Scientific Blogging

Thursday the 28th of May 2015

Head Injuries Could Result In Neurodegenerative Disease In Rugby Union Players - 01:20

American Indian Students Disproportionately Disciplined Compared To White Students - 01:20

"Boys With Toys" - Was It Sexist? - 01:20

Wednesday the 27th of May 2015

Young Female Journalists Twice As Likely To Be Bullied As Men - 19:41

Emotion-sensitive Assistance Systems: Technology That Will Make You Feel Good When Helping - 19:41

Traditional Medicine: Thunder God Vine As Potential Obesity Treatment - 19:41

Antidepressants More Effective Than Assumed - 19:40

Handsome Men Do Catch More Breaks From Women - 19:40

Red Lady: Religious Symbolism In A Paleolithic Tomb? - 19:40

Australopithecus Deyiremeda: New Human Ancestor In Ethiopia - 19:40

Orion Through The Camera — But Which Type? - 19:40

Could Better Psychology Tests Have Predicted The Germanwings Suicide Crash? - 19:40

Why Sub-Zero Temperature Water Doesn't Become Ice - 10:20

Some Immune Cells Change To Prolong Inflammation - 09:01

Illegal Immigration To The U.S. Caused By Globalization? - 09:01

New Antibody Insecticide Targets Malaria Mosquito - 09:01

Teens, Suicide And Schools: Screening Versus Privacy - 07:40

Tuesday the 26th of May 2015

Editorial Independence Or Extortion? Frontiers Sacks 31 Editors - 17:40

Satellites Catch Birth Of Two Volcanic Islands In Yemen - 17:40

Health Halo: Taco Bell Removes Pointless Artificial Ingredients From Junk Food - 15:00

Evolution Of The Antarctic Ice Sheet And How It Resists Climate Change - 15:00

Low-Volatility Organic Compounds: How Forests Can Effect Clouds And Climate - 12:00

Brain-Computer Interface Makes Communication For Kids With Cerebral Palsy Easier - 12:00

Soy Supplements Don't Help With Asthma Severity - 12:00

Predicting Congressional Voting - Social Identification Trumps Party - 09:40

Monday the 25th of May 2015

Seeing Is Hearing: Blind Echolocators Use Visual Areas Of The Brain - 11:40

Osteoporosis Screening: Too Common For Younger Low-risk Women, Not Common Enough For Higher-risk Women - 11:40

Tobacco Users Have Become Marginalized - They Don't Even Bother To Vote Now - 11:40

Cancer Drugs May Hold Key To Treating Down Syndrome - 11:40

Baby Pacifier May Be Source Of Infant Exposure To Endocrine Disruptor - 11:40

Robot Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer Every Time - 11:40

InstantShoe - Adjustable Customized Footwear Uses Memory Shape Composite - 11:40

Did The Scottish Settle Iceland A Century Before The Norse? - 08:01

Sunday the 24th of May 2015

Phase 2b Clinical Trial Evaluating Tenapanor In IBS-C Patients - Results - 12:40

Enrollment For Phase 3 Trial Evaluating Azeliragon In Treatment Of Patients With Mild Alzheimer's Disease - 12:40

'Natural' Sounds Improve May Improve Office Mood And Productivity - 12:40

Will We Soon Have A 2-D Liquid? - 12:40

Early Christian Apocalypse: St. Paul Gave Us Heaven And Hell Many Times Over - 08:20

Saturday the 23rd of May 2015

The Case Of The Missing Booze: Brits Drink 12 Million More Bottles Per Week Than Previous Estimates - 23:40

Mummy Madness In The Anatomical Record - All Open Access - 23:40

Antibiotic Resistance: Phages Can Transfer It In Chicken Meat - 23:40

UK Becoming Overweight And Obese At Younger Ages - 23:40

Researchers Recovered A Dinosaur Foot From A Bird - 10:00

First Drug To Treat Radiation Sickness Approved - 10:00

The Case Of The Missing Booze: Brits Drink 12 Million Bottles Per Week Than Estimates - 10:00

Seen And Clean: What People In Surveys Say They Want In Nutrition Labels - 10:00

The Culturally Subjective Nature Of Good Acoustics - 09:00

Risk Management Turned Upside Down - 09:00

Include Men In Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines - 09:00

Friday the 22nd of May 2015

Why 'Wellness' Isn't The Answer To Working Too Much - 17:00