Scientific Blogging

Thursday the 4th of September 2014

4 Weird Ideas People Used To Have About Women’s Periods - 11:50

Fixing Fossil Record Correction Methods For More Accuracy - 11:20

Don’t Dismiss MOOCs – We Are Just Starting To Understand Their True Value - 11:20

Using Advanced Membranes To Catch Greenhouse Gases - 11:20

Retracted Papers Stigmatize, Jeopardize Solid Research In Related Fields - 11:20

Where Are We In The Universe? - 10:20

Dreadnoughtus Schrani Is A New, Supermassive Dinosaur Species - 10:20

Phase III Trial Of REVLIMID In Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma - 10:20

Invasive Plants In Galapagos A Global Warning - 09:20

The EPA Is Too Pro-Pesticide, Say Environmentalists - 09:20

Dendrogrammatidae: New Deep Sea Mushroom-Shaped Organisms Discovered - 09:20

Triclosan In Utero May Disrupt Growth Of Boys, But BPA Doesn't - 09:20

WHO Suicide Report Shows We Must Stop Seeing Depression As A Disorder Of Developed World - 09:20

Wednesday the 3rd of September 2014

Gateway Hypothesis: Nobel Laureate Says E-Cigarettes Promote Drug Addiction - 23:40

Falling Down: Without Enough Gravity, It's Hard For Astronauts To Tell Which Way Is Up - 23:40

Earth's New Address Is...a Tiny Part Of The Laniakea Galactic Supercluster - 22:00

Gateway Hypothesis: Nobel Laureate In Medicine Says E-Cigarettes Promote Drug Addiction - 21:00

SSRIs - Depression Drugs Linked To Dental Implant Failure - 21:00

Airline Crews Have 2X Incidence Of Melanoma As General Population - 20:40

Synapsids Push Evolutionary Origin Of Nocturnality In Mammals Back 100 Million Years - 20:40

Studying The Silk Tunics And Relics Of St. Ambrose - 12:01

Prosperity Leads To Language Extinction - 12:01

Estrogen And Cannabis - Today's Concentrated Pot Risky Business For Women - 10:20

Organic Photovoltaic Technology May Be Solar Panels Of The Future - 09:20

Making Diseased Cells Synthesize Their Own Drug - 08:01

The Graph Of The Week: No Dark Photons Found By ATLAS Lepton Jets Search - 07:01

Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014

Double Mastectomy Doesn't Bring Better Breast Cancer Survival Rates Over Lumpectomy - 21:20

The Diet That Works: Eat Less And Keep Doing That - 17:50

How To Get Women To Participate More In Biology Classes - 17:50

Tax And Spend Policies Could Make You Eat Healthier - 17:50

Bariatric Surgery Is Booming - Is It Needed? - 17:50

How We Tricked E. Coli Bacteria Into Making Renewable Propane - 15:20

Does Dr. Oz Think I'm An Idiot? - 14:01

Sickle Cell Is Still A Killer But This 50 Cent Test Could Change That - 14:01

Human Breast Milk - The Magic In The Microbiome - 14:01

Weak Core Linked To More Missed Days For Baseball Pitchers - 14:01

Bamboo Could Turn The World's Construction Trade On Its Head - 14:01

Handsome Face Linked To Lower Semen Quality - 14:01

Muslim Hijab Linked To Less Negative Body Image Among Women - 14:01

Created: Renewable Propane Using E.coli - 14:01

Misogyny Wins With Hacking Of Intimate Celebrity Pictures – But You Can Choose Not To Look - 14:01

Racial Disparities In Shootings - It's Easier To Shoot White People - 12:01

MITOCARE: TRO40303 Hopes Dashed For Preventing Reperfusion Injury After Heart Attack - 12:01

Sickle Cell Is Still A Killer But This 50-cent Test Could Change That - 12:01

E. Coli Strain Responsible For Food Poisoning Gets Its Genome Sequenced - 09:40

21st Century Toasters - Why Utilities Want You To Buy That Electric Car - 09:40

Generating Energy From Coffee Wastewater - 08:02

Corals: Not So Passive, They Are Nature's Tiny Engineers - 08:02

Mutating Ebola Viruses Not As Scary As Evolving Ones - 08:02

Battery-Less Pacemaker Works Like An Automatic Wristwatch - Powered By Heart Motion - 07:01