Scientific Blogging

Saturday the 19th of April 2014

Myelin Finding Turns Neuroscience On Its Head - 12:01

No-Till Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Claims Questioned - 10:20

Music Therapy: Religious Music Helps Seniors Reduce Anxiety - 04:01

High-Energy Laser Beams Aimed At Clouds To Control Weather - 04:01

Friday the 18th of April 2014

28 Percent Of Morning After Pills In Study Are Counterfeit - 18:40

Holistic Conservation: Forget 20th Century Claims About People And Species Extinction - 17:20

Sun Emits A Mid-level Solar Flare - 17:20

Downside To LED Bulbs - Like HDTV, It Makes Some Things Look Worse - 14:40

Plants With Dormant Seeds Give Rise To More Species - 14:20

Ancient DNA Offers Clues To How Barnyard Chickens Came To Be - 14:20

New Study Suggests A Better Way To Deal With Bad Memories - 14:20

Artificial Intelligence Programs Go Head To Head - 13:20

Lost World: 3-Million-Year-Old Landscape Still Exists Under Greenland Ice Sheet - 13:20

Some Fish In Remote National Parks Show Elevated Levels Of Mercury - 03:50

Thursday the 17th of April 2014

Is UK Shale Gas Extraction Posing A Risk To Public Health? - 23:10

Better Thermal-imaging Lens From Waste Sulfur - 23:10

Malaria Pathogen's Cellular Skeleton Gets A Super-Microscope Look - 23:10

Our Brains Are Hardwired For Language - 23:10

Deadly Human Pathogen Cryptococcus Fully Sequenced - 23:10

Probiotics Ineffective For Infant Colic Symptoms - 18:10

New Study Says Probiotic Use For Infant Colic Is Not Effective In Reducing Symptoms - 15:50

Is Parkinson's An Autoimmune Disease? - 15:50

Kepler-186f : An Earth-Sized Planet In A Habitable Zone - 15:50

The Suicide Epidemic Among India’s Marginalized Farmers - 12:42

Is Nick Szabo The Creator Of Bitcoin? Linguists Say They Have The Answer - 12:42

Tesla On The Horizon: Wireless Power Now Works Over 15 Feet - 12:42

Tourette Syndrome - Brain Training Overcomes Tics In Study - 12:42

Without Science Leadership, Food Shortages Could Be Critical World Issue By 2050 - 12:42

New MRSA Superbug In Brazil - 12:41

Sex Reversal: In Brazilian Cave Insects, Females Have The Penises - 10:00

Sprifermin Offers Benefit For Cartilage Loss From Knee Osteoarthritis - 02:12

Key Milestone For Brown Fat Research With A Ground-breaking MRI Scan - 02:12

Creative Activities Outside Work Can Improve Job Performance - 02:12

Research Shows That Bacteria Survive Longer In Contact Lens Cleaning Solution Than Thought - 02:12

Wednesday the 16th of April 2014

Natural Schmatural, We Want To Know What Our Food Doesn't Have In It - 21:30

Play That Funky Music - And Humans Will Dance - 21:30

"Osteosarcopenic Obesity" Links Weight To Bone And Muscle Loss - 17:33

If Parents Won't Give Their Kids Vaccines, Will They Give Their Child A Drug For Measles? - 17:33

The Chemical Secrets Found In Ancient Mars Rocks - 15:03

Quasiparticle Excitons - First Direct Observation In Motion - 14:15

Pears, Apples, BMI Associated With Breast Cancer Regardless Of Body Shape - 14:15

This Earth Day, Thank A Chemist - 14:15

Mitigate Electric Vehicle Charge Rage With Improved Batteries - 14:15

From Finland To Asia, Slaves Were Big Business - 14:15

Polyester - Now Made From Cork - 14:15

Winter Weather: Warm West, Cold East: Is Part Of A 4,000-Year Pattern - 08:39

The Ozone Hole In The Arctic That Never Happened - 01:23

How Pathogenic E. Coli O157:H7 Binds To Fresh Vegetables - 00:40

Study Examines Vitamin D Deficiency And Cognition Relationship - 00:40

Predicting Bioavailable Cadmium Levels In Soils - 00:40