Scientific Blogging

Monday the 24th of November 2014

Australian Farmers Face Increasing Threat Of New Diseases - 21:10

Violence, Sex And Taboo: The Original Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Back In Print - 21:10

Invisible: Older Adults Missing In Sexual Health Research - 15:32

Part II: Bee Deaths And CCD - Flawed Chensheng Lu Harvard Studies Endanger Bees - 14:10

Faces Of Terrorism: Group Identification Changes Perception - 14:10

Surveys Show Global Warming Belief Doesn't Change With The Weather - 14:10

Relevance In Decline? Italian Natural History Museums On The Verge Of Collapse - 14:10

Chillin' With The Coldest Matter In The World - 14:10

More Social: Loneliness Among American Teenagers Declines - 14:10

Bee Deaths And Colony Collapse Disorder: How Chensheng Lu And His Flawed Harvard Study Endanger Bees - 11:10

The Power Of The Christmas Ad To Win Over (And Lose) Customers - 08:31

Sunday the 23rd of November 2014

Education: Stop New Age Thinking, Chalk And Talk Might Be The Best Way After All - 19:30

Big Data Could Be A Big Problem For Workplace Discrimination Law - 19:30

GEDi: Genetic Test For Inherited Eye Disease Highly Accurate - 14:10

Stachys Caroliniana: Rare New Species Of Plant Discovered - 13:30

Stachys Caroliniana: Rare New Species Of Plant:discovered - 11:30

Saturday the 22nd of November 2014

Little Considered: Treatment Of Transgendered Prison Inmates - 16:50

50 Percent Of Patients Don't Take Prescription Medications According To Guidance - 11:30

Archaea Can Survive Anywhere, Now They Might Be A Source Of Antibacterial Drugs - 11:30

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Genetic Clues Of Severe Food Allergy - 11:30

Friday the 21st of November 2014

L'Aquila Scientists Free But Political Risks Remain - 17:30

Is Religion A Consolation Worth Having? - 17:10

3X Saturated Fat In The Diet Doesn't Increase It In Blood - 15:30

Vermicompost Leachate: Liquid Earthworm Poop Improves Organic Tomato Growth - 14:40

Did Some Baseball Stars Get Favorable TV Coverage In Steroid Controversy? - 14:40

Part I: Bee Deaths Mystery Solved? Neonicotinoids (Neonics) May Actually Help Bee Health - 12:20

For Women, Being In Charge Is Depressing - 12:20

Transient Dynamics - What Happens When Vaccines Aren't Perfect - 12:20

Ancient Buried Canyon In South Tibet Rules Out Tectonic Aneurysm - 12:20

Are Children Better Off Than They Were 25 Years Ago? - 12:20

Deep-Earth Carbon Could Have Sparked Origin Of Life On Earth - 12:20

Thursday the 20th of November 2014

What Makes A Terrorist Stop Being A Terrorist? - 17:40

Job Hunting? Leave Your Politics Off The Resume - 15:30

The BPA Paradox – Too Many Studies? - 15:30

Low Female Sports Coverage In Media Due To Gender Bias - 14:50

Snap Circuits Science: The Electronic Relay - 13:50

Teenage Boys: The Forgotten Group In Body Image Narratives - 13:50

In A Snowstorm, Do You Want Salt Or Vegetable Juice On Your Road? - 13:10

Bee Deaths Mystery Solved? Neonicotinoids (Neonics) May Actually Help Bee Health - 12:31

Bee Deaths Mystery Solved? Neonics May Actually Help Bee Health - 09:50

'Green Revolution' Has Changed How The Biosphere Breathes - 08:10

New Battery Turns Ambient Heat Into Electricity - 08:10

The Internet Of Things And Security: Will A Hacker Stop Your Heart Or Car? - 06:50

Extraordinary Claims: Review My Paper For $10 - 06:50

Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

Lightning Strikes In England: The Sun Did It - 21:50

Mystery Virus That Turned Starfish Into Goo Identified - 20:50

Agriculture's Role In Annual CO2 Cycle - 20:50

Seed Dormancy Existed 360 Million Years Ago - 18:10

Bacterial 'Bio Batteries' Get A Step Closer - 18:10

Xi_b: LHC Discovers Two New Particles In The Baryon Family! - 18:10