Scientific Blogging

Saturday the 9th of May 2015

Mutations In 2 Genes Linked To Familial Pulmonary Fibrosis And Telomere Shortening - 18:00

Neuronal Network 3-D Models Reveal Organizational Principles Of Sensory Cortex - 18:00

Ethanol Refining Linked To More Pollutants Than Previously Thought - 18:00

What Would Optimus Prime Do? 3 Important Leadership Lessons Transformers Taught 1980s Kids - 18:00

Pudgy Paradox: Some Extra Weight Decreases Mortality From Type 2 Diabetes - 02:00

Friday the 8th of May 2015

New Origin Idea For Cells That Gave Rise To Vertebrates - 17:40

Prolonged Statin Use Linked To Lower Risk Of Lung Cancer Death - 13:40

FGFR1 Gene Is The Conductor In The 'Symphony Of Biology' - 13:40

Chemophobia Rampant, Science In Retreat. It Cannot End Well - 11:40

Does Science Belong On Your Dinner Plate? - 11:40

Green Tea Extract, Exercise Slow Alzheimer's Disease In Mice - 11:40

Don’t Blame Robots For The Rise In Inequality - 09:40

'Organoids' - Living Biobank Of 3D Cultures Personalizes Cancer Drug Screening - 09:40

Replacing One Sugary Drink Per Day Cuts Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes - 09:40

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Reveals Health Benefits Of Coffee - 09:40

DNA Repair Map Of The Entire Human Genome - 09:40

Green Tea Extract, Exercise Slow Alzheimer's Disease In Mice - 09:40

Thursday the 7th of May 2015

AKB-4924 Experimental Drug Boosts Urinary Tract Ability To Fight Infections - 19:30

Additional Higgs Bosons Might Be Waiting For Us - 16:50

Want Better Aircraft? Ask A Bat About The Sensory Receptors In Their Wings - 16:50

In Canada, Public Health Academics Worry About The Rise Of E-Cigarettes - 16:50

Gender Wage Gap In Academic Medical Education Hasn't Narrowed - 16:50

Money, Not Conquest, Triggered The Viking Age - 16:50

Sugar Science: Half Of Structural Data On Carbohydrates May Be Flawed - 16:50

Coffee Ground Antioxidant Effects 500X Greater Than Vitamin C - 16:50

Millennials Like Sexual Freedom, But Cheating On Your Spouse Is Still A No-No - 16:50

Militant Animal Rights Activists Have Won A Battle Against Science - 16:50

Camera Autostabilization Feature May Soon Be Available For Your Eyes - 16:50

Giant Halo Around The Andromeda Galaxy Found - 16:50

Does Gaming Improve Your Brain Power? - 16:50

Metabolic Link Between Colon Cancer And Bacterial 'Biofilms' - 16:50

Target Age Matters In Exercise Messages - 16:50

Dam Removal Study Reveals River Resiliency - 01:50

You've Heard The Bad About Viruses - Here's The Good - 01:50

Metformin Can Prevent The Onset Of Diabetes, But It Is Rarely Used - 01:50

Wednesday the 6th of May 2015

How Clinics Avoid FDA Oversight Of Their Stem Cell Treatments - 22:10

Species' Evolutionary Choice: Disperse Or Adapt? - 20:50

New Evidence In Favor Of Healthier Kids' Menus - 20:50

Housing Market Cycles Have Become Longer - 20:50

How To Reset A Diseased Cell - 20:50

LRO Finds Impact Crater Of Largest Lunar Explosion Ever Recorded - 14:50

Adenine DNA Methylation May Affect Epigenetic Information - 14:50

How To Break Free From Sexism In Science - 14:50

This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Die - 14:50

Kind Snacks And Why You Should Ignore Marketing On Food Packages - 14:50

Fat Bloom Process On Chocolate Gets The Synchrotron Treatment - 14:50

Common Black Fungus That Eats Oatmeal Used To Create Jet Fuel Compounds - 08:51

MicroRNA, The Puppet Master Of The Genome - 08:30

The Truth About 5 Common Health Beliefs - 08:30

Diet Plans Are Rational But Diet Behavior Is Emotional - 08:30