Scientific Blogging

Monday the 22nd of December 2014

Enlightenment Finding Eternity In The Now - 03:10

Sunday the 21st of December 2014

Ocean Acidification, The Other Carbon Dioxide Problem - 21:50

How Does Prostate Cancer Happen? - 21:50

Family Holiday Survival: 12 Ways To Deal With That Climate Change Denier - 21:50

Diabetes: High Blood Sugar In Young Children Linked To Slower Brain Growth - 13:30

Hermit Cockroaches: Two New Taxa From China Prefer Woods - 13:30

Wave-Particle Duality' And Quantum Uncertainty - Two Sides Of The Same Mystery? - 13:30

Saturday the 20th of December 2014

Coming Out Of The Closet: Moths Deserve Some Love Too - 16:10

Dr. Ozvorkian And The Amoebas - 13:30

Friday the 19th of December 2014

Babies In Your 30s Is Not Modern - Your Great-Grandmother Did It Too - 21:30

Only One Third Of Dr. Oz Show Recommendations Is Believable, Finds Analysis - 21:30

‘Get A Lovely Bust For Christmas’: 1930s Tips For How To Be A Festive Woman - 21:30

Weighing Trees - Now With Lasers - 15:10

Mental Illnesses Run In Families, So How Can We Protect Children? - 13:50

Why Some People Are Better Navigators: Brain's 'Homing' Signal Identified - 12:50

A Vegetarian Carnivorous Plant...Wait, What? - 11:30

Shale Gas Is Here To Stay - Here Are Ways To Keep It Safe And Productive - 11:30

Parkinson’s Disease Reverted In Rats - 09:10

W-Band Wireless: High Speed Internet, Outdoors And Everywhere - 09:10

Guest Post: Ben Allanach, On Open Access - 08:50

Thursday the 18th of December 2014

Finally, We May Get Instant-On Computers - 21:30

Blame City Life, Not Fast Food, For The Surge In Diabetes - 21:30

A Line In The Sea: NOAA Picks 'Tipping Points' For Sea Level Related Flooding - 21:30

The Origin Of Theta Auroras Revealed - 21:30

The Evolution Of Trichromatic Color Vision In Humans - 21:30

How Will Climate Change Impact Agriculture? - 16:20

You Can Self-identify With Any Ancestry You Want, But Genetically... - 16:20

When Embryonic Stem Cells Don't Know What To Make Of Themselves - 13:40

Foldscope: A Microscope You Can Carry In Your Pocket - 13:40

5 Common Misconceptions About Seasonal Flu - 13:40

Sedation Nation: Benzodiazepine Use Highest In Older People - 12:40

To Build Character In Kids, Forget Focusing On Self-Esteem - 12:40

Why I’ll Talk Policy With Climate Change Deniers But Not Science - 12:40

Cellular Hydrogen Peroxide - A New Twist On The Free Radical Antioxidant Relationship - 12:40

Pilot Project For Removal Of CO2 From Deep Waters - 12:40

HIP 116454b Shows That Despite Malfunction, Kepler Can Still Find Planets - 12:40

Wednesday the 17th of December 2014

Sports Math: Using A Cricket Nightwatchman Is A Bad Idea - 23:10

Worldwide, Life Expectancy Has Gone Up Over 6 Years Since 1990 - 20:10

Is Big Data Taking Over The Fashion Industry? - 19:50

Migraine Headaches Linked To Double Risk For Bell's Palsy - 19:50

In A Real World Test, 49 Percent Of Patients Don't Want Health Care Providers To Have Their Info - 19:50

2014 Sees New Heat Records In 19 European Countries - 19:50

Curiosity Detects Spike In Methane, And Other Organic Molecules, On Mars - 19:50

For Airline Pilots, Radiation On The Job Is As Much As Tanning Beds - 19:50

Time To Stop Thinking Of Video Games As Just 'Software' - 13:50

New Synthetic Molecules Mimic Antibodies - 13:50

Life's Big Questions Require Science Literacy - 13:50

To Be Cool Kids, Are We Programmed To Make Bad Decisions? - 11:31

“There Was More Than One Lobster Present At The Birth Of Jesus?” - 11:31

Conservation Of Massive: When You Lose Weight, Where Does The Fat Go? - 11:31