Scientific Blogging

Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014

Bio-Duck? What Is That Mysterious Sound In The Southern Ocean? - 12:05

Controlling Your Kids: Cut Up Their Food And They'll Calm Down - 09:21

What Do You Do With 1 Million Feral Camels? - 09:21

Liquid Spacetime - The Fluid Flow Of General Relativity? - 09:21

There Are Two Reasons You Got Unfriended On Facebook - 07:00

High School Athletes: 2.5 Million Basketball Injuries In 6 Seasons - 04:05

Cougars' Diverse Diet Helped Them Survive The Pleistocene Mass Extinction - 00:40

Neuroscientists Discover Brain Circuits Involved In Emotion - 00:40

Tuesday the 22nd of April 2014

Mantis Shrimp: Cool Eyes, And Stronger Than Airplanes - 19:20

Researchers Identify Link Between Fetal Growth And Risk Of Stillbirth - 18:01

Pain Curbs Sex Drive In Female Mice, But Not In Males - 18:01

A Crack In The Cosmic Egg - What Does The Cosmic Inflation Discovery Really Mean? - 18:01

32 Percent Of Canadian Adults Say They Were Abused As Kids - 18:01

The Supreme Court Undermines Racial Preferences For College Admissions - 16:40

Immortal Unbounded Universe - 14:01

For Earth Day, Do Your Part: Fly Somewhere To Talk About Greenhouse Gas Emissions - 14:01

A New Scout Code: Time For An Update, Beaver! - 14:01

New Electric Knifefish Species Discovered In Brazil's Rio Negro - 11:20

'Tween' Programming : Is Disney Promoting Stereotypes Or Creating What Kids Want To Watch? - 10:40

Speed-Reading Apps Impair Reading Comprehension - 10:40

The Impact Of A False-Positive Mammogram On Women's Well-being - 10:40

Earth Day: Is The Temperature A Symptom Of Climate Change? - 05:31

Compassionate Behavior Towards Dying Mate Observed In Monkey - 00:40

Cuckoo Mafia: Birds Raise The Young Of Others To Avoid Retaliation - 00:20

Earth Day: Parents Concerned About The Planet For Future Generations – But Aren't Taking Action - 00:20

Cow Manure Harbors Diverse New Antibiotic Resistance Genes - 00:20

Monday the 21st of April 2014

Black Death: A Plague In Your Family - 21:40

Self-Lensing Binary System And The Upside-Down Planet - 20:40

Now That's Warming: 50 Million Years Ago, Antarctica Was Like California - 20:40

When Bad News Is Good News For Neurodegenerative Diseases - 11:20

Better Donor Transport - Organ Care System FDA Pivotal Trial - 11:20

Tunable Coupling For Genetic Circuits - FM Radio For Bacteria - 11:20

The Mystery Of Ancient Animal Domestication - Why Not Zebras? - 11:20

Alcoholism Saps Muscle Strength - Here's Why - 11:20

ActiPatch - Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial Significantly Relieves Knee Pain - 11:20

In-Group Or Out-Group: The Status Of The Other May Influence What Is An Atrocity - 11:20

Quantum Turbulence - A Mystery Of Physics Without A Public Relations Campaign - 11:20

10 Edible Chinese Flowers That Work As Well As Any Other Antioxidant - 11:20

Tantalum Isomer Blurs The Boundaries Of Existence - 08:50

EyeBox CNS - National Space Biomedical Research Institute Funds Eye Tracking Technology - 08:34

NOAA Commits To Developing A National Recreational Fishing Policy - 08:33

ReferralPlus Increases Match Rate For Clinical Trial Volunteers By Over 66% - 08:33

Dignity, Impudence, And General Relativity - 08:33

When Bad News Are Good News For Neurodegenerative Diseases - 03:03

Sunday the 20th of April 2014

Genetic Factors Suggest Link For Pain Tolerance - 21:50

XBiotech Announces Phase I/II Study Results Of Xilonix Anti-tumor Therapy - 21:50

Bulletproof Nuclei? Stem Cells Exhibit Unusual Absorption Property - 19:10

This Cell Is The Source Of Most Cases Of Invasive Bladder Cancer - 19:10

Earth Day: Illegal Immigration Is Killing The Environment, Says Group - 19:10

Hunters, Fishers Object To Weakened EPA Rules In Alaska - 19:10