Scientific Blogging

Tuesday the 30th of June 2015

Collinsium Ciliosum: New Species Of ‘Super-Armored’ Worm Discovered - 08:31

Antibiotic Incentives: Marketing Vs. Education - 08:31

Male And Female Pain Involves Different Cells - 08:31

Asteroid Day Today, 30th June - Let's Find These Rocks And Deflect Them - 01:50

Monday the 29th of June 2015

Tillamook Bay Floodplain Restoration Plan Would Reduce Flood Risk And Restores Salmon Habitat - 20:30

Access To Electricity - And Artificial Light - Is Linked To Reduced Sleep - 20:30

Plastics May Be Making Men Infertile - Or Not - 20:30

Is Marriage Good Or Bad For Your Weight? A Comparison By Countries - 20:30

Will More Incentives Mean A Return To High Scientific Standards? - 20:30

Lego Optics Lab: Large Lens Holder - 20:30

Lexus Hoverboard Gets Off The Ground - 20:30

GlaxoSmithKline Gene Discovery In Poppies Paves Way For Better Painkillers - 20:30

Ocean Mixing Model Reveals Insight On Climate - 20:30

What Book Thieves Tell Us About A Country's Reading Culture - 20:30

Had Spinal Fusion? There Is Good News For Your Golf Handicap - 20:30

Oscillatory Chemical Reactions: What Your Clothes May Literally Say About You In The Future - 20:30

The Missing Memristor Has NOT Been Found Published By Nature Group - 07:30

Sunday the 28th of June 2015

Why Flu Seasons Seem To Be Getting Worse - 19:50

Isradipine Blood Pressure Medication May Stop Drug And Alcohol Addiction - 11:10

Evidence-Based Predictors Of Biphasic Allergic Reactions In Children - 11:10

In Memory Of David Cline - 11:10

What Gets Credit For Smoking Declines? Big Pharma And Taxes, Says UCSF Paper - 07:50

Rapid Ebola Diagnostic Test Could Be Game Changer - 07:50

Homeopsychopaths - 04:30

Saturday the 27th of June 2015

What Food Can You Safely Share With An ET? - 17:10

What 3-Year-Olds Teach Us About Justice - 13:10

What Food Can You Safely Share With An Extra Terrestrial? - 13:10

Low Oxygen: Concerns About Amateur Athlete Hypoxic Training - 13:10

AIM2 Toward New Treatments To Thwart Colon Cancer - 13:10

Friday the 26th of June 2015

Designer Evidence And Primordial Proteins: Scientists Find Evidence Of Key Ingredient During Dawn Of Life - 18:30

90 Outbreaks, 95 Hospitalizations Linked To Recreational Water - 18:30

Emotional Brains Are 'Physically Different' From Rational Ones - 11:30

How Flu Viruses Use Transportation Networks In The US - 11:30

The Region In The Brain That Gives Parrots Their Chat - 11:30

Acidity Of Urine May Affect Susceptibility To Urinary Tract Infections - 10:10

The Biology Of Iron - 10:10

Diabetes-Cognitive Decline Link Isn't Just A Western Issue - 10:10

"Attachment Theory" - Emotion Coaching For Disruptive Kids In Classrooms - 10:10

Cancer And Vampires: An Evolutionary Tale - 10:10

Cloning Leads To More Longevity Than Sexual Reproduction - 10:10

How To Make A Prosthetic Eye - 10:10

Tuberculosis Bacteria Hide In The Low Oxygen Niches Of Bone Marrow Stem Cells - 05:00

Thursday the 25th of June 2015

It's Alive Again: Monster Black Hole V404 Cygni Wakes After 26 Years - 16:01

Female Faculty Should Get Bonus Points To Correct For Gender Bias In Student Evaluations - 16:01

Advocates Insist Marijuana Is Safe, Teenagers Are More Skeptical - 16:01

Facial Discrimination - Why Disfigurement Can Be So Unsettling - 16:01

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Changes The Brain Of People With Tourette Syndrome - 16:01

Better Switchgrass Optimization Means Better Biofuel - 16:01

A Reinforced Cylinder Leads To Fewer Repeat Surgeries For Children Born With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - 16:01

Early-Stage Researcher Positions To Open Soon - 16:01