Scientific Blogging

Tuesday the 6th of October 2015

Lung Cancer Screening Programs Do Not Increase Rates Of Unnecessary Surgeries - 07:10

Nobel Prize To Neutrino Oscillations - 07:10

Monsoon Mission: A Better Way To Predict Indian Weather? - 00:30

Monday the 5th of October 2015

Pinpointing Gene That Regulates Repair And Regeneration In Adult Lungs - 16:50

Environmental Activism Puts NYC At Risk Of Future Flooding During Hurricanes - 16:50

Inflammatory Response May Fan The Flame Of Dietary Fats' Role In Obesity-related Diseases - 01:10

What Is Fat For? - 01:10

Sunday the 4th of October 2015

'Greenwashing' Perception Sullies Eco-Friendly Reputation - 15:50

Saturday the 3rd of October 2015

VB-111 Gene Therapy Doubles Survival In Recurrent Glioblastoma - 14:10

Replacing Exercise With A Pill - 14:10

The Solution To A 50-year-old Riddle: Why Certain Cells Repel One Another - 14:10

76 Percent Of Millennials Want To Know What’s In Their DNA - 14:10

Online Market For Invasive Plants Is Booming - 14:10

Thank You Guido - 01:50

Thursday the 1st of October 2015

Root Microbiome Engineering Improves Plant Growth - 13:20

The Turing Fiasco Actually Is An Argument For Fixed Drug Prices - 09:40

Men More Likely To Be Viewed As Creative Thinkers, Finds Survey - 09:20

Are Viruses Alive? - 08:40

We Went Black And Never Went Back: The Origin And Spread Of 'Emperor's Rice' - 08:00

Researchers' Night 2015 - 08:00

Guidelines For Miscarriage Should Be Updated To Avoid Misdiagnosis - 08:00

Rare Cancer Responds Unusually Well To New Treatment - 08:00

New US Dietary Guidelines Questioned - 06:40

Wednesday the 30th of September 2015

Microalgae Used To Clean Up Oil Refinery Wastewater In Successful Test Facility - 20:20

Flower Declines Shrink Bee Tongues - 16:40

Almost Half Of US Seafood Supply Is Wasted, Mostly By Consumers - 16:40

Celebrate Science Indiana - 16:40

American Council On Science And Health Embraces Transparency: Will Others Follow? - 00:00

Tuesday the 29th of September 2015

Ocean Circulation Rethink Solves Global Cooling Conundrum - 09:20

Ancestry Can Be Determined By Fingerprints - 09:20

MASC Artificial Teeth Are As Tough As Real Ones - 09:20

Graduate Education Is A Mess. Can Universities Fix It? - 09:20

Targeting Exercise Is Not The Best Way To Reduce Prolonged Sitting - 07:40

Drug Disarms Deadly C. Difficile Bacteria Without Destroying Healthy Gut Flora - 07:40

Babies Time Their Smiles To Make Their Moms Smile In Return - 07:40

Eat Spicy Food, Live Longer - 07:20

Ancient Flea Bacteria May Be Ancestor Of The Black Death - 01:00

Why Are Hydrated Salts A Slam Dunk Case For Flowing Water On Mars? And What Next? - 01:00

Monday the 28th of September 2015

Understanding Self-Control: Eating And Spending Are Different Public Policy Issues - 17:40

Billion Dollar Green Campaigns Kill Poor Children - 17:40

Mars Mystery Solved - So Why Are Hydrated Salts Such Strong Evidence For Flowing Water - And What Next? - 17:40

The Smell Of Death Could Become A Powerful Forensic Tool - 10:20

The Fukushima Disaster Was Preventable - 10:20

And The NASA Mars Mystery Is... - 10:20

NASA Says Mars Mystery Solved - What Is It? - Three Mysteries About Recursive Slope Lineae - 08:40

Jesuits As Science Missionaries - 08:40

Artificial Intelligence To Improve Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes - 08:40

People Who Fidget Are Healthier - 08:40

India's Mars Orbiter Spacecraft - Results Of First Year Of Methane Search - Not Yet Announced - 08:40

Better Trap For Greenhouse Gases - 08:40