Scientific Blogging

Tuesday the 21st of October 2014

Government Math: More Will Lose Health Insurance Than Gained It If ACA Subsidies Are Eliminated - 02:50

Monday the 20th of October 2014

Moderate Pot Use By Adolescents Doesn't Hurt IQ - 21:10

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Depression Linked To Serotonin - 19:10

Fecal Transplant Might Mitigate Lupus - 18:50

Dopamine Receptor Agonist Drugs Linked To Gambling And Hypersexuality - 17:50

CDC: Mississippi Leads US In Vaccination Coverage Among Kindergarten Children - 17:10

Finding Fracking Fluids In The Environment - 17:10

HPV Vaccine Does Not Cause Multiple Sclerosis - 17:10

Autocatalytic Network: A Step Closer To Creating Artificial Living Systems - 16:10

Manly Men And Feminine Women Are Not Evolutionary Mandates - They Are Urban Ones - 16:10

The Croup: Winning The War Against Human Parainfluenza Virus - 16:10

What's Hiding Under The Clouds Of Venus - Heavy Metal Frost? - 16:10

Ashes And Vegetables: The Diet Of Roman Gladiators Was Rather Poor - 16:10

Antibiotic Levels In Farm-Raised Fish Are Safe, But Need Watching - 16:10

Tropical Storm Ana Over Hawaii - 16:10

Superspreaders: How Disease Propagates In Infected Animals - And Antibiotics Help - 16:10

New Tractor Beam Can Repel And Attract - 12:20

Fairness May Be Built Into The Brain - But Fairness Doesn't Mean Equal Income - 11:40

Aspirin, Anti-Inflammatory Medicine, Benefits Schizophrenia Treatment - 11:01

Get A Heart On: Viagra Is Good Outside The Bedroom Too - 07:00

Psychiatry Should Switch From Symptom-based Prescriptions To Target-based - 07:00

Amenhotep III: Ancient Egyptian Mummies Didn't Have Spinal Arthritis - 01:40

The Resource Curse: Science Cities Suffer - 00:20

More Electricity In Developing Nations Had Little Impact On Climate Change - 00:00

Sunday the 19th of October 2014

New Pill-only Regimens Cure Patients With Hardest-to-treat Hepatitis C Infection - 15:00

Divide And Conquer: Novel Trick Helps Rare Pathogen Infect Healthy People - 15:00

Attention Cute Robots And Satellites Of Mars: A Comet Is Coming - 15:00

Not The Christian Thing To Do: Reminding People Of Religious Belief Reduces Hostility - 12:01

Gene Duplications Associated With Autism, Schizophrenia Evolved In Last 250,000 Years - 12:01

Digital Death And The Digital Afterlife: How To Have It And How To Avoid It - 12:01

Antibiotics Of The Future - 12:01

Not All Fat Is Equal: Amping Up Adenosine May Melt 'Love Handles' - 10:20

Discovering A Viking Hoard: A Day In The Life Of A Metal Detectorist - 10:01

Humans May Have A Spidey Sense For Blind Spots - 10:01

Apoptosis Evolution: Cellular Self-destruction Has Been Around Almost As Long As Cells Have - 10:00

ACA Lessons Learned: Cost Of Enrollment High Due To Website Issues - 10:00

Saturday the 18th of October 2014

High-Fat Meals: Males Impacted Most - 13:40

IPTF13bvn: Hydrogen-Deficient Supernova Progenitor Discovered? - 13:40

Earth's Biggest Migration Gets A New Explanation - 12:20

Play Action Video Games, Boost Your Sensorimotor Skills - 11:40

KAMRA Inlay: Reading Glasses May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past - 11:40

Climate Change: It’s Only Human To Exaggerate, But Science Itself Does Not - 11:40

We Don't Know If God Exists, But We Should Keep Asking - 09:20

Who Owns The Moon? - 09:20

From Mindless Physics To Physics Of Mind - 05:00

Friday the 17th of October 2014

New .Health Internet Domains Could Risk Public Health - 18:40

Why Ebola Wasn’t Stopped By Huge Investments In African Healthcare - 18:40

Should First Responders Use Acupuncture And Hypnosis During Disasters? - 16:40

Panic Over Ebola Echoes 19th Century Fear Of Cholera - 16:40

Nanocryotron Adder: Superconducting Circuits Simplified - 14:40