Scientific Blogging

Thursday the 6th of November 2014

Tobacco Shop Density Causes Teens To Smoke - 09:10

Addiction Recovery Means A Lot Of Sleepless Nights - 09:10

Young Patients With Colorectal Cancer Could Double By 2030 - 09:10

Testing Could Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotics Prescriptions - 09:10

Postpone Brain Aging With A High-Fat Diet - 09:10

Why Rosetta Is The Greatest Space Mission Of Our Lifetime - 07:31

Wednesday the 5th of November 2014

Do Women Have Better Noses Than Men? - 18:10

More Gambling Does Not Lead To More Gambler Addiction - Study - 18:10

Inspiration Or Self-Loathing? Why Do Women Buy Magazines That Promote Glamorous Body Images? - 15:50

Will The Ethical Social Scientists Please Stand Up? - 15:50

Location, Location, Location: A Real Estate Axiom For The Genesis Of Genitalia - 15:50

Gender Bias In Osteoporosis Screening - 15:50

So Hot Right Now: The Middle Ages In The Climate Change Debate - 13:50

Separating Gut Bacteria Hype From Science - 13:50

ABC Transporter Complex: How Cells Defend Themselves Against Antibiotics - 13:50

'No-Consequences' Education Produces Unemployable Graduates - 13:50

Aromapoetry And Electric Ink: The Physical Book Is Not Dead, It's About To Be Reborn - 13:50

Children Born Just After The Berlin Wall Fell Were Lower Achievers – Here’s Why - 13:50

Brand It Like Beckham: 4 Things Posh Spice Can Teach Young Entrepreneurs - 13:50

Coming To You Live From The Nano-Cosmos - 13:50

Genetic Markers For Alcoholism Recovery - 01:40

Cloying Or Clever? Coffee That Only Brews When The Energy Is Renewable - 01:40

Discovered: Vaccine-Resistant Polio Strain - 01:40

Tuesday the 4th of November 2014

The Identity Of Jack The Ripper Remains A Mystery - 19:40

Want To Feed The World? Tackle Pollution From Ozone And Soot - 18:40

Google X Tackles Cancer And Heart Attacks - 18:40

Gut Bacteria Blamed For Heart Disease - 16:40

Good Science Is Not Enough: To Succeed In Academia, Grad Students Need To Work The System - 16:40

Plate Tectonics 2.0: Terra Firma Is Not So Firm And Tectonic Plates Are Not Rigid - 16:40

Antifragility: Two Messes Can Sometimes Bring Order - 16:40

Oops, Just Lab Contamination: GMO Genes Do Not Pass From Food Into Blood - 12:40

Here's A Brainwave – Magnetic Pulses Could Treat Autism - 11:40

No Brain Differences Between Autistic And Typical Individuals Over Age 6 - 11:40

Nature Loves Genetic Modification - 11:40

Half Of Liverpool Stop Smoking Services Users Tried E-Cigarettes - 09:20

The Violent Events That Formed Asteroid Vesta's 'Belt' - 09:20

Banning Greenhouse Gases Is No Magic Bullet For Global Warming - 09:20

ATLAS Seeks Invisible Particles With Top Quarks - 06:20

Two Photons Strongly Coupled By Glass Fiber - 01:10

Monday the 3rd of November 2014

Why We Can't "Backup Earth" On Mars, The Moon, Or Anywhere Else In Our Solar System - Opinion Piece - 22:30

Human Gut Bacteria Much Different Than Apes - 22:30

Why We Don't Need A Backup Of Earth On Mars, The Moon, Or Anywhere In Space - Opinion Piece - 20:10

Terminal Illness: The Top 5 Things To Talk About - 16:31

Gulf War Syndrome - CoQ10 Antioxidant Helps In Small Study - 16:31

If You Are Against Abortion, People Are Less Likely To Tell You They Had One - 16:31

The 'Valley Of Death' Between Academia And Commercializing A Product - 14:50

Sexism In Academic Science Is Overstated - 14:50

MRSA Bugs In Hospitals - Livestock Implicated - 14:50

Is Truthy Truthful Or Truthiness? - 14:50

M-Theory Repositions: Now You Can Thank Us For Quantum Mechanics Too - 14:50