Scientific Blogging

Thursday the 3rd of September 2015

After Palmyra, Global Concern About Protecting Cultural Treasures - 04:10

Wednesday the 2nd of September 2015

Could Intelligent Aliens Figure Out Which Humans Are Considered Good Looking Without Asking Us? - Just For Fun - 16:40

Superconduction With Stinks — A New Temperature Record - 16:20

Science: Public/Private Partnership Under Attack - 14:40

Frogs Make Irrational Choices - And What Means For Understanding Animal Mating - 14:40

Life Expectancy Has Risen - Now How To Reduce Age-Related Illness And Disability - 12:01

Electromagnetics Without Leaks - Like Throwing Pebbles In A Pond With No Splash - 12:01

When It Comes Tobacco Beliefs, What You Don't Know Can Kill You Sooner - 12:01

Goth Teens More Vulnerable To Depression And Self-Harm - 12:00

Infliximab Biosimilar Approved In Australia - 12:00

An Important Public/Private Partnership Is Under Attack - 05:40

Genetic Ancestry Partially Explains A Racial Sleep Difference - 05:40

Young People And E-cigarettes: What Self-Reported Surveys Tell Us, And Don't - 05:40

Could A Star Orbit A Planet? - Just For Fun - 05:40

Trash Or Treasure? Repurposing Wasted Food To Feed The Hungry - 05:40

Cannabis Use May Influence Brain Maturation In Young Males - 05:40

Is Failure To Reproduce Psychology Papers A Sign They Are Invalid? - 05:40

Daratumumab Immunotherapy Agent Benefits Patients With Drug-Resistant Multiple Myeloma - 05:40

Shifting Focus From Calories To Nutritional Value: New Fad Or Sound Science? - 05:40

Japanese Soda Study—Good God(zilla)! - 05:40

Germany Versus Science, Round Two - 05:40

Tuesday the 1st of September 2015

Bel's Temple In Palmyra Is No More - 05:15

Monday the 31st of August 2015

Early Human Diets Explain Modern Eating Habits - 21:40

If Happy Meal Law Passes, NYC Kids Will Frown - 21:40

Political Cohesion: Why Unmarried Women Voted For Obama And Married Women Voted For Romney - 10:40

Supertranslations And Eternal Ghosts: Black Holes No Closer To Being Understood - 10:20

Polygamy, Alcohol And Physical Abuse In African Marriages - 10:20

20 Percent Of Senior Citizens Drink Way Too Much Alcohol - 10:20

Blade Runner: The Science In The Fiction - 10:20

Human Exceptionalism: Earth's Mineralogy Unique In The Cosmos - 10:20

Chocolate Physics: Modeling Molecular Dynamics Could Improve Its 'Mouth Feel' - 10:20

High Taxes Lead To Bootlegging: 15 Percent Of Cigarettes Sold In NYC Have Illegal Tax Stamps - 10:20

Injectable Cryogel-based Whole-cell Cancer Vaccines - 10:20

Is Smokeless Tobacco More Harmful Than Believed? - 10:20

Highlights From ICNFP 2015 - 06:40

Sunday the 30th of August 2015

Blocking CaMKK2 Enzyme Promotes Weight Loss - 20:20

Genome-Wide Association Study Finds Four Possible Risk Factors For Ovarian Cancer - 20:20

Nine New X Chromosome Genes Associated With Learning Disabilities - 20:20

With The EPA Over-regulating Affordable Energy, We Need Basic Energy Rights For Low-income Populations - 20:20

Alpha Lipoic Acid Dietary Supplement Slows Aging In Mice - 20:20

'Magic' Sphere For Computing Using Photons - 20:20

Military Veterans Live In More Diverse Neighborhoods - 20:20

Hypoallergenic Parks Coming Soon - 20:20

Flu Vaccines Provide Protection Throughout The Entire Flu Season - 20:20

Will You Murder Your Wife? - 20:20

5 Percent Of World Population Accounted For 31 Percent Of Shooting Sprees Since 1966 - 20:20

New Approach For Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Shows Significant Results - 10:20

Self-Identification: A Big Reason Americans Support Local Food Markets - 10:20

Artificial Intelligence: It's Time To Talk About What Emotions We Want AI To Have - 10:20

Most Idiotic Rejection Of Course From Philosopher Of Science Not Grasping Relativity - 00:00