Scientific Blogging

Friday the 4th of April 2014

Whey Acid Dumping: Greek Yogurt Is Killing Gaia - 10:01

Lactase Persistence: A Khoe Evolutionary Tale - 10:00

Bacteria Get New Badge As Planet's Detoxifier - 09:48

The Most Precise Mass Measurement: CMS On Top - 08:32

Whey Acid Dumping: Greek Yogurt Is Killing Gaea - 06:10

Thursday the 3rd of April 2014

Smoking May Dull Obese Women's Ability To Taste Fat And Sugar - 21:00

Cassini Reports Sub-surface Ocean On Enceladus - 21:00

Subsurface Ocean Confirmed On Saturn Moon Of Enceladus - 21:00

Tiny Microbial Power Generator Runs On Spit - 18:10

How Dementia Sabotage Memory Formation And Maintenance - 18:10

Fences: Former Conservation Must-Have Now Implicated In Ecological Meltdown - 17:10

Sentinel-1 Liftoff : Environmental Data Will Be Free To Everyone Worldwide - 17:10

Calcium Waves Help The Roots Tell The Shoots - 17:10

How Meta: Using The Sun To Create Solar Energy Materials - 15:31

Organic Food Does Not Reduce Cancer Risk - 15:31

Romance Cyberpsychology: Where People Meet Each Other - 14:31

A New Approach For Detecting Changes In Genetically Modified Foods - 14:31

Cathartic Pain: A New Tweetment For Discussing Migraine Agony - 14:31

How Meta: Using The Sun To Create Solar Energy Materials - 14:31

Cancer:The SRPK1 Goldilocks Effect - 13:01

New Study Casts Doubt On Heart Regeneration In Mammals - 13:01

Hairy Ball Theorem Updated - 12:32

Ethics: Deciding Health Standards For Extended Spaceflights - 12:32

ER Doctors Commonly Miss More Strokes Among Women, Minorities And Younger Patients - 12:32

Study Helps Unravel The Tangled Origin Of Lou Gehrig's Disease - 12:32

Publicity Spurs Science Study Retractions 7X More Often - 10:31

Women Won't Apply If A Job Sounds Too Male - 10:31

'Homo' Is The Only Primate Whose Tooth Size Decreases As Its Brain Size Increases - 09:20

Every Hour Someone In The UK Is Told They Have Parkinson’s - 03:20

Regolith: Small Asteroid Layer Formed By Thermal Fatigue - 03:20

Vaccination Changes Body Odor - 00:40

River Ice Reveals New Twist On Arctic Melt - 00:40

Brunswick Magnetic Anomaly Shows There's A Bit Of Africa In North America - 00:40

Bright Morning Light May Be A Weight Loss Strategy - 00:40

Coffee Consumption Reduces Mortality Risk From Liver Cirrhosis - 00:40

The Neanderthal In Modern Europeans - 00:40

Vegetarians Found To Have More Cancer, Allergies And Mental Health Disorders - 00:40

Benefits Of Circumcision Exceed Risks 100 To 1 - 00:40

Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014

Every Hour 6 People In The US Are Told They Have Parkinson’s Disease - 17:20

Hydrogen's Potential In Alternative Energy Is Fading - 14:40

From Norway To America, Why Are Young Men Committing Mass Killings? - 12:02

Criticism Of Violent Video Games Has Decreased As Gamers Have Taken Positions Of Leadership - 12:02

Tempest Stela: World's Oldest Weather Report Could Change Ancient Timeline - 10:20

Peanut Genome Initiative Sequence Success - 10:20

Oligomeric Procyanidins In Chocolate Could Help Prevent Diabetes - 10:20

Attachment Research Says It's Okay To Throw Pine Cones At Your Kids - 07:40

Cognition Therapeutics Receives Patent For Alzheimer's Disease Drug - 07:40

Snap Circuits Science: Infrared Detector - 07:40

New Checkerboard Optimization Scheme Could Reduce Wake Effects In Wind Turbines - 05:01

Why Is The UK Seeking More Dementia Diagnoses? - 05:01