Scientific Blogging

Saturday the 14th of March 2015

Current Water Treatment Methods May Be Insufficient For Removing Harmful Engineered Nanoparticle - 23:00

Optical Fibers Light The Way For Brain-like Computing - 23:00

Lower Prevalence Of Diabetes Found Among Patients With Inherited High Cholesterol Disorder - 23:00

Hospital Readmissions Following Severe Sepsis Often Preventable - 23:00

Tiny Minority Of Chinese Adults Enjoy Ideal Heart Health - 23:00

The Graph Of The Week: Hyper-Boosted Top Quarks - 08:20

Friday the 13th of March 2015

SUMO Can Keep Gene Expression In Check - 17:00

Controlling Heat With Magnets: ELM Breakthrough In Fusion Research - 17:00

An NIH Director Once Funded A Rocket For A 10 Year Old - 13:40

This Pi Day Is A Once In A Century Celebration - 13:40

Metastatic Melanoma: Anti-Nodal Antibodies Plus Dacarbazine Promising - 13:40

Ganymede: Inferring An Underground Ocean On Jupiter's Largest Moon - 13:40

Guanabenz Blood Pressure Drug Protects Against MS Symptoms In Animal Models - 13:40

Who Am I? Early Family Experiences, Self-esteem Linked To Existential Crises - 13:40

Feeling Sleepy? Might Be The Melatonin - 13:40

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Rise After Energy Drinks - 13:40

In Sickness And In Health: Mice And Mating - 13:40

Thursday the 12th of March 2015

High Testosterone, Low Estrogen Linked To Male Heart Disease Risk - 17:40

CRISPR/Cas9 Labeling System Makes A GPS For The Genome - 17:40

Cancer Drug Epothilone Causes Damaged Nerve Cells In Spinal Cord Injuries To Regrow - 17:40

4 Myths About Speech Problems In Children - 17:40

Mind Reading: Brain Activity Of Taste Decoded - 14:21

How Much Vitamin E Is Enough? High Cholesterol May Make A Difference - 14:21

Gut Microbial Mix Relates To Stages Of Blood Sugar Control - 12:00

The Mystery Of 'Foreign' Genes Not From Our Ancestors - 12:00

Excess Nitrogen And Phosphorus Damages Streams In Ways Previously Unknown - 12:00

Is The Drake Equation Useless? - 11:20

Optimizing Tomato Immune System Could Lead To Better Bacteria Protection - 07:40

Pathogen-Sensing 'Antenna' Gene Transferred To Wheat - 07:00

The Price Of Hype: The Public Now Has Unrealistic Timelines For Science - 03:03

Dark Neural Patches In The Neostriatum - 03:03

Game Theory May Show Why We Cooperate - 03:03

Industry Clinical Trial Results More Likely To Be Disclosed Than Academic Ones - 03:02

59 Percent Of Parents Want To Know Their Disease Risk - And 80 Percent Want Their Kids To Know Also - 03:02

Origin Of Life Phenomenon: Some Amino Acids And Sugars Were Simply Meant To Be - 03:02

Iron-oxidizing Bacteria Found Along Mid-Atlantic Ridge - 03:02

New Paint Makes Tough Self-cleaning Surfaces - 03:01

Wednesday the 11th of March 2015

How Much Overdetection Is Acceptable In Cancer Screening? - 14:10

Brain Tumor Patients Fare Better With Private Insurance - 14:10

Asian Monsoon Rains Drove Mammal Evolution - 13:50

Letrozole Is Promising For Male Infertility, Researcher Says - 12:50

Endocrine Disruptors Cause Fatty Liver - 12:50

Liraglutide Safe, Effective For Weight Loss In Obese Adults - 12:50

Monsoons Drove Mammal Evolution In Asia - 12:50

Ubiquinone Supplements: Popular Antioxidants Likely Ineffective - 12:50

Reformulated OxyContin Forces Drug Abusers To Switch To Heroin - 12:50

Celiac Disease And Allergies: Cooking Pasta May Change Proteins In Wheat - 12:50

Restoring Wetlands Can Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions - 08:52

How A Blue-Blooded Antarctic Octopus Can Survive The Cold - 01:50

Tuesday the 10th of March 2015

How A Blue-Bloodded Antarctic Octopus Can Survive The Cold - 22:50