Scientific Blogging

Sunday the 1st of March 2015

EEGs Predict A Movie's Success Better Than Surveys - 23:10

Cherenkov Effect Improves Radiation Therapy For Patients With Cancer - 23:10

Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape Is Getting Some Spotlight - 21:10

Great Barrier Reef Corals Eat Plastic - 21:10

Why Early Triassic Swimming Reptile Fossil Tracks Preserved So Well - 21:10

Shake It Off Is Not So Easy For People With Depression - 15:10

Locations In The Human Genome That Harbor MicroRNAs Tripled - 14:50

How Brain Waves Guide Memory Formation - 14:50

Fixing Outdated Guidelines For Human Vaccine Trials - 13:10

Misconceptions About The Psychology Of Food Choice - 13:10

Sun's Impact On Climate Is Greater In Cool Periods - 10:10

The Diversity Challenge Facing Universities - 10:10

Danceroom Physics: Seeing The Atomic World Through Art - 10:10

Methods To Multiply Pluripotent Cells For Potential Therapies Raise Worries About Cancer - 10:10

Cyberbystanders: Most Don't Try To Stop Online Bullies - 10:10

Where Emperor Penguins Survived The Last Ice Age Interglacial - 10:10

Intranasal Radiology Treatment Breaks The Migraine Cycle - 10:10

Saturday the 28th of February 2015

The BBC Must Wake Up To New Media Realities - 23:30

Tagging Drugs To Stop Counterfeit Medicine - 21:50

Storks Could Be Poisoned By Pesticides During Migration To Africa - 21:50

Agriculture Expansion In Tanzania May Increase Plague Risk - 18:30

Good Sleep Keeps Your Stem Cells Young - 18:30

Inequalities In Aging As Government Encourages Us To Work Longer - 15:30

Airport Screening For Viruses Misses Half Of Infected Travelers - 15:30

Science 2.0: Node Prominence Profile And Degree Centrality In Networks - 13:50

How Would Life Develop If Fundamental Physics Constants Were Different? - 09:30

World's Protected Natural Areas Receive 8 Billion Visits A Year - 09:30

Hormone Therapy In Transgender Adults Safe - 09:30

Cats Use Sight Over Smell When Finding Food - 09:30

Biobattery Converts Organic Waste Into Electricity, Gas Or Engine Oil - 08:50

Friday the 27th of February 2015

Arctic Apple Gets USDA Approval, Then Gets Acquired - 18:10

How Small Can Life Get? These Ultra-Small Bacteria May Be At The Limit - 18:10

The Real Meaning Of The Blue Black White Gold Dress - 17:10

It's Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It - 17:10

Better Genes Mean Better Beans - 17:10

Study Suggests Hippocampus Role In Unconscious Memory System - 14:31

Whole Food Diet Linked To Greater Cognitive Dysfunction In Alzheimer’s - 11:30

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Awarded National Academy Of Sciences Public Welfare Medal - 11:30

Statistical Mechanics Reveals The Ideal Hideout During A Zombie Takeover - 11:30

Pump More Oil, Save The Environment - Electric Fields Boost Keystone Pipeline Flow - 11:30

Feast And Famine Is A Pretty Good Diet For Longevity - 10:10

Adult Stem Cell Transplants Reach 1 Million Worldwide - And Are Still Underused - 10:10

Opt For Flexibility In Environmental Policies - 09:50

Retroviruses: Human Embryos May Be Affected By Ancient Viral Invaders - 09:50

Global Warming Pause Caused By Interaction Of Atlantic And Pacific Oscillations - 09:50

Symbiodinium Thermophilum: New Algal Speces Helps Coral Survive Hot Reefs - 09:50

7 Ways To Make Your Science Video Popular On YouTube - 08:50

Men With Short Index Fingers And Long Ring Fingers Are Nicer To Women - 01:50

Cattle Damage To Riverbanks Can Be Undone - 01:50

Big Data Tackles How Urban Movement Is Linked To Social Activity - 01:50