Scientific Blogging

Friday the 24th of October 2014

Ebola's Evolutionary Roots Are Ancient - 13:51

Erupting Bardarbunga Volcano In Iceland Sits On A Massive Magma Hot Spot - 13:51

Genetically Modified Stem Cells Kill Brain Tumors - 13:10

Smart Aquaculture Outsmarts Climate Change - 12:53

Preventing Murder: 3 Ways To Predict Who Will Become A Killer - 12:53

Oldest Modern Genome From Human Bone Reveals When We Bred With Neanderthals - 11:10

Journalists Need A Point Of View If They Want To Stay Relevant - 10:51

No-Till Agriculture Hasn't Lived Up To The Promise - 09:10

Free Radicals Unresolved - The Elusive Cause Of Aging Remains Elusive - 09:10

Home, Workplace, Tomb – Fury And The Reality Of The World War II Tank - 09:10

ASTEROIDS Act: Who Owns Space? - 09:10

Thursday the 23rd of October 2014

The Army May Not Increase Risk Of Suicide, More Suicidal People May Join - 19:01

We're Too Late To Prevent 137,000 More Ebola Cases, Says Epidemiology Paper - 19:01

Ironically, Asking Questions To Identify Teens At Risk Of Hearing Loss Doesn't Work - 16:20

Ferns Will Survive - 16:20

Deinocheirus Mirificus Puzzle Solved, Revealing The Weirdest-Looking Creature To Walk The Planet - 14:50

Extreme Ice Age Living: Human Settlement 15,000 Feet In The Andes - 14:50

Type 1 Diabetes Surges In White Kids - 14:10

It Takes More Than Singing To Strike A Chord In Music Education - 14:10

The World's Continents Weren't Always Created In The Way That We Thought - 14:10

Herbal Medicines Found To Have Dangerous Levels Of Toxic Mold - 12:10

Disabled People In The US Have Poor Nutrition - 12:10

The Strange Organic Molecules In Titan's Atmosphere - 07:10

Could Life Have Existed Just 15 Million Years After The Big Bang? - 07:10

How Gut Bacteria Ensure A Healthy Brain – and Could Play A Role In Treating Depression - 06:50

Wednesday the 22nd of October 2014

Drink Up, Baby Boomer: Alcohol Associated With Better Memory - 20:10

Why Do We Find It So Hard To Write About Ourselves? - 18:31

Will Holding Thermal Printer Paper Really Send Your BPA Levels Soaring? - 18:31

The Comets Of Beta Pictoris - 18:10

Tropical Depression 9: Bay Of Campeche In The Gulf Of Mexico - 17:50

Hand Sanitizers Increase BPA Levels From Cash Register Receipts - 17:50

How Lymph Nodes Expand During Disease - 17:50

Cancer Mutations, Now With Faster Modeling - 17:50

This Is Not The Immigration Crisis You're Looking For - 14:50

FOXP2: Silencing Speech Gene Causes Cancer Cells To Metastasize - 12:50

Researchers Created A Laser Bullet To See What It Would Look Like - And Here It Is - 12:50

Olive, Corn, Soybean Or Sunflower Oil - The Science Answer As To What Is Best For Frying - 12:50

Epidemiologists Link Air Pollution To Autism - 10:20

Dams Are Not The Smart Way To Secure Water For Agriculture - 07:40

ECFA Workshop: Planning For The High Luminosity LHC - 07:40

Competition, Not Mandates And Subsidies, Keep Health-Care Costs Low - Study - 07:40

As The Weather Changes, So Do Beliefs About Climate Change - 07:40

Obesity, Cancer, Mental Health: What Links Them All? - 07:40

Tuesday the 21st of October 2014

Why Climate 'Uncertainty' Is No Excuse For Doing Nothing - 23:01

Violent Immersion: How 3-D Gaming Affects Player Emotions - 22:20

Slavery In America: Back In The Headlines - 20:00

Perception Of Hatred Fuels Conflicts Between Democrats And Republicans - 19:20

In Defense Of NIMBY-ism - 19:20

Integrated Science Instrument Module: Webb Telescope's Heart Survives Deep Freeze Test - 19:20

What Americans Fear Most Isn't Ebola Or Terrorism, It's... - 17:40