Scientific Blogging

Monday the 1st of September 2014

Do We Need A Law To Help People Try Experimental Drugs? - 15:40

Inhibiting Inflammatory Enzyme After Heart Attack Does Not Reduce Risk Of Subsequent Event - 14:20

New Cancer-Hunting 'Nano-Robots' To Seek And Destroy Tumors - 13:40

Blood In Urine Can Be Invisible - And It May Indicate Bladder Cancer - 12:40

Antarctic Sea Level Rising Faster Than Elsewhere - 12:40

Brain Size Matters When It Comes To Remembering - 12:40

Neil Tyson On The Politics Of Science Denial - 12:40

Your Insurer Could Soon Know A Lot More Than How Fast You Drive - 10:40

Caffeine Syndrome: Energy Drinks Linked To Heart Problems - 10:40

Synaptic Plasticity And Memory In Silent Neurons - 10:40

The Sport Science Regime That Helped Boxer Kell Brook Become A World Champion - 10:40

Sugar Substance Methylglyoxal Damages Good HDL Cholesterol - Study - 09:20

Tiny Implanted Sensor And Your Smartphone Could Help Prevent Blindness - 09:20

Sunday the 31st of August 2014

Abortions Don’t Cause Cancer Any More Than Parties Do - 20:00

How The Higgs Became The Target Of Run 2 At The Tevatron - 13:40

Cut Greenhouse Gases Using Microbes - 13:40

Ethno-Psychiatry: How The British Treated "Hardcore" Women In The Mau Mau Rebellion - 13:40

MOOCs: Learning About Online Learning, One Click At A Time - 13:00

Dehumanization Of Women? Jack The Ripper's Forgotten Victims - 13:00

How The Higgs Became The Target For The Tevatron Run 2 - 13:00

Learning To Read By Tricking The Brain - 11:40

Zoning Plan For Earth: Optimizing Where Roads Should And Should Not Go - 11:40

I'm Marvelous Now - Why I Stopped Being Awesome - 11:40

Your Microbiome Is Shared With Your Family...Including Your Pets - 09:40

Breaking Beautiful - The Useful Mechanism In Patterns Of Cracks - 09:40

You Are Ready To Eat Insects If You Have These Characteristics - 09:40

Saturday the 30th of August 2014

Aerogel Monoliths Made Of Copper Nanowires And PVA Nano-Glue - 19:20

How Neuroscience Is Being Used To Spread Quackery In Business And Education - 19:20

Researchers Watch Glass Flipping From One Structure To Another Under Pressure - 19:20

Tissue-Specific Cancers - Repressing The Repressors - 13:20

MERS Has Low Transmissibility But It's Still Dangerous - 12:40

Philae: Rosetta Lander Will Seek A Close Encounter With Comet 67P’s ‘Primordial Soup’ - 12:40

Will We Meet ET Microbes On Mars? Why We Should Care Deeply About Them - Like Tigers - 12:40

The Science Reason Your Beer Loses Its Cool So Quickly - 11:01

Coastal Regions Need To Worry About Non-Climate Change Sea Level Rise Now - 10:20

Back To The '80s: Why Nostalgia Is All The Rage In Cinema - 10:20

Pauling's Rules: Protein Crystals Now Plug N' Play - 07:40

New Antibody Shows Promise Against Sudan Strain Of Ebola - 05:20

Raloxifene: X-Ray Scattering Reveals A New Mode Of Action For Osteoporosis Drug - 04:20

High Dietary Salt Linked To Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms - 03:20

China's R&D Budget Surpasses The Entire EU - But Applied Research Has Plummeted - 01:40

Rapamycin Vs. FK506 For Schwann Cell Migration And Peripheral Nerve Repair - 01:40

Friday the 29th of August 2014

Telling Right From Wrong: Why Is Utilitarianism Under Attack? - 23:20

Why I Believe We’ll Find Aliens - Seth Shostak - 17:20

Nitrogen-Transforming Bacteria: Now Powered By Hydrogen - 16:01

All Living Creatures Need Vitamin Thiamine To Live - Except This One - 16:01

Is That A Real Patient Or A Junkie? Now There's An App For That - 16:01

Radioactive Cobalt Detected In A Supernova Explosion - 14:20

Chemical Signals: Sexual Attraction, Pheromones And Being Ready At The Right Time - 14:20

Snail's Tales: The Rise And Fall Of The Tibetan Plateau - 13:01