Friday th 5th of October 2018

Going Up? Waiting for the Space Elevator - 16:40

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Deliver a Heartfelt Message to 'Birthday Buddy' NASA - 16:40

New Planet, Same Old Humans: Nat Geo's 'Mars' Returns for Season 2 Next Month (Trailer) - 16:40

SpaceX to Attempt 1st West Coast Falcon 9 Rocket Landing on Sunday - 12:10

These Photos of Asteroid Ryugu from the Successful MASCOT Landing Are Amazing - 12:10

Innovative Single-Person Spacecraft Design Passes Leak Test (Exclusive) - 12:10

MASCOT 2.0? Mars Moon Rover to Fly on Japanese Mission to Phobos in 2024 - 06:24

China Could Be Facing Space Station Delay, Tiangong-2 To Be Deorbited - 06:00

Private Moon-Exploration Company Will Work with Canadian Space Agency - 06:00

Thursday th 4th of October 2018

Stephen Hawking's 1st Wife Blasts Biopic 'The Theory of Everything' - 19:30

Physicist Who Coined 'God Particle' Dies. And a Great Voice for Science Is Stilled. - 19:30

Einstein's Religion-Bashing 'God Letter' Expected to Sell for $1.5 Million at Christie's - 19:30

SpaceX's 1st Dragon Spaceship for Astronauts Won't Fly Until 2019 - 17:30

Oort Cloud: The Outer Solar System's Icy Shell - 16:30

October Full Moon 2018: Hunter's Moon Swings by Uranus - 16:30

Discovery of Potential Exomoon Raises Hopes of Real-Life Pandora or Endor - 16:30

Mae Jemison: Astronaut Biography - 15:30

Cassini's Death Dive into Saturn Reveals Weird Ring 'Rain' & Other Surprises - 14:00

RIP, MASCOT: Hopping Lander Meets Its End on Asteroid Ryugu - 13:30

Curiosity Rover Activates Backup 'Brain' on Mars - 13:00

Deep-Space Radiation Could Damage Astronauts' Guts - 11:00

It's World Space Week 2018! Thousands of Events Will Celebrate International Cosmic Feats - 11:00

This Trippy Simulation Shows How Monster Black Holes Glow Before They Collide - 11:00

International Space Station Partners Show Interest in Outpost's Life Extension - 10:30

Space Station Crew Returns Safely to Earth After 197 Days in Orbit - 09:00

Watch an Astronaut Rock Out with The Tragically Hip from Space! - 06:10

Star Explosions Measure The Growing Universe In 'Ask A Spaceman' - 06:10 Debuts New Series of Free Posters to Celebrate NASA Milestones - 06:10

'First Man' Offers an Emotional Account of Neil Armstrong's Life (Film Review) - 06:10

Wednesday th 3rd of October 2018

You Can Watch 3 Space Travelers Return to Earth Thursday! Here's How. - 18:00

NASA Solar Probe Flies By Venus on Its Way to 'Touch' the Sun - 18:00

Apollo 17: The Last Men on the Moon - 17:30

Lockheed Martin Unveils Plans for Huge Reusable Moon Lander for Astronauts - 17:30

What Is A Drone? - 17:00

First Exomoon Found? Neptune-Sized World Possibly Spotted Orbiting Alien Planet - 14:00

'Moon Race' Backed by Blue Origin, Airbus Aims for 2024 Lunar Flight - 14:00

NASA Confident Air Leak on Space Station Won't Affect Future Soyuz Capsules - 13:00

Satellite Photos Help Indonesian Relief Workers Sort Through Earthquake, Tsunami Aftermath - 12:00

'Star Trek' Shorts Go Boldly (and Briefly) to CBS All Access This Week - 11:30

See the First Photo of Asteroid Ryugu from the Hopping MASCOT Lander! - 07:30

Incredibly Weird Microbes Found Deep Underground Could Change Search for Life on Mars - 06:30

New York Comic-Con 2018: Space Panels to Watch For - 06:30

Why the Space Tourism Industry Needs Flight Attendants (Op-Ed) - 06:30

Tuesday th 2nd of October 2018

Japanese Probe Drops Hopping, Shoebox-Sized Lander on Asteroid Ryugu - 23:34

Moon Express Raises $12.5 Million for Commercial Lunar Landers - 14:30

House Joins Senate in Push to Extend ISS - 14:30

Breakthrough Listen to Search 1 Million Stars for ET Signals Using South African Scopes - 14:00

See Real-Time Photos of Asteroid Ryugu Ahead of Landing Attempt Tonight! - 12:00

Scientists Pinpoint Where Dark Matter Is Hiding in the Universe - 12:00

'Star Trek Adventures' Is the Franchise's Best RPG Yet - 11:30