Scientific Blogging

Friday the 31st of October 2014

Does Max Tegmark Kill A Daughter In A Parallel World ? - 09:31

Is It Possible To Build A Spacesuit Or Spaceship To Travel Through The Sun? - 09:31

Aging Brains Aren't Necessarily Declining Brains - 09:30

How Understanding The Heterogeneous Topocracy Of Twitter Can Help The Future Of Science 2.0 - 09:30

Sexual Fantasies: Threesomes Are Normal, Golden Showers Not So Much - 00:50

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

Scared Out Of Your Mind: Halloween, Fear And The Brain - 21:10

Coulrophobia: Are Clowns Scary? Ha Ha Aaaargh - 21:10

Mediterranean Diet Linked To Better Kidney Health - 19:10

Ghost Light From Dead Galaxies - A Hubble Halloween - 18:50

The Way Architecture Imitates Life, Biology Meets Geometry - 18:10

Game Theory: When Are Groups Social? Or Insufferable? - 14:50

Sadness Lasts 240X Longer Than Other Emotions - 14:10

Affordable Care Act: Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous To Your Health - 14:10

Big Ag Indeed: Organic Food Expected To Reach $105 Billion Next Year - 14:10

Cyclone Nilofar Looks More Like A Comet - 14:10

Reverting To The Standard Before School Lunches Were Politicized Would Lead To More Childhood Obesity - 11:50

When It Comes To Climate Science, Fox News And Liberal Media Both Distort - 11:50

Should Women Be Standing Alongside The 'Father' Of Modern Gynecology? - 11:50

Lithotomy: A Painful Operation Inspired The 18th-Century Equivalent Of A Horror Movie Soundtrack - 11:50

The Risks And Rewards Of Two Popular Gastric Bypass Procedures - 09:50

Now That People Are Thinking About Ebola Vaccines, Pay More Attention To Measles - 09:50

US Wildlife Bans On GMOs And Neonics Lack Transparency And Scientific Rationale - 09:50

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

Okay With Disgusting Images? You Vote This Way 95 Percent Of The Time - 18:00

Mini Human Stomach Created In The Lab - Using Adult Stem Cells - 18:00

The Organic Smog And Ozone Created By Cleaning Your House - 16:40

Mercury Program: Want To Own The Camera Used By Schirra And Cooper In Space? It's Up For Auction - 16:40

Greenpeace Says Its GMOs Are Better Than Science's GMOs, Still Hates Golden Rice - 16:40

PRC1 Caught: Cancer-Related Cell Enzyme In Action - 16:40

Homo Floresiensis: Hobbit Species Continues To Provoke Questions About Human Evolution - 13:40

Supersonic Laser-Propelled Aircraft Get A Step Closer - 13:40

Talking While Female: 6 Things About The Perception Of Women's Voices - 12:40

One Giant Leap For Preservation: Protecting Moon Landing Sites - 12:20

Confucius Doesn't Live Here Anymore - 12:00

Culture Matters In Medicine Acceptance And Public Health - 12:00

Too Much Milk Linked To Higher Osteoporotic Fractures - 12:00

Who Trusts Government The Most? Black Republicans - 12:00

Despite Ebola Concern, Global Infection Outbreaks Have Been Declining For Decades - 12:00

Not All Science Is Created Equal: The Story Of Genetically Engineered Crops - 12:00

In The UK NHS, Interest In Being A General Practicioner Has Dwindled - 12:00

This Mid-Term Election Can Have Evolutionary Consequences - 12:00

Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Is About Politics, Not Public Health - 23:40

Politics Is Quacked: How To Win Friends And Influence Ducklings - 18:40

People Without Symptoms Aren't Going To Give You Ebola - Here Is Why - 18:40

Emily Willingham, David Robert Grimes: Joint Winners Of Maddox Prize Defended Science Despite Threats - 16:40

Does Flopping Work In Basketball? - 16:40

Everyone Hates Daylight Savings Time - But It Might Improve Public Health - 16:40

Organic Movement Rejects Science, Embraces ‘Natural’ Ebola Cure - 15:01

Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk By Sleeping With Lots Of Women - But Not Men - 15:01

We Can Restore Cognition By Manipulating Where The Body Meets The Mind - 15:01

Deforestation And Industrial-Scale Farming Could Lie Behind Ebola Outbreak - 13:20