Scientific Blogging

Monday the 14th of July 2014

Cachexia: Cancer-Related Wasting Condition Halted By Antibody - 05:22

Personalized Antibiotics Could Leverage The Neat Trick Bacteria Play On Us - 05:22

Sunday the 13th of July 2014

Quantum Biology? Vibrations Improve Efficiency Of Photosynthesis - 23:40

Mystery Food Allergy - Genetic Pathway Found - 22:20

Tokens Of Trade: Prehistoric Bookkeeping Lasted Long After The Invention Of Writing - 21:40

Leber Congenital Amaurosis: Oral Treatment For Form Of Childhood Blindness Progressing - 21:40

Smell And Eye Tests Might Detect Alzheimer's Early - 21:40

Computer Models Says Australia Drying Due To Ozone Depletion, Greenhouse Gases - 19:20

A Boron Cage Discovered? - 18:01

Is Organic Food More Nutritious And Safer Than Conventional? Reviewing A Recent Systematic Review - 17:40

Exercise Is The Best Medicine At Any Age - But Especially For Women In Old Age - 14:40

ADSCs Transplantation Promotes Neurogenesis In Alzheimer's Disease - 14:40

Smell You Later - Scent And Social Signals In Arousal - 14:40

Genome Editing Brings Possibility Of Gene Therapies Closer To Reality - 11:40

Smoking: Handicapped People Don't Have The Same Incentives To Quit - 11:20

The Ulterior Motive In Baboon Grooming - 11:20

Handicapped People Don't Have The Same Incentive As Mobile People To Quit Smoking - 10:20

Women Who Kill Their Children Are Not So Bad, Says Psychologist - 10:20

Drones Are Not Just For The White House - They Can Help Photographers Too - 06:01

Saturday the 12th of July 2014

England Football Can Still Win In Brazil - The Robot World Cup - 18:00

Want To Simulate The High Pressure Of The Earth's Crust? You Have To Go Nuclear - 16:40

BGI Reports A Novel Gene For Salt Tolerance Found In Wild Soybean - 16:40

Ecological Niche Visualized: 14 Fish Get A Four-Dimensional Food Diagram - 15:40

Over-Fished Populations Rebuild In Belize No-Take Zones - 13:40

Kadison-Singer Math Solution May Mean A Boost For Science 2.0 - 13:00

Drawing Stem Cells Out Of Their Niche - 12:00

Obese US Firefighters Don't Get Told To Lose Weight - 10:40

AP39: Fart Smell Compound May Prevent Diabetes, Heart Attacks And Dementia - 10:00

Hygiene Hypothesis? Growing Up On A Farm Halves The Risk Of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - 09:40

Little Discussed Reasons For Groundwater Table Declines In Texas - 02:00

In Lab Studies, Hydroxyethyl Starch Has Direct Harmful Effects On Kidney Cells - 00:00

Getting A Charge Out Of Water Droplets - 00:00

Friday the 11th of July 2014

Sometimes Good Gut Bacteria Get Sick - 19:50

Is Sex Addiction Real? - 17:50

Researchers Catch Photosynthesis Oxygen Formation In Action - 15:10

Text Messages From The ER Can Reduce Binge Drinking - 12:01

Self Quote Of The Week: Why You Can't Weigh Quarks Directly - 10:00

Medicare Breast Cancer Costs Skyrocketed A Decade Ago, But No More Were Helped - 06:30

Ferryl Heme: A Biological Mystery Solved - 00:50

Thursday the 10th of July 2014

Epigenetics: Inherited 'Memory' Of Environment Is Overhyped - 23:31

Study Points To Potential New Target For Antibiotics Against E. Coli, Other Bugs - 23:31

53 To 15 Percent: The Drop-Off In Women From Medical School To Academic Medicine - 23:30

1960s Redux: Injected Polio Vaccine Could Help Eradicate The Disease - 20:10

Active Shooter Training Increases Comfort Level Of Emergency Responders - 19:50

Cost Of Expensive Medication In Dialysis Catheters May Be Offset By Reduced Complications - 19:50

7 Dwarf Galaxies Found By Frankenscope - 19:50

After A Concussion, Which Teens Will Have Emotional Symptoms? - 17:30

Kids With Pacemakers Need A Physical Competence Boost - 17:10

Sorry, But Drinking Alcohol Provides No Heart Benefit - 17:10

How To Help Kids With Cognitive Disabilities: Have Them Teach A Robot To Play Angry Birds - 17:10