Chemically, Earth Is Basically a Less Volatile Version of the Sun - 11:30

Universe Quickly Spawned Stars After Big Bang, Ancient Galaxy Shows - 10:40

NASA Needs Fresh Moon Rocks. This Sample-Return Mission Could Get Them. - 06:40

Get Ready for Milky Way Season with These Galactic Night-Sky Photos - 06:40

The Universe's Dark Secret: Where Did All the Antimatter Go? - 06:40

Physicists Think They've Figured Out the Most Extreme Chemical Factories in the Universe - 06:40

Sunday th 24th of March 2019

Rocket Lab Scrubs Launch of Experimental DARPA Military Satellite - 19:00