Scientific Blogging

Wednesday the 9th of April 2014

New: Better Tissue Trauma Repair Than Grafts And Synthetic Material - 05:41

LRO Mission (And North America) To Experience Total Lunar Eclipse April 15th - 02:37

GM Crops Debated At Irish Food Conference - 02:36

ACA Ripple Effect: Auto, Malpractice And Other Insurance Will Go Up Also - 02:36

Tuesday the 8th of April 2014

Lipid Levels During Prenatal Brain Development Implicated In Autism - 21:01

NASA's LRO Mission And North America To Experience Total Lunar Eclipse - 21:01

Sea Otters Can Get The Flu, Too - 21:01

Elafin Protein Discovery May Mean Treatment For Celiac Disease - 21:01

Is The Power Grid Too Big? - 21:00

Dark Matter Has Conferences, Now It Needs Evidence - 18:20

Pop Music Implicated In Teenage Drinking - 18:20

Genomic Analysis Leads To More Accurate Classification Of Brain Tumors - 18:20

Cetuximab And Chemo For Advanced Colorectal Cancer May Lead To More Rapid Cancer Progress - 13:02

Simulating Yeast Metabolism To Understand Changes During Wine Fermentation - 13:02

The Mystery Of The Hexagon On Saturn's North Pole - 13:02

Tracking Sugar Movement In Plants - 11:40

Whites Become More Conservative When Thinking About Minorities Becoming Majorities - 11:40

Cetuximab And Chemo For Advanced Colorectal Cancer May Leads To More Rapid Cancer Progress - 11:40

Black Carbon Hitches A Ride To The Ocean Floor On Passing Particles - 11:40

Human Bones Can Teach Us About 6,000 Years Of Farming - 01:20

Neuroscientists, You Now Have No Excuse Not To Share Raw Data - 01:20

Epidural Electrical Stimulation Allows 4 Paraplegic Men To Voluntarily Move Their Legs - 01:20

Before Neanderthals, Early Modern Humans Took Down A Giant Elephant In England - 01:20

Monday the 7th of April 2014

I Can Haz Blood? The Surprising World Of Pet Transfusions - 21:20

Can You Put A Price On Ecological Restoration? - 21:20

Saccades Not Cultural: Chinese People Have Faster Eye Responses - 18:40

On The Eve Of The ACA, Primary Care Doctors Are Available - If You Have The Right Insurance - 18:40

I Can Haz Blood? The Surprising World Of Pet Blood Transfusions - 18:40

Off-Label Antipsychotic Drug Use For Foster Care Youth Is Increasing - 14:32

Paternal Obesity Linked To Child Autism - 14:32

Liver Let Die: Gambling With Supplements - 14:32

The Upcoming Food Inquisition - 14:32

BOSS Quasars Provide Most Precise Measurement Yet Of Expanding Universe - 14:32

Air Quality Researchers Forget To Account For Laboratory Chamber Walls - 14:32

Want Less Rape And Homicide? Have A Male-Dominated Society - 14:32

Tiny Greenhouse Gas Emitters Have A Big Impact - 10:50

New Prostate Cancer Detection Can Save Millions Of Men From Painful Biopsies - 10:50

The Downside To Twitter: A Rumor Maelstrom During Disasters - 06:31

Photosynthetic Activity Shows High Productivity Of US Corn Belt - 05:50

Anxiety Drugs, Sleeping Pills Linked To Risk Of Death - 05:50

Could A Fire Have Caused The Loss Of MH370? - 03:10

The Risks Of Acetaminophen Toxicity From Over The Counter And Prescription Pain Medications - 03:10

Sport Makes Muscles And Nerves Fit - 03:10

Over A Lifetime, Childhood Obesity Costs $19,000 Per Child - 03:10

Overuse Of Blood Transfusions Increases Infection Risk - 03:10

Sweden Has 3X As Many Young People With Type 1 Diabetes As Previously Thought - 03:10

Geologic Clock: Interior Of The Earth Helps Determine The Moon's Age - 03:10

Sunday the 6th of April 2014

Clouds Seen Circling The Drain Around Supermassive Black Holes - 21:20

Friedreich's Ataxia -- An Effective Gene Therapy In An Animal Model - 20:00

Amino Acid Fingerprints Revealed In New Study - 20:00