Scientific Blogging

Monday the 20th of April 2015

Obesity And Prostate Cancer Risk Linked In African-American Men - 17:40

Autoimmune Process Linked To Rejection Of Secondary Corneal Transplants Uncovered - 17:40

Cardiovascular Risk Factors And Alzheimer's Disease Genetic Overlap - 17:40

How To Pitch A Good Research Idea - 16:40

Patrick Matthew, The Overlooked Third Man Of Natural Selection - 13:01

Temporal Acoustics: How Do We Hear Time Within Sound? - 10:20

Major Vascular Anomalies In Brains Of People With Huntington's Disease - 10:20

Heroin Treatment For Drug Addicts? - 10:20

Sunday the 19th of April 2015

Teens Try E-cigarettes, But Few Become Regular Users - 22:20

RNA Is New Target For Anticancer Drugs - 22:20

Can Moons Have Moonlets? Or Rings? Moonlets Of Pluto's Moons? - 13:20

The Era Of The Atom - 13:20

People Are Aging More Slowly Than We Think - 13:20

The Art Of Teaching And The Science Of Instruction - 13:20

Singular Value Decomposition Method Increases Accuracy Of Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis - 13:20

Infectious Ants Become Antisocial - 13:20

Half Of Cardiac Arrest Patients Then Suffer Cognitive Problems - 13:20

Anti-Vaccine Beliefs Raced Around The World While Science Was Putting On Its Shoes - 13:20

What Is The Optimal Amount Of Homework For Students? - 13:20

Racial Disparity In Cancer Mortality Continued To Narrow After 2000 - 13:20

Can Moons Have Moonlets? Or Rings? - 01:20

Epilepsy Drug Phenytoin May Preserve Eyesight For People With MS - 01:20

Stomach Ulcers In Cattle - 01:20

Sometimes Subsidies Are Needed: Sanitation Is One Of Those Times - 01:20

Saturday the 18th of April 2015

Ten Commandments For Airlines - 13:40

Thorium Can Serve As A Nuclear Fuel For Commercial Electricity Generation - 10:00

James Hansen: To Mitigate Climate Change, Nuclear Energy Should Be Included - 10:00

NailO: Your Thumb As A Miniature Wireless Track Pad - 08:40

We've Forgotten The Trial Of Socrates: Excellence And Winning Aren’t The Same Thing - 08:40

Friday the 17th of April 2015

Oxytocin As Amplifier And Suppressor Of Neural Signals In The Brain - 23:01

As Dawn Approaches, The First Color Images Of Ceres - 23:01

Kindergartners Who Share Tablets Do Better On Achievement Tests - 23:01

Can Moons Have Moonlets? Or Rings? - 15:20

Uninsured People Pay Far More For Cancer Drugs Than Medicare Patients - 15:20

Can Moons Have Moons? Or Rings? Could Pluto Have A Moon With A Moonlet? - 12:40

Chemobrain: Even A Cancer Diagnosis Affects Cognitive Function - 12:20

Virgin Births: Here Is Why Males Are Still Not Irrelevant - 12:20

What Savants Can Teach Us - 12:20

Eating In Restaurants Linked To High Blood Pressure In College Students - 12:20

Can Moons Have Moons? Or Rings? Could A Moon Of Pluto Have A Moonlet? - 12:20

Genetic Modification Led To Maize Roots Evolving To Be More Nitrogen Efficient - 09:01

3 Easy Steps To Making Beer The Scientific Way - 09:01

Typhoon Haiyan May Contaminate Philippines Aquifer For Years - 09:01

LP Resurgence: The Reasons Behind Vinyl's Unlikely Comeback - 09:01

How Salmonella Survives Macrophage's Acid Attack - 09:01

Physician Support For Obamacare In California Is Along Party Lines - 09:01

Thursday the 16th of April 2015

Professional Golf: For Most It Is A Lonely Life On A Meager Income - 22:20

Myth: You Have To Finish All Your Antibiotics - 18:20

Hubble's Successor Is 900 Percent Over Budget And A Decade Behind Schedule - Is Big Space In America Over? - 17:20

For Academic Grad School Advice, Women And Minorities Should Prepare To Be Ignored - 17:20