Scientific Blogging

Friday the 22nd of August 2014

Viruses Take Down Massive Algal Blooms - And A Whole Lot Of Carbon Dioxide - 07:50

Your Landscaping Could Be Causing Tornados - 06:50

Is Severe Drought Causing The Western US To Geologically Lift? - 06:50

Thursday the 21st of August 2014

Objectification In Romance Related To Sexual Pressure And Coercion - 21:30

Don't Dismiss A 2014 'Super' El Niño Just Yet - 20:31

Paid Editors On Wikipedia – Should You Be Worried? - 20:10

Treatment Against Lethal Marburg Virus Developed - 20:10

Vitamin D Plus Interleukin-32 Protein Helps Kill Active TB - 20:10

Global Warming Hiatus Part Of A Natural Cycle - 20:10

The Genomic Love Triangle Of Canola - 18:50

Electric Sparking May Have Altered Properties Of Lunar Dust - 18:50

Life Boils Down To Five 'Rules' ... Or So Says The Madingley Model - 18:50

Muslims Are Not Too Culturally Immature For Democracy - 18:50

Measuring Calcium Buildup To Predict Heart Disease In Those With Chronic Kidney Disease - 18:50

Mars, Saturn And The Claws Of Scorpius - 15:41

Sympatric Speciation: Ant Evidence For Alternate Mechanism Of Species Formation - 15:41

Risk Factors For Urinary Tract Infections In Young Girls - 15:41

Survival Of The Less Fit: Sprinting Salmon Less Likely To Survive Migration - 11:31

A Genetic Recipe For Limb Regeneration - 11:31

Though It's The 11th Cyclone This Season, Karina Is A Giant 9 From Space - 11:31

Would Open Science Solve Bottlenecks In Developing Biopharmaceutical Products? - 11:31

Following Your Diet? A Blood Sample Can Tell - 11:31

How Science Is Using The Genetics Of Disease To Make Drugs Better - 11:30

Monthly Transfusions Reduce Silent Strokes In Kids With Sickle Cell Anemia - 10:10

Water Gunks Up Biofuels Production - 10:10

Paleolithic Escargot - Prehistoric Spaniards Cooked Snails 30,000 Years Ago - 10:10

Orb-weaving Spiders In Cities May Be Larger, Reproduce Better - 10:10

Cell Phone Morphs Into A Portable Science Lab - 06:20

Wednesday the 20th of August 2014

Does Motivated Counseling For Youths About Alcohol Work? - 19:00

Cough Syrups With Codeine Linked To Brain Deficits - 18:20

Carbon Tetrachloride: Ozone-depleting Compound Persists Decades Later - 18:20

Calling On NCCAM To Stop Endorsing Unscientific, 'Alternative' Medicines - 14:10

If Seals Hadn't Introduced Tuberculosis To The New World, Europeans Would Have - 14:10

Do Nutrition Rating Systems Encourage Healthier Spending Habits? - 14:10

Jurassic Welsh - 14:10

Facial Symmetry And Good Health May Not Be Related - 14:10

Crowdsourcing Competitions Often Hijacked: Study - 11:24

Indication Of Considerable Added Benefit Using Ruxolitinib For Myelofibrosis - 11:00

Lizards Help Us Find Out Which Came First: The Baby Or The Egg? - 11:00

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Using Earth's Magnetic Field - 11:00

Transparent Concentrator: Solar Energy That Won't Block Your View - 11:00

Monsoon Season Affects Methane Emissions - 11:00

Where The River Meets The Sea, Renewable Energy Happens - 11:00

No Radiation: Using Ions To Test The Shelf-Life Of Nuclear Reactors - 11:00

Low-Tech: Security Flaws In Airport Backscatter X-Ray Scanners - 11:00

Screening Test Reliably Detects Inherited Immune Deficiency In Newborns - 11:00

Record Decline Of Ice Sheets, Except East Antarctica - 11:00

Futile ICU Care Prevents Other Patients From Getting Treatment - 11:00

Tesla At Last? Researchers Send Electricity Through Thin Air - 07:20

Sociologists Link Breastfeeding To Lower Risk Of Postnatal Depression - 06:20