Scientific Blogging

Monday the 6th of October 2014

Study Of Identical Twins Reveals Type 2 Diabetes Clues - 11:51

Making Bone From Fat Cells - 11:51

Who You Calling An Elephant? Animals Have Weight Issues Too - 11:51

NASA's SDO Watches Giant Filament On The Sun - 09:50

Sexting And Selfies:Teen Hormones And Cellphones - 09:50

Sunday the 5th of October 2014

RCas9: A Programmable RNA Editing Tool - 21:50

COWL Web Privacy System Promises Safer Surfing - 21:50

A More Accurate Model For Greenhouse Gases From Peatlands - 18:10

Meet 2014 OL339, Earth’s New Quasi-Moon - 11:50

Humans Drained The Aral Sea Once Before – But There Are No Free Refills This Time Round - 11:10

The End Of Aggressive Health Care -and Hospitals With Lower Failure-To-Rescue Rates - 10:50

Apoptosis Inhibitor Of Macrophage Stops Liver Cancer In Its Tracks - 10:50

Bisphosphonate Osteoporosis Treatment May Also Benefit Breast Cancer Patients - 09:31

Cell Conversion And How DNA 'Bias' May Keep Some Diseases In Circulation - 09:31

Dwell Time As The Missing Link: Counting The Seconds For Immunological Tolerance - 09:31

Myrmecophily: Beetle Trapped In Amber For 52 Million Years And Social Parasitism - 09:31

Saturday the 4th of October 2014

Moderate Weekly Alcohol Intake Linked To Poorer Sperm Quality In Healthy Young Men - 20:50

Exercise Linked With Improved Physical And Mental Health Among Dialysis Patients - 20:50

Study Of Mountain Lion Energetics Shows The Power Of The Pounce - 17:30

Study: Big-headed Ants Grow Bigger When Faced With Fierce Competitors - 17:30

A Discovery Could Prevent The Development Of Brain Tumours In Children - 17:30

Batteries Included: A Solar Cell That Stores Its Own Power - 13:10

Facebook Will Continue Experimenting On Users Under Closed Guidelines - 11:50

Thermotolerant Yeast Can Provide More Climate-smart Ethanol - 11:50

In-depth Analysis Of Bat Influenza Viruses Concludes They Pose Low Risk To Humans - 11:50

Supreme Delay: Why The Nation's Highest Court Puts Off Big Decisions Until The Last Moment - 11:50

Friday the 3rd of October 2014

Twitching In Your Sleep Is More About Mapping The Brain Than Chasing Rabbits - 18:20

As Majority Status Declines, Whites Will Have Less Support For Diversity, Say Psychologists - 17:40

Babies' Gut Bacteria Are Mostly Fixed By Time Spent In The Womb - 17:40

Before Life, Where Did Abiotic Oxygen Come From? - 16:40

Predicting The 2014 Baseball Postseason - 13:20

Flow Machine: Hacking The Human Brain For Healing And Wellbeing - 12:20

Soap Is Safe: Large Study Shows Surfactants Do Not Harm The Environment - 12:20

A Science 2.0 Approach To Knowledge Sharing In The Healthcare Sector - 12:20

Transverse Field Detectors Gather 12 Times More Information Than The Human Eye - 12:20

Children Need To Play Outdoors, But We're Not Letting Them - 09:40

What Do World University Rankings Actually Mean? - 08:20

Blackflies Implicated In Nodding Syndrome - 08:20

Hippocrates Didn't Write The Oath, So Why Is He The Father Of Medicine? - 08:20

Something New On The Illusion Of Time - 06:00

Thursday the 2nd of October 2014

Fossilized Bite Marks Show How Ancient Reptiles Battled Across Land And Water - 22:50

10 Mistakes We All Make When Interpreting Research - 20:30

Ibuprofen: Less Inflammation Makes Old Lungs Seem Young Again - 13:00

In A Bad Mood? Someone Is Worse Off On Facebook - And You'll Find Them - 13:00

The Voices Of Fish Larvae Recorded - 10:20

Evolutionary Imbalance: Darwin Was Right About Invasive Species - 10:20

Cosmic Dust, Fish-Inspired Wind Farms And DARPA's Quest For The New GPS - 08:50

Sharks Have Personalities - 08:50

5 Ways To Stop The World’s Wildlife From Vanishing - 08:50

The Role Of Brain Connectivity In Pain Inhibition And Fibromyalgia - 08:50