Scientific Blogging

Saturday the 31st of January 2015

200 Years Of Maps, From William Smith's Survey To Satellites - 21:00

Pain From Shots Shows Up In Infant Brain Activity Too - 15:20

Corn Co-products From Wet Milling Fine For Pig Diets - 15:20

What's Happening With Your Donated Blood And Tissue Sample? Do You Care? - 15:20

Reconciling Two Models Of Cellular Aging: Understanding The Nuclear Landscape - 12:40

Fewer Wild Fish Needed: Genetically Modified Plants Produce Omega-3 Fish Oil - 12:40

Is Your Lipstick Causing Early Menopause? - 12:40

Bitcoin Scams Steal $11 Million - 12:40

BICEP2 Found Interstellar Dust, Not Primordial Gravitational Waves - 10:40

Doe Porn Make People More Likely To Engage In Unsafe Sexual Behaviors? - 10:40

Infants Create New Knowledge While Sleeping - 01:40

80 Percent Of Neurosurgeons Now Practice Defensive Medicine - 01:40

Friday the 30th of January 2015

The ATLAS Top Production Asymmetry And One Thing I Do Not Like Of It - 19:00

No, We Have Not Reached Peak Food - 19:00

Respiratory Chain: Protein Complex Structure Revealed - 19:00

NWA 7034 - Black Beauty Meteorite May Be 'Bulk Background' Of Mars Crust - 19:00

Whale Or Dinosaur At The Natural History Museum? - 19:00

Use Of Video Games Correlated To Consumption Of Toxic Substances - 19:00

New Rapid Test Kit Detects Dengue Antibodies From Saliva - 19:00

Genetic Links To Size Of Brain Structures Discovered - 04:50

Calculating The Future Of Solar-fuel Refineries - 04:50

Optically Getting To The Same Side: How To Generating Möbius Strips Of Light - 00:20

Thursday the 29th of January 2015

The Female Enigmas Of 1940s Bletchley Park Inspire Those Of Today - 16:20

Exposure To BPA – It’s Not What Some People Think - 16:20

Infant Failure To Thrive Linked To Lysosome Dysfunction - 16:20

Things Smell Good For A Nutritional Reason - 16:20

Hardwired For Miscommunication? Why Women Think Sex When Men Just Want To Be Friends - 16:20

Modern Humans Colonized Europe And Asia 70,000 Years Ago - 16:20

2013 Sequester Was Not The Fault Of Republicans Or Democrats, It Was The Fault Of Men - 16:20

Acceptance Of Evolution Is Far Higher Than Acceptance Of Other Biology - 16:20

Who's Going To Win The Super Bowl? Athlete Biological Clocks Might Help Tell Us - 16:20

Extended Telomeres Slow Cell Aging - 16:20

Subliminal: Ads Are Effective Even While Multitasking - 16:20

Religious People View Science Favorably But Reject Some Theories - Just Like Everyone Else - 08:20

Mitochondrial Disease: 2,500 UK Women Could Be Spared Worrying About Transmitting It - 08:20

Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Arctic Sea Ice: Erratic As Normal - 23:50

Qijianglong: Long-necked Dragon Roamed China 160 Million Years Ago - 23:50

Inhibiting CDK6 Prevents Leukemia Relapse - 23:50

Notch Signaling: How Cancer Turns Good Cells To The Dark Side - 23:50

Battery Leasing And Better Charging Will Make Electric Cars Popular - 23:50

Lower Sea Level In Europe Caused By Ocean Surface Slope - 15:31

Science 2.0: Can Large-Scale Analytics Predict Major Societal Events? - 15:31

Wine Production - Now With More Robots! - 15:30

Spider-Man Webbing: How Many Calories Does It Take To Produce All That Silk? - 15:30

Fight Cybercrime With Smarter Habits - 12:50

The Crystal Structure Of Mitochondrial Complex I - 12:50

What Medical Journalists Think About Cancer Research - And Press Releases - 12:50

Efimov States: Gigantic Molecules Fit Inside Each Other Like Russian Nesting Dolls - 12:50

Aromatase+: Estrogen-producing Neurons Influence Aggression In Both Sexes - 12:50

Adolescents With Psychological Symptoms Should Be Asked About Hallucinations - 12:50