Wednesday th 7th of November 2018

Supermassive Black Holes Collide in First-Ever Views of Galactic Merger Final Stages - 13:30

Florida Senator Went to Space While in Office, But He May Be Going Home - 11:20

In Search for Alien Planets, a New Era Will Rise from Kepler's Demise - 07:41

Monster Rifts in Comet Tails Are Sculpted By the Sun - 07:41

Why NASA Chose a 'Vanilla Ice Cream' Landing Site on Mars for the InSight Lander - 07:20

New Supercomputer with 1 Million Processors Is World's Fastest Brain-Mimicking Machine - 07:20

Technical Glitch Delays Launch of NASA's ICON Satellite on Pegasus Rocket - 05:10

Tuesday th 6th of November 2018

Soyuz Rocket Launches European Weather Satellite MetOp-C Into Orbit - 20:40

In Photos: Europe Launches MetOp-C Weather Satellite - 20:20

NASA Will Launch a Satellite to Study the Edge of Space Overnight. Here's How to Watch. - 16:00

Europe Is Launching a New Weather Satellite Tonight. Watch It Live! - 16:00

Pew! Pew! Pew! Powerful Laser Beacon Could Show Aliens Earth Is Inhabited - 12:10

Wild Idea: What If Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua Is an Alien Light Sail? - 12:10

This Planetary Scientist Is Now a Certified Genius - 11:40

Could Life Hitch a Ride on Interstellar Visitors Like 'Oumuamua? - 11:40

Under the Roof of the Cosmos, Stargazer Reaches for the Sky (Photo) - 11:40

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Just Made It's First Close Pass by the Sun! - 07:40

Election Day 2018 Takes Absentee Ballots to the Extreme in Space - 07:40

Monday th 5th of November 2018

Neil Armstrong Collection Commands $5.2 Million at Auction - 18:20

Watch Thousands of Dancing Robots Combine on Dark Energy Instrument (Video) - 16:00

NASA's 1st 8K Video from Space Is Just Awesome - 15:00

Soyuz Rocket Successfully Launches Russian Navigation Satellite - 14:30

Elon Musk Backs Space Force Proposal - 08:00

Now That Dawn Is History, Should NASA Send Another Mission to Ceres? - 08:00

A Deadly, Fast-Spreading Form of Super-Ice Could Be Killing Off Alien Life-Forms - 07:30

Sunday th 4th of November 2018

Air Force Launches $100K Challenge for 'Space Awareness Innovators' - 08:00

Black Holes Can Raise the Cosmic Dead - 08:00

For Close-Knit Planets, Sharing Life Could Be Easy - 08:00

Space Force Discussions Increasingly Blur the Line Between Military and Civilian Space - 08:00

Saturday th 3rd of November 2018

SpaceX's 'Starman' and Its Tesla Roadster Are Now Beyond Mars - 07:40

SpaceX's Epic Road Trip Photos: Starman Rides a Tesla Roadster Across Space - 07:40

Cold, Dark Stars Lurking in the Universe Could Act Like Single Giant Atoms - 07:10

2 Big NASA Space Missions Ended This Week, But Don't Panic - 07:10

Orbital Debris Removal Company Astroscale Raises $50 Million - 07:10

Friday th 2nd of November 2018

Tiny Lakes Once Pooled on Ancient Mars, Only to Fade Away - 14:20

Vans' 'Space Voyager' Line for NASA's 60th Is Out-of-This-World Chic - 14:20

Gravity Assist Podcast: Planetary Defense with Kelly Fast - 14:20

Total Lunar Eclipse Gets a Cloudy Halo in Cool Time-Lapse Video - 14:20

Vans and NASA Put Out Some Cosmic Kicks for 60th Anniversary - 09:20

It's Sunset for NASA's Dawn, But Asteroid Belt Probe's Legacy Lives On - 06:50

Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources Acquired by Blockchain Firm - 06:50

The US Shot Down a Fake Nuclear Missile in Space with Another Missile (Video) - 06:50

The 25 Greatest Spaceships of Science Fiction - 06:50

6 Minutes of Terror: What NASA's InSight Mars Lander Faces to Reach the Red Planet - 06:20

Rocket Lab Eyes 'Business Time' with 1st Commercial Launch Next Week - 06:20

This Stuff Is Circling the Drain of Our Galaxy's Monster Black Hole (Videos) - 06:20

Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Dawn Is Dead: NASA's Pioneering Asteroid-Belt Mission Runs Out of Fuel - 14:20

Soyuz Already Back in the Saddle, with Crewed Launch Set for Early December - 12:50

'Ask a Spaceman' Seeks Out the Elusive Quark Star in Finale - 11:30

Do Not Stop — Go Directly to the Moon, Says Mars Society's Robert Zubrin with 'Lunar Direct' Plan - 11:30