Friday th 19th of October 2018

BepiColombo Spacecraft Launch on 7-Year Trek to Mercury for Europe and Japan - 22:30

This Hunk of Metal Fell From Space and Landed in California - 17:40

Space Force to be the Topic of Next National Space Council Meeting - 15:00

International Observe the Moon Night 2018 Saturday Marks Apollo's 50th Anniversary - 14:30

Five in a Row! See the Planets Align in the Night Sky - 14:30

BepiColombo in Pictures: A Mercury Mission by Europe and Japan - 13:40

Curiosity Rover on Mars Exercises Its 'New' Brain (Photo) - 13:40

AstroCritic Review: 'First Man' Shows You What Real Astronauts Are Like - 13:40

BepiColombo, the First Mercury Mission in 14 Years, Launches Tonight — Watch Live! - 07:10

Orionid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks This Weekend with Bits of Halley's Comet: What to Expect - 06:40

Red Dwarf Star's Mighty 'Hazflare' Could Be Bad News for Alien Life - 06:10

Astronomers Just Caught the Tiniest Cannibal Galaxy in the Universe - 06:10

Thursday th 18th of October 2018

Jupiter's Atmosphere & the Great Red Spot - 18:10

Venus' Atmosphere: Composition, Climate and Weather - 18:10

How NASA Mars Lander's 'Steampunk' Claw Will Work (Video) - 15:00

Moon Science! NASA Needs Experiment Ideas for Commercial Lunar Landers - 14:10

After Soyuz Abort, Russia Wants 3 Successful Robotic Flights Before Next Crew Launch - 12:50

Black Holes Unlikely the Source of Universe's Missing Dark Matter - 11:50

Why Haven't We Found Aliens? Because We're Just Not Looking Hard Enough. - 11:50

How Close Are We to Kubrick's AI-Controlled Vision of the Future? - 11:50

Stephen Hawking's Final Book Says There's 'No Possibility' of God in Our Universe - 11:50

Physicists Model Electrons in Unprecedented Detail — Spoiler Alert: They're Round - 11:50

China May Soon Have a Second (Artificial) Moon - 11:20

Would a Space Force Mean the End of NASA? - 10:50

Look Up! Former Astronaut Mae Jemison Co-Launches Campaign to Contemplate the Cosmos - 10:50

How to Get to Mars: 'Trailblazing' Experts Talk Red Planet Exploration - 10:50

Fisher Space Pen Celebrates 50 Years in Space with Apollo 7 Pen Set - 09:50

Exotic Matter Made in Space Could Boost the Hunt for Gravitational Waves - 09:20

Rocket Lab Picks Virginia Spaceport As US Launch Site for Small Satellites - 09:20

Paul Allen: Billionaire Backer of Private Space Ventures - 09:20

Saturn V Rockets & Apollo Spacecraft - 09:20

Meet Hyperion: Colossal Supercluster in the Early Universe - 09:20

Ask a Spaceman: The Weird Physics of Quark Stars (If They Exist) - 09:20

BepiColombo Launches This Weekend to Crack Mysteries of Mercury — and Beyond - 09:20

Bringing Dark Energy Out into the Light - 09:20

X-37B Military Space Plane Wings Past 400 Days on Latest Mystery Mission - 09:20

When Will We Find Planet Nine? - 09:20

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

Stephen Hawking's Children and Colleagues Discuss Physicist's Final Book and Continuing Legacy - 10:44

'Starstruck' Tells Kids the Story of Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson - 10:20

What It Feels Like to Be Aboard a Failed Rocket Launch - 10:20

2019 Breakthrough Prize Honors Pulsar Discovery, 'Multi-Messenger Astronomy' and More - 09:50

Powerful Cosmic Flash Is Likely Another Neutron-Star Merger - 06:20

'First Man' Cameos, Easter Eggs Add Even More Space History to Film - 06:20

Mysterious Signals at the Center of Our Galaxy May Be an Optical Illusion - 06:20

Keanu Reeves' Sci-Fi Film 'Replicas' Get a Gorgeous New Trailer - 06:20

Jam-Resistant US Military Communications Satellite Lifts Off in Midnight-Hour Launch - 00:50

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

Stephen Hawking Said 'Superhumans' Will Replace Us. Was He Right? - 23:50

NASA Wants to Send Humans to Venus, to Live in Airships Floating on Clouds - 23:50

Spaceflight, SETI Communities Mourn Passing of Paul Allen - 23:50

Wally Schirra: Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Astronaut - 17:00