Scientific Blogging

Wednesday the 18th of February 2015

Tracking Parasites With Satellites - 12:20

Study Implicates Added Fructose As Principal Driver Of Type 2 Diabetes - 12:20

Plants Survive Mass Extinctions Better Than Animals - 10:01

The Quote Of The Week: Resolving The Mass Hierarchy With A Little Help From A Supernova - 08:20

Mothers Pass Traits To Offspring Through Bacteria DNA - 02:50

Tautological Description-Relativistic Metaphysics IS The Theory Of Everything - 02:50

Tuesday the 17th of February 2015

Bio-P3: 3D Tissue Engineering With Multicellular Building Blocks - 20:30

Nicotine Reduces Parasite Infection In Bees Up To 81 Percent - 20:30

Child Rearing Is Unequal Between The Sexes - And That Is Due To Evolution - 20:30

'Fiddling' With Temperature Data Doesn't Change The Global Warming Trend - 17:30

Your Skull: Now An Extended Network Structured In Ten Modules - 17:30

Chimps From Good Families Do Better In Fights - 15:10

Parkinson's Gene Linked To Lung Cancer - 15:10

Obesity Paradox: A High-Fat Diet Reduces Heart Attack Damage 50 Percent - 15:10

Real Paleo Diet: Anything Early Hominids Could Find - 15:10

Organic Milk Offers No Nutritional Boost Over Regular Milk - 15:10

Geolocating Where Videos Were Taken, Using Sound And Image Recognition - 11:30

Oscars: The Science Behind Award-Winning Trees And Tresses - 09:10

Killer Shrimp: Invasive Species In The Great Lakes By 2063 - 07:30

Probiotic Hype: No Relationship Between The Gut Microbiome And Obesity - 07:30

Rivers Can Be A Source Antibiotic Resistance - 02:30

Antidepressant Plus Dye Yields Tumor-targeting Tool - 02:30

Monday the 16th of February 2015

Evidence About The Biological Nature Of Gender Identity - 23:50

What Is Successful Aging? Gerontologists Strive To Build Consensus - 23:50

Blood Test Can Predict Risk Of Dementia - 23:50

Added Sex Benefit: It Makes Us Less Prone To Disease Over Time - 23:50

More DNA And Extra Copies Of Disease Gene In Alzheimer's Brain Cells - 19:10

Urban Pollinators Get The Job Done - 19:10

Neutrinos From An Atomic Bomb - 17:10

The Long-Term Married Are Having Sex More Often Than Ever - 17:10

Science 2.0: Network Analysis Versus Privacy - 17:10

Massive Clouds Shot 100 Miles Into The Mars Atmosphere, And No One Knows Why - 17:10

Lobbying Works Behind The Scenes, But Protests Work Out Front - 17:10

Natural Disturbances: Climate Change May Cause Loss Of Ice Dynamics In Streams - 17:10

Rural China's Unsustainable Ecological Decline - 17:10

Ocean Acidification You Can See From Space - 17:10

Order Matters: Sequence Of Genetic Mutations Determines How Cancer Behaves - 17:10

Transcriptomics Identifies Genes & Signaling Pathways That May Regulate Neurodegeneration - 17:10

DNA Repair Is High In The Heart But Nonexistent In The Brain - 17:10

Mercury Levels In Tuna Are Getting Higher - 17:10

Credentialism: Alma Mater Predicts Chances Of Getting A Faculty Job - 17:10

Science Is A Verb - 02:50

Wisdom Or Woo? Survey Shows American Rise And Fall Of Natural Products - 02:50

Mesothelioma In Southern Nevada Likely Result Of Natural Asbestos - 02:50

Sunday the 15th of February 2015

Michael Mann And The Iconic 'hockey Stick' Graphic At The Center Of The Climate Debate - 21:30

Hormone Replacement Therapy Associated With Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk - 21:30

Pollution And Suicide: Middle-aged Men At Highest Risk After Breathing Poor Air - 21:30

Why Is Apple Really Making An Electric Car? - 16:31

Study Maps Travel Of H7 Influenza Genes - 16:31

Gator Blood Contains Natural Germ Fighters - 16:31