Scientific Blogging

Friday the 16th of January 2015

Letting People Simulate Blindness Actually Worsens Attitudes Toward Blindness - 13:00

Edutainment: Why University Lecturers Play To Their Audience - 08:40

Technological Naïvete: Shut Off Internet Encryption And You Might As Well Shut Off The Internet - 03:10

Thursday the 15th of January 2015

Space Station False Alarm Keeps Science Flies From Their Breakfast - 21:51

Triheptanoin As Therapeutic For Huntington's Disease - 21:51

Soot And Dirt In North American Snow Reveal Regional Patterns - 21:51

45 Months: Longest-ever Case Of Sperm Storage In Sharks Documented - 21:51

How To Assess A Supervolcano Without Making It Erupt - 21:51

Humanity Is Already 44 Percent Doomed - Paper - 21:51

Insulin Nasal Spray Shows Promise As Treatment For Adults With Alzheimer's - 17:30

In Norway, More Sun Means Fewer Children - And Grandchildren - 17:30

Airplanes Contaminated With Agent Orange Could Have Affected Air Force Reservists After Viet Nam - 17:30

What Drives Killers Like In Ottawa Or Paris? - 17:30

In Defense Of Mass US Government Spying, There's No Technological Replacement For Bulk Data Collection - 17:30

Global Warming And The Strange Case Of Disappearing Environmental Issues - 17:30

Fatty Acid Synthesis Linked To Sepsis Inflammation - 17:30

Help A Senior With Balance - Send Them Out To Play Catch - 17:30

Toxic Ingredients Or Not, Quantum Dot TVs May Be Better For The Environment - 17:30

Climate Change Is Not The Biggest Risk To Global Health - 17:30

Exoplanets May Be More Hospitable To Life Than Thought - 17:30

Coenzyme A Role In Nitric Oxide Function And Cell Metabolism - 11:40

Ancient DNA Extracted From 45,000 Year Old Extinct Giant Roos - 11:40

If There Is An Anthropocene Epoch, When Did It Begin? - 11:40

Ted Cruz Overseeing NASA? It Hasn't Looked This Bad Since 2013, Except For 1993, 1973 And 1959 - 10:00

Obituaries For Coral Reefs May Be Premature - 10:00

Dopamine Discovery Brings Cocaine Addiction Antidote A Bit Closer - 10:00

Dinosaurs In Europe Died Quickly Too - 10:00

Atmospheric Persistence: The Isotopic Memory Of Ancient Rocks - 10:00

Alternative Milk: Are You Pouring Unnatural Additives On Your Cereal? - 00:10

Wednesday the 14th of January 2015

What Are The Medical Safety Needs Of Civilian Space Travel? - 20:50

Lack Of Exercise Causes 2X As Many Deaths As Obesity - 19:10

Helicopter Parenting: Good For Your Pets, Bad For Your Kids - 19:10

Hepatitis C Drugs Show Patients Benefit Most From Treatment Choices - 16:21

Petrichor: Raindrops Release Clouds Of Aerosols On Impact - 16:21

Conform To The Norm And Video Games Might End Racism - 16:21

Better And Worse Than Thought: Corrected Estimates Of Sea Level Rise - 16:21

Sustainability Crisis: Renewable Resources Growth Has Been Maxed Out Since 2006 - 16:20

What Explains The Differing Media Coverage Of Charlie Hebdo And The Baga Massacre? - 11:00

Frozen Food Latches On To The Organic Health Halo - 11:00

How To Boost The Immune System Of City Dwellers - 11:00

Our Visual System Prefers Stability Over Accuracy - 11:00

Bisexual Women Have Worse Mental Health Than Lesbians - 11:00

The Road To El Dorado Cuts Through The Rainforests - 11:00

Tuesday the 13th of January 2015

Now That Prices Have Dropped, Hiking Gasoline Taxes Is Back On The Table - 23:40

BPA, BPS, BPD(uh) - 17:20

Dr. John Holdren Reconciles The 1970s Ice Age With Today's Global Warming - 17:20

Lab Grown Human Muscle Can Contract And Respond - 17:20

Too Little Is Known About Probiotics To Say They Work - 16:10

DNA Trax: Spray-On DNA Barcode Tracks Harmful Chemicals - 16:10

Lepton-Flavor-Violating Higgs Decays Fit In With LHCb Anomalies - 16:10