Wednesday th 11th of July 2018

Touring Where the Mars-500 'Astronauts' Pretended to Take a Red Planet Journey - 06:09

Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life - 06:09

Tuesday th 10th of July 2018

Skylab: First U.S. Space Station - 22:10

Blood Moon 2018: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century Occurs July 27 - 17:20

Mars at Opposition 2018: How to See It and What to Expect - 17:20

Engine for DARPA's New Military Space Plane Aces Record-Breaking Test - 16:00

Europe's Ice-Watching Satellite Dodges Space Junk in Orbit - 16:00

Elon Musk's Mini-Submarine Sits Out of Thai Cave Rescue Effort - 16:00

There's Spooky Plasma Music Traveling From Saturn to its Weirdest Moon - 15:00

Photo Tour: All Aboard the Space-Themed 'Viking Orion' Cruise Ship! - 14:30

Queen's Brian May Will Rock You with This Stereo Image of Asteroid Ryugu - 14:00

Wrap Your Head Around the Huge Size of SpaceX's Falcon Rockets in This Epic Video - 13:00

Peel Back Jupiter's Layers in New 'Space's Deep Secrets' Episode - 11:00

Europe Plans Second Attempt at Asteroid Planetary Defense Mission - 11:00

Peanuts Marks 50 Years in Space with New NASA Mission for Snoopy - 11:00

An Astrophysics 'Breakthrough' Will Be Unveiled Thursday. Here's How to Watch. - 07:10

Solar Eclipse Guide 2018: When, Where & How to See Them - 06:40

This Exoplanet Is So Hot, It's 'Boiling Off' Its Atmosphere - 06:40

'Superstar' Eta Carinae Acts Like a Ginormous Cosmic-Ray Gun, But Why? - 06:40

India Tests Emergency-Escape System for Human Spaceflight (Video) - 06:40

Monday th 9th of July 2018

Russian Cargo Ship Sets New Record for Fastest Trip to Space Station - 21:15

Russia Just Launched the Fastest Cargo Mission Ever to the Space Station - 17:31

Neil Armstrong's Sons, Filmmakers Discuss Making 'First Man' - 16:00

Mars 2020 Rover Team Adds 4th Candidate to Landing-Site List - 15:30

Milky Weigh: New Method Pins Down Our Galaxy's Mass - 15:30

Hayabusa2: Japan's 2nd Asteroid Sample Mission - 14:00

Pieces of 'Fireball' Meteor Found in Botswana - 13:30

Superbright Quasar Could Shed Light on Universe's Youth - 08:30

Russia Is Launching Its Fastest Cargo Ship to the Space Station Today: Watch Live! - 07:01

Life on Mars Could Have Gotten an Early Start, 'Black Beauty' Meteorite Suggests - 06:00

'Apollo' Unpacks Urban Legends, Gossip, Speculation Behind First Moon Landing - 06:00

Sunday th 8th of July 2018

China Reveals Details for Super-Heavy-Lift Long March 9 and Reusable Long March 8 Rockets - 08:10

See Venus Rendezvous with the Moon and Regulus This Week - 07:40

How Stratospheric Life Is Teaching Us About the Possibility of Extreme Life on Other Worlds - 07:40

Saturday th 7th of July 2018

Watch the Moon Tango with Bright Aldebaran — For the Last Time Until 2033 - 07:50

Wall Street Journal Editorial Shoots Down Space Force - 07:50

Rocket Startup Relativity Space Sees Big Future in Military Launches - 07:50

Friday th 6th of July 2018

The End Is Nigh for NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Space Telescope - 18:51

Elon Musk Sends SpaceX Engineers to Aid Soccer Team Trapped in Thai Cave - 18:50

Students Send Human Spit, Baby Teeth and More to Space … for Science - 16:43

July New Moon 2018: See Mercury at Its Best in the 'Moonless' Sky - 16:41

Watch SpaceX's Dragon Ship for Astronauts Ace a Parachute Abort Test - 16:39

The Big Dipper Sparkles Over Dramatic Landscape in Stunning Night-Sky Photo - 12:31

Epic Crash with 'Sausage' Galaxy Shaped Milky Way's Bulge - 10:01

Engine for US Military's New Space Plane Fires Up in 10-Day Test - 07:31

Aphelion Day 2018: Earth Is Farthest from the Sun Today - 07:00

Remember That Dark-Matter-Free Galaxy? It May Have Dark Matter After All - 07:00

As Space Becomes a Busy Place, NASA Bolsters Its Planet-Contamination Police - 07:00

Why This 5.4-Million-Year-Old Planet Is Still a Baby - 07:00

NASA Spacecraft Refines Course Toward Big Asteroid Bennu - 07:00